Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Monday, April 28, 2014

Eastern Bigfoot / Neanderthal Skull Comparison

I did an overlay comparison of the face with the famous Neanderthal skull, the Old Man of La Chapelle-Aux-Saints . The fit is unusually close as you can see from the result below. I did only a little retouching around the edges where the outline included some distracting flaws.
Notice the very long and thick head hair and beard which visually merges into the rest of the hair at any view from a distance.

A comparably reliable reconstruction of the life appearance of this kind of Bigfoot comes from
Timothy Collins, who posted this picture to Facebook yesterday. I am one of his friends on Facebook. Timothy writes:
I have had several close up experiences with "Undocumented Forest People"
....This is a drawing I did. Hope you like it.
I wrote back and told him I liked it, he had done a good job that matched the descriptions of several others that I knew of (that he would not know of) and I told him that the phrase "Undocumented Forest People" was a term that was unusually appropriate and much better than most alternatives.
This one differs from Alexa's drawing above mostly in that Timothy's drawing does not show a bare forehead; the eyes, nose and mouth are all similar. It seems from the reports that this is a variable feature and that the forehead may or may not have hair covering it to various degrees in different cases. The drawing below also features a bare forehead  and it is also a good and reliable drawing.
This is a signed drawing of Bigfoot that was submitted at the recent Ohio Bigfoot conference
 (I was not able to go, I am housebound with a wounded leg)

And finally some artwork of the Eastern Bigfoot kind comes from Igor Burtsev.
The ones above illustrate a report of a Forest Person that was learning how to toast marshmallows

These were done by his daughter and the last one was from his recent birthday notice.

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