Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Loess as the Fallout of the Atlantis Catastrophe

Otto Muck said that the deposits of Loess (A fine-grained clay) was derived from volcanic particles blown out by the catastrophe that sank Atlantis, and coupled with this we have a geologist's report stating that the chemical composition of loess is much like decayed volcanic ash. We are specifically talking about the latest deposit of what is called Loess generally, and it is a deposit lain down by wind and rain (freshwater), dating to the end of the Clovis period and sometimes containing snail shells and suchlike fossils in it. However, the deposits also associate with windblown sand deposits (Ergs) such as in the Sahara desert, and there are many places where the clay and sand intergrade into each other (The Sahara has large clay beds it sits on, for example)
Around the area where I live the latest (Peoria) loess dates to about 10-12000 years old by standard radiocarbon dates and some experts ad the "Correction factor" to bring that date up to over 14500 years old.

Windblown sand (Pleistocene origin)

The two combined

The center of the Atlantis catastrophe at the end of the Pleistocene (IceAges)
With the Loess and sand deposits being transported by Westerly winds by large storms
Agassiz noticed "Ice Age" deposits in the Amazon basin and this could be related: the atmospheric
dust clouds were extensive enough that they crossed the equator in South America and
 also formed large deposits in Patagonia and so on, of similar dates (as absolute radiocarbon dates)
Otto Muck hypothesized this material was blown out by volcanoes from Atlantis and transported by the winds:
 and correspondingly the magma chamber under the Mid-Atlantic ridge in the middle of the North Atlantic has been emptied out and has now collapsed to a depth of 3 kilometers of measured vertical displacement in places

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