Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Secret Religion Chart

The original "Secret Religion" of the Stone age can be fairly assumed to have been Animism.

And I am not particularly concerned with the beginning of the spiral or even anything beyond 3000 BC: in this case I want to focus specifically on steps 2, 3 and 4 on the chart: Mesolithic religion (Traditional Sun Symbol), Neolithic religion (Circle-cross=Earth symbol), and the Mesopotamian Polytheism based on Astrology (Old Mesopotamian Sun symbol) The dates for these stages are at 10000 BC (12000 years ago), 6000 BC (8000 years ago) and 4000 BC (6000 years ago)

The thing which really caught my eye was the monotheistic Sun-god symbol being used for the Mesolithic at 10000 BC. This equates pretty directly to Donnelly's monotheistic Sun-hero worshipping Atlanteans of Empire and a general date of 10000 to 12000 years ago (some people would say BC rather than BP) That fits, as well as does the suggestion that the symbolic Bull and Lion motifs of Rock art are clearly associated with this Sun-hero mythology, this time period and this religion in specific as Donnelly is attempting to show. BEFORE this stage is another Goddess worshipping period, and in Atlantis it is linked specifically to an agrarian period (as it may also have been in Africa: and later tradition distinctly equates this specific Goddess to Virgo.) And before that period is presumably a period with both a God and Goddess and a early definition of Duality as in the Yin-Yang system of the Orient: Claude Levy-Strauss spoke of the mythological tendency to view sets of polar opposites. That takes us back to 18000 years ago and the Glacial Maximum stage. At this point the construction exists mostly as an estimated succession of ideologies but it does correspond to the signs in the Precession of the Equinoxes. Several experts have commented on this and the feeling is that the correspondences could even work that way if they were only sets of self-fulfilling prophesies. However it is not necessary to accept all of this to make the point about the Mesolithic sun-religion as relating to the Empire of Atlantis and that is the important part.

The Neolithic Earth-Mother goddess based religions are pretty well represented in mythology and art which does indeed go back as far as 6000 BC: but actually it had to have been already in place since the roots of the Neolithic at 8000 BC or even before. My construction of this is that the Goddess religion before 12000 years ago gave birth to the sun religion (which includes mythology of the Sun hero as a small child), the Sun religion prospered for its day, and then fell back into a new version of the Goddess religion that had spawned it.

The system of Astrology had its beginnings in the Mesolithic (After all, the symbol assigned to this period is the traditional Astrological symbol of the sun, and probably does derive from Mesolithic rock art) but by the time of the Mesolithic Polytheism indicated, all of the planets hand their personalizations became important together as a Polytheistic set. Many of the Classical commentators on Mythology assume that the many gods were mostly Planetary in origin, and in the versions of the religion that became codified in the civilizations of the ancient world that certainly seems to be the case (Velikovsky goes along with that assumption but then so do many others)

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