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Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Monday, May 26, 2014

Kentucky Bigfoot

From the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization on Facebook
A big burly dude but basically easily recognized as basically just a hairy human:

Artwork by Terry Thomas, in Cave City, KY. And actually I consider this to be a good impression.

We were asked by Troops 1554 and 2664 (from Delaware, OH) to guide them on a bigfoot hunt
while visiting Kentucky. We met them for dinner first at the Watermill... restaurant where we gave a presentation on bigfoot. After taking a group photo with a nearby "gorilla" statue, we headed for a hot spot in Mammoth Cave National Park.
About 10:00pm Dana and I led this group of of giddy/inquisitive girls and their skeptical moms into the darkness. I have to be honest, my expectations were very low. During our 45min hike along the boardwalk we only used a few red headlamps and had the girls take turns making tree knocks and howls. We had a great time, laughing and conversing normally—a tactic used to spark a bigfoot’s curiosity. Astonishingly it worked!!! After one of the girls made ten rapid tree knocks, we actually received a return tree knock, together with a whistle! It came from a spot where we had walked about 30mins earlier. Some of the girls were reluctant to walk back towards it, but I reassured them it would be ok. Once we reached the spot where we thought the knock and whistle came from, it wasn't but a few minutes later when something VERY, VERY, VERY large jumped on the boardwalk behind us!!! It scared the daylights out of all of us!!! We quickly pointed a few flashlights in its direction (out of protection--we never turn on flashlights while we squatch), however due to the winding boardwalk and trees we couldn't see what made the sound. After promptly retreating to the parking lot, we nervously discussed what just happened. I explained that bear and other animals typically don't tree knock, whistle and jump on the ground, although bigfoots have been known to exhibit this type of behavior. I believe a curious bigfoot came to the area to see what all the fuss was about, whistled and knocked in response to the ten rapid knocks (perhaps distress knocks?), and then finally got sick of our foolishness and jumped on the boardwalk to intimated us, as in a bluff charge.
Dana and I went back earlier that next morning, but didn’t find a downed-tree, large log, rock or even footprints. I jumped on the boardwalk with my boots to try and replicate the loud thud and I didn't even do the sound justice! I weight 250lbs and what we heard had to be easily twice my weight! The troop leaders told me they couldn't stop talking about it all the way back home to Ohio. It was definitely the highlight of their trip.
- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

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