Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hoyo Negro Paleoindian Girl

Problems with Blogger are keeping me from dealing with articles at this point. Hwever in this case we have an individual drowned in one of the larger global superfloods (and illustrating the other animals that were swept down the sinkhole with her) and the woman herself seems to be out of the Upper Cave "Melanesian" type and she must have been a transpacific colonist from the days when the glacial corridor was closed. She would effectively have been of Older Lemurian heritage (mt DNA from her mother's side) plus newer Atlantean influence (DNA from her father's side)The Atlantean influence gives her skull some African (Capsian) features also.

I shall add the accompanying aticle as soon as Blogger lets it go through.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rob Roy Menzies' Bigfoot art

Throughout the First Nation's tribes there has been a history of 'The Wild Man' in oral traditions. While descriptions vary from region to region most of these traditions include the belief that the Sasquatch are a type of people of a different tribe. RobRoy Menzies captures the humanity of a Sasquatch face in beautiful detail...visit our online store for an incredible selection of quality merchandise featuring RobRoy's amazing art...

[This has a similarity to many "Wudewasa" Wildman depictions]

And then again today:
Today's report features the sighting of an elderly Sasquatch..many eyewitnesses report that Bigfoot live within family clans similar to our own families complete with little ones and the elderly...RobRoy Menzies captures an intriguing image... of an older Sasquatch..please visit our online store for an incredible selection of quality merchandise featuring RobRoy's Bigfoot art!

Dale Drinnon: Looks like a personable type Neanderfeller to me. RobRoy Menzies continues to be one of my preferred Bigfoot artists (Along with Thomas Finley , Alex Evans and a few others of the elite inner circle!)

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I shall still keep on trying but I should let everybody know, there is no guarantee that I will ever see any of the comments that were made while my Blogger account was not working. Sorry.