Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Saturday, April 12, 2014

FB Eastern Bigfoot Update

Photo from Paul Alexander's post in Bigfoot Community
Here is an excellent portrait of a female Bigfoot as seen by a witness in his yard (Unfortunately the link to the message board cited does not work properly and needs to be replaced)
Sorry about that, yes a female and was rummaging in this man's garbage so he says, the young man got hit with infrasound threw the scream, then they both stared at each other, he got a very good look and mentioned the scream actually had a physical effect on his body, crying and not being able to move, We have herd that a million times, yes? coursing fear. The man continued to cry even though he was not in danger or so he thought, she (the sasquatch) sounded young, 7ft tall beautiful coat of hair, huge feet but as the man says they did not look big at all on her huge body. The man's doge were terrified and could not get back in to the home fast enough. when leaving the Sasquatch stopped and looked back at the man with a look of (why are you crying) so the man said.
During my recent trip to the Missouri Back Woods, I did hear of Non-"Momo" Bigfoot reports (And "Dinosaurs"). My report should be forthcoming later.

E. Bigfoot /"Early Man" Type Portrait by Kainan Jordan:

Unusual Bigfoot art by Andrew Benoit, a balding and bearded Grandpa Bigfoot
Very Neanderthaloid type of skull is indicated.

Some New Photos:

A little harder to tell but the face might be turned upside down in this one (bending backwards)
Some "Faces in the Bushes" photos taken by new Facebook Friend Dawn Goff.
Harrison County Texas1

Some track casts from New Mexico
And these go very well with some fresh tracks in the mud from Texas also recently posted. These are clearer, though.

Additional from Robert Kryder:

No one has mentioned step gap yet??? For this subject (E), it was from 5' to 7'. I could not replicate the stride any way I tried to. Here is me matching the short 5' step (subject was walking) -

Also during Facebook research into Mound Giant reports, there are occasional reports of what sound like substantial claims for Bigfoot skeletons discovered historically. One newspaper account from Kentucky in the 1880s mentioned a 9 foot tall skeleton with apelike limb proportions, the arms seeming to be longer than the legs. If this is a true account and not a hoax, we have yet another piece of hard evidence to count on our list.


  1. Thanks Dale for using some of my still capture pictures from Jimmy Hayes's videos.

    1. Forgive me, my error. I should have given Jimmy Hayes the credit.

    2. I am glad his pictures are getting out there!


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