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Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New England’s Ancient Stone Chambers Revealed

Why Do Archeologists Lie? New England’s Ancient Stone Chambers Revealed

21st Century Wire says…

Why do establishment-funded archeologists and academics still pretend and cover-up evidence of ancient and highly advanced civilisations, particularly those located in North America?

IMAGE: Aerial view of one of many mysterious stone structures in New England, Northeast United States.

There are hundreds of elaborate, man-made stone structures throughout New England and upstate New York in the northeast of the US, with many structures found in remote areas – far from any recognised ‘human settlements’.

So much is being hidden, but why? Watch this excellent presentation on what has been there right below our noses in the US…

A stonemason asks questions about the ancient stone chambers in New England

Brasscheck TV
There are elaborately constructed stone structures throughout New England and the Northeast.

They’re usually found in relatively inaccessible places, far away from water and settlements, and often deep in the woods and/or in mountainous areas. And they’re all line up perfectly with astronomical phenomena.

So what do traditional archeologists and historians say about them? “They’re root cellars.”

First of all, NONE of these structures would function well as root cellars.

Second, building a root cellar is a simple job, one not requiring multi-ton stone arch roofs.

Why do mainstream scientists lie about this? By the way, this speaker – who does occasionally go pretty far out – and had his very popular TEDX talk banned by TED headquarters.

On another note, apparently the looting of mounds and other mysterious structure appears to have been a national pastime years ago. The story of just one of these structures written about here: “Looting Spiro Mounds: An American King Tut’s Tomb “…

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  1. I think its pretty simple. Archeologists make their careers by publishing, writing text books, etc. No one likes to have their lifes work debunked, so they resist change. basically, its a form of inertia.

  2. The more we evolve and have access to information, the more we realize how the "Reality" is distorted, not only in the Archaeology, but everything, Politics, Economics, Religious, even Scientific. Now, in the Archaeology, I agree with Will Harrington opinion, and believe that the "People in Power" don't want us, the People, to know such things...

    1. Oh I COMPLETELY agree with that statement!


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