Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Monday, December 16, 2013

Your Daily Giant 12/15/2013

Your Daily Giant 12/15/2013
[This is another case where a mound complex has associated banks and trenches making collecticely a pattern resembling Plato's description of Atlantis: this kind of earthworks design is common on both sides of the Atlantic-DD]

 Today's Daily Giant comes from the Bluffton Chronicle, Bluffton Indiana, October 3, 1894, pg 2. The attached photo is a survey of part of the earthworks at Portsmouth, Ohio mentioned in the article by Squire and Davis, who in 1846 traveled around the eastern U. S. and mapped these amazing sites. The Portsmouth Earthworks are a large prehistoric mound complex construc...ted by the Ohio Hopewell mound builder culture that existed from (100 BC to 500 AD). The site was one of the largest earthwork ceremonial centers constructed by the Hopewell and is located at the confluence of the Scioto and Ohio Rivers, in present day Ohio. The report reads,

"A Giants Remains Found. Portsmouth, Ohio special: The skeleton of a man seven feet in height was found under an old oak on Pete Thompson's place, a few miles below this city, in Kentucky. The skeleton evidently belonged to a prehistoric race that threw up the earthworks still visible at that place and known as the "old fort." A crown of beaten sterling silver encircled the head and there were many other evidences of the princely character of the "deceased". The find is considered a great one as the skeleton's position under the tree proves that it must have been entombed many hundreds of years ago. An exploring party of archaeologists will be on the ground and the details of the discovery will be sent to the Smithsonian Institution."

When settlers pushed into the west of the country they were stunned by what they saw. Tens of thousands of massive earthen pyramids, burial mounds and huge geometric earthworks, 10, 20, 40 acres and larger in size yet remarkably precise. Theories arose of lost civilizations visiting ancient America which built these structures because of the complexity and engineering prowess displayed in their construction. We now know that the ancestors of current day Native Americans constructed these works but the story doesn't end there. Where did Native tribes actually come from?

Despite hyper-isolationist theories originally promulgated by Smithsonian archaeologists and doggedly clung to by professionals today, if you listen to Native opinion you get a different story. A story of migrations from down south and survivors of an ancient cataclysm landing on the shores of this country. An island continent in the east which was highly advanced and possessed humans of giant stature. Is it possible that this royal giant class was the driving force behind the creation of the earthworks here? There are giant skeleton accounts associated with virtually every major earthwork site in the eastern U. S., Cahokia, Moundville, Aztalan, Grave Creek, Spiro, Criel, Miamisburg, Great Serpent Mound, Etowah, and the geometric works of Chillicothe, Newark and Portsmouth.
I have attached a photo of part of the once existing Portsmouth works that looks exactly like Plato's central city of Atlantis. Author Greg Little in his excellent book Mound Builder's: Edgar Cayce's forgotten Legacy, makes a strong case that descendants from Atlantis were part of original Native Americans and they built reconstructions of the lost homeland for ceremonial purposes. Why were so many of these mound sites built with circular moats around them? Archaeologists still don't know why. I strongly recommend Greg's book and video. He gives a very intelligent and logical approach to this subject. Silver crowns, Copper crowns, treasures of pearls, amazing artifacts, massive geometric forms and pyramids and a royal class of giant leaders
 is anyone else looking for a refund for their education?

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  1. In 2003 German archaeologists in Iraq found the tomb of Gilgamesh containing nine foot bodies. This was announced on the BBC. Then nothing. Knowledge is power keeping humanity in ignorance is the highest source of power for the Anglo American ruling class but an accounting is coming. The truth will out


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