Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Olmec Tikis

Above is an Olmec "Potbellied" figure and looking very similar to statues associated with the Megalithic period of Southeast Asia and then again more recent "tiki" statues of Polynesia: similar statues also appear in the Archaeological record of South America.

I had just been noticing stylistic similarities between the Olmecs and older Polynesians in the jade work when I started seeing that some of the themes and subject matter were also the same. For one thing, some of the little jade human figures were evidently meant to represent fetuses (as are also the Hei Tikis of New Zealand) and some of the jade spirals were meant to be dragons (Taniwhas).


  1. Dear Mr Dale,

    Two figures in this post are familiar to me. The pot-bellied figure is a common doll in Tamilnadu which has a sure presence in the annual Doll festival celebrated throughout India. This figure comes as a pair and signify traders known as Chettiars, whose chief items of trade are groceries and fruits and vegetables. You can take a look at those dolls in this page:

    You would also see the Minoan doll like dolls in this page. I wrote on this earlier:

    The 2nd figure in this post reminds me of Hanuman, the monkey god of Ramayana. Check out this page for the images of this monkey God.


    1. Yes, thank you very much. My idea was that there had to be a diffusion from India to Southeast Asia/Indonesia during the Megalithic period, from there to Mexico and then from Central America (mixed cultures) into Polynesia at a much later date. And the exchange definitely included images of monkeys. Hanuman in particular, and additionally I have a pretty good notion that sometimes the ship captains had pet monkeys which they occasionally gave away as valuable gifts to foreign clients. Your input in these examples is very valuable.


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