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Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Eastern Bigfoot Notes

Cover Photo Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization Header on Facebook: another definite Eastern Bigfoot face is looking back at you.

It seems that despite some former differentiation of types into specific areas, the more recent sightings from Flrida ("Skunk Ape" territory_, Missouri ("Momo") and Arkansas ("Fouke Monster") are all now spoken of as Bigfoot and recognized generally as the same kind of Bigfoot throughout the area (with the definite "ape" reports separated out)

From a recent display at Ripley's Believe it or Not in Florida:
Footprints of the Neanderthal or Almas type from Arkansas:
And instead of further notices about "Momo" we get notices like this:

What is happening in Missouri?

What is happening in Missouri?
Does the giant hairball really exist? What all is going on in Missouri? If you study the data from the experts over the Bigfoot sightings especially the new map, it says that the Bigfoot is seen three times more often in Missouri than Kansas.
The recently submitted map makes part of the data that have been plotting the Bigfoot sightings over the last 90 years. The latest submissions show that the legendary man-ape exists and he has been spotted three times more often in Missouri than Kansas.
The report is the work done by Pennsylvania State University doctoral candidate Mr. Josh Stevens. After thoroughly mapping and graphing all the Bigfoot sighting that have been compiled by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization from 1921 to 2012 (total 3,313), he concluded that the Sasquatch has been seen three times more often in Missouri than Kanasa.
He said it appears that its favorite haunts in the United States are the Ohio River Valley, Mississippi River Valley, the Sierra Nevada mountains, central Florida and the Pacific Northwest. He talked about several different regions where he noticed the sightings to be more common than others.
Thirty-eight sightings have so far come from Kansas whereas the number is 112 from Missouri, the recent one being reported from Vernon County at about 5 am on October 24, 2012, he said.
After my recent stay in Missouri I can affirm, people are not talking about "Momo" any more, they are only talking about Bigfoot. And the "Cave Man" types of reports occur prominently. [DD]

And now here is a followup message at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference on Facebook:

"I added this beautiful canvas by Sybilla Irwin to my ever growing crypto collection. This was an actual eyewitness report of what a witness actually encountered. You can check out more of Sybilla's Bigfoot art at"

Sybilla Irwin is a friend of mine on Facebook also. She and Alex Evens I regard as two people who are the artists to best depict Eastern Bigfoot INDIVIDUALS as described by the witnesses rather than imagining just generic images for them..

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