Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Glacial America Traffic Cop

I noticed something interesting on the series of maps from this site:

Returning glaciers cut off further ingress into the Americas for a while. The early immigrants sustained themselves in a few isolated refuges in Alaska and the northeast US.

[This is the Solutrean period in Europe.-DD]

 The beginning of the end of the ice age marked migrations from the northeast US southwards along the east coast. Humans entered South America for the first time.
[The caption in the original, Emphasis Added-DD]

This is what that means.        The circle in the Atlantic represents Atlantis.

As the glaciers retreated, the passage across the Bering Strait reopened, leading to more waves of people. These were possibly Clovis people, who spread along the west coast to South America.

Well, NO. The Clovis people were your basic East-Coast population and it seems as though they advanced southwards along BOTH coasts of South America. But the Pacific Rim theorists notice a different kind of a projectile point which went by the Pacific route.  However the map is OK for indicating Clovis spread, they just were not West Coast Asiatic Immigrants at all.  They were  First Americans.

The next map (not shown) adds the Inuit and Na-Dene (Eskimo and Athabascan) populations but those are actually using a postglacial entry into North America. However in the next time period of 12500 to 10000 years ago, the Archaic cultures spread over the Americas and the similar Mesolithics spread over Europe.

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