Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Stone Atlas of the Atlas

Posted on Facebook by Ferruh Ülker 9 hours ago (2/1/2014 3 PM EST) · Edited

10000 years old-in Algeria and my comment ...(big screen) ! —

It was Ferruh's deduction that this rather famous 'Bubalus'-period rock art engraving from Algeria was a map of the Orient in disguise:

To which I added a comment: "The Ostrich's neck is also New Britain on the East end of PNG. Very clever deduction here! I shall post this on my blog ASAP"

And I then made this amended version:

This breaks down to including four lesser regional maps, stitched together as shown above

And this means also that the Saharan rock art "Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings" maps indicate a very old but regular and repeated shipping routearound the Cape of Good Hope inthe Last Ice Age Age of Discovery, when the early precursors of Columbus and Vasco da Gama were making their own voyages of discovery out of Altlantis, leaving evidence of their former existance in the much later Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings via the Portolan charts. (The Saharan Rock art maps also include the suggested earliest copies for maps of Atlantis and other places, plus astronomical observations from 15000 years ago and before, all of this knowledge later inherited by the historical Egyptians).

And it turns out the bird depicted in Algeria is not an ostrich as it would seem to be at first: the shape of the body including the lack of obviously differentiated wings or a tail are much more like the Cassowary of New Guinea and NE Australia (Above) than they are like the typical australian Ostriches (below)

And there are two obvious bookends to this map in the case of the Great Goddess Mother India and the big bird of New Guinea, The goddess would be Saraswati, personification of the Saraswati rivers of Ice Age India (but dwindled away in more modern times, and handed down as the Great Goddess of the Harappan civilisation:  LINK

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