Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Atlantean Warfare in Egypt at the End of the Ice Age

This is a matter we have discussed before on the blog. The date is Younger Dryas and it is subject to a known vacillation in the Carbon-14 proportion. The direct dating of this event is about 10000-11000 BP (and not BC) without using the so-called correction factor, which ignores the known vacillation in C 14 at the time. -DD

The first race war? Scientists investigating after 13,000-year-old bodies are discovered on the edge of the Sahara

  • Skeletons from first human massacre will be displayed at British Museum
  • Remains from 11,000BC found in Jebel Sahaba cemetery in Sahara desert
  • Scientists say mass murder caused by 'environmental disaster' of Ice Age
  • At least 60 individuals found in excavation by American archaeologist
[At the end of the Ice Age and during the Mesolithic we have two sites with clear evidence of invasion and massacre, one in Europe at Ofnet, Bavaria, and this one in the valley of the Nile. Both are associated with the same ethnic type of invaders that are elsewhere identified as Atlanteans. both of them are very telling.-DD]


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