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Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Paracas Skulls and DNA

This is a story that is currenntly being heavily promoted. It is not only highly misleading, the conclusions being touted as definitive are not only not reliable, they are almost certainly false:

DNA Analysis of the Paracas Skulls Proves They Are Not Human

On the southern coast of Peru lies the desert peninsula of Paracas. This barren landscape is where Peruvian archaeologist Julio Tello made an astounding discovery in 1928. His efforts uncovered a massive and complex graveyard buried under the sand and rocks.
In these tombs Tello found some of the most controversial human(?) remains in history. The bodies had the largest elongated skulls in the world and have since been called the Paracas skulls. Tello found a total of more than 300 skulls and they have been dated at around 3,000 years old. A recent DNA analysis performed on some of those skulls has presented amazing results that could challenge the current perspective of the human evolutionary tree.

Several other cultures have practiced skull elongation or deformation but the techniques they used produced different results. Certain South American tribes used to bind infants’ skulls in order to change their shape. Binding the head between pieces of wood modified the appearance of skulls by applying constant pressure over a long period of time. This type of cranial deformation changed the shape but it did not alter the size, weight or cranial volume; these are all standard characteristics of a regular human skull.
The Paracas skulls are different. Their craniums are 25% larger and 60% heavier than regular human skulls [this claim has been shown to be erroneous, it does not compare averages, it takes extreme measures of the Paracas crania and measures against the average, which is a loaded and fallacious comparison] which led researchers to believe they couldn’t have been modified through binding. They are also structurally different and only have one parietal plate as opposed to the two normally found in human skulls.[This statement is completely false and displays ignorance not only of how human skulls normally grow but even of the standard terminology that should have been used] These differences have deepened the decade-old mystery around the Paracas skulls and researchers haven’t been able to explain their origins.
The director of the Paracas History Museum has sent samples from 5 skulls to undergo genetic testing. The samples consisted of hair, skin, teeth and fragments of skull bones. The genetic laboratory was not informed about the samples’ origins in order to avoid biased or influenced results. The results were fascinating.
The mitochondrial DNA (inherited from the mother) presented mutations unknown to any man, primate or any other animal. The mutations suggested we are dealing with a completely new human-like being, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals or Denisovans. The Paracas individuals were so biologically different from humans they wouldn’t have been able to interbreed. “I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree”, one ["One and the same"] geneticist added.
The implications of this discovery are huge. Who were the mysterious Paracas people? Did they evolve here on Earth on a path so different from us that they ended up looking drastically different? If not, where did they come from? Are any of them left?
This breakthrough brings up more questions than it answers but counts as another piece of evidence suggesting that we are not alone.

OK, we have a situation here: the Anthropologists cited are not qualified to make the remarks attributed to them, the Anatomists cited are not qualified to make the claims attributed to them and the Geneticist cited is not qualified to make the claims attributed to them.
Human skull bones are not automatically fully formed as the baby comes out of the womb, the skull is made up of a number of smaller disjointed pieces which grow around the edges as the child develops. Some of these separate pieces fuse together as part of the normal process and form single bones from more than one original piece. Fusion of the skull bones is normal to some degree and some skulls can continue the fusion as an adult until the suture lines are grown over by bone. The argument that "There is only one parietal bone" is not only wrong and misleading, it is actually an absurd and ridiculous claim.

The lab which was given the samples knew what they were testing and had already pre-determined what their results would be before the tests were even run. The statements about the DNA test results were made by another source that was in charge of the DNA analysis. I have a Facebook Friend who was formerly associated with the lab and who was closely and personally connected to its director, and the director is the person that issued comments about the DNA not matching anything else. The former associate told me "I really doubt if they ran any tests at all, they already knew the outcome they wanted to announce." The director of this DNA lab has a long long history of not doing the work that was given to them, making misrepresentations about fraudulent business practices and claiming results from DNA tests not actually performed by the lab, and of making exaggerated claims that go against what is already known to be true about how DNA works which have never been verified by anyone else. In this case they are showing their ignorance when they claim that new mutations prove an alien origin: mutations are different from the ancestral DNA anyway, that is why they are mutations. There is no way that you can go from there to say they mean the mutations came from an otherworldly source and you basically have to test the DNA against all other known DNA in order to make the claim that "This DNA does not match anything known on Earth."  We already know this was NOT done and in fact we can take it as a given that there was no way they could have either the time or the resources to even begin to do such a thing.

These are some reconstructions that were done on a  Paracas skull for the National Geographic feature. They are very well done, reliable and authentic, unlike the claims being made about the DNA by the persons cited in the article and the video. I should emphasize here that the unusual claims are originating in only two or three individuals who are merely very vocal in advancing their claims.


  1. Alien or separate species on earth?

  2. Very obviously, neither thing. Ordinary humans with a specific sort of artificial modification but otherwise normal a lot of hype


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