Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Monday, May 26, 2014

Lost Civilization of the Mississippi (Amazon eBook)

The book contains new evidence supporting the diffusionist views of Gavin Menzies and others researching the ancient global copper trade theory.

Ancient Mississippi: Evidence of a lost civilization uncovered, America's oldest secret revealed

May 21, 2014
While conducting research for a magazine article about a legendary Mississippi local I encountered artifacts which indicate there is substance to historical accounts of an unknown ancient civilization. One thing led to another and researcher Dr. Robert List and I located three enigmatic sites which support the theory of an ancient metal trade and the presence of an ancient Mediterranean culture in Mississippi.

There are many more sites remaining to be discovered. This book lays out a process by which anyone with Internet access can find and investigate sites which are in dire need of further study. The story of the ancient copper trade in North America has a solid basis and deserves deeper inquiry. This book reveals new evidence which validates the theory that a Mediterranean culture was mining copper from Michigan and shipping it to the Old World to fuel the Bronze Age.

The project also sought to bring out fresh information on the Poverty Point culture sites; Jaketown, Cedarland, Claiborne and Poverty Point to better understand the role these locations served. For about one-thousand years these sites featured an emerging civilization in the Western Hemisphere until the culture faltered for a variety of reasons.

Research for this book required collaboration between Europe, Asia and North America. Without the years of extensive research and development by Jay Wakefield and Gavin Menzies, the story that the evidence found in Mississippi tells would have been impossible to properly understand. Their advice proved instrumental in the processing and comprehension of the artifacts. Much of what is contained in this book is based on their work and theories.

This book also examines who the first Mississippians were? How they got here? And what happened to them? The time period of their presence was 10,000 BC and earlier, and the story of their likely origin and decline falls well outside of what is presented in history books.

Finally, I present a far different picture of the Native Americans living in Mississippi at the time of first contact with Europeans. This is largely based on a historical document published by the State of Mississippi prior to the adoption of the ideals of Manifest Destiny by scholars and historians of the era. The idea was that immigrants of European descent had a God given right to claim the lands of North America despite the prior occupation of indigenous cultures. A policy was adopted among academics that any evidence which depicted Native Americans as anything but savages was to be disregarded, this paved the way for thousands of sites and structures to be destroyed or built upon.

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