Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

American Ancestry Research Update

This graphic is frequently seen on photosearches as attached to an article saying that America was colonized by three separate waves from Asia and that all three originated from the area of south Siberia and Mongolia (often not mentioning specifically that this is the area in question). Well, this is and is not so the way it is presented. We know of one branch of indigenous Americans that comes from around Mongolia-the Na-Dene or Athabascans, whose skulls exhibit some particular traits of the Inner Asians (the language comes from further South and seems to be more related to Chinese) but the other types come from different core areas that are more widespread. The South-Siberian area is included because it includes people that are more typical of Europe. That there were three separate migrations is well known already from previous research, as in the next chart below:

But basically there is nothing which states by which route the oldest migration came into America. That some of the mitochondrial DNA comes from the European cluster argues for some of the people carrying those genes to have come by a Western route.

Above and below, Mitochondrial DNA:above for the Americas and below for the whole world
In this case, the green and yellow of the NewWorld comes from the Western (European) mitochondrial DNA family and is not typical of Central or East Asia at all.

And in this case above and below, the charts showing the male genetic categories as based on the Y DNA (Male sex chromosome). These are interesting because they seem to indicate transatlantic and transpacific colonisations (mentioned more specifically below)

It is Ok to say "the first Americans were black" if we remember we are saying "Blackfellows" and not Africans: this means peoples like the Australia and this means in SOUTH America. These would be the Lemurians and this is one of the clearest evidences for transpacific contact NOT by going around the Pacific rim, but by going straight across  the Pacific
And apart from the route straight across the Bering straits (blocked by ice for most of the time between 20000 and 1000 BC), there were the Transatlantic an Pacific Rim routes
So going by the Mitochondrial DNA we have the Western family mt DNA as
indicated and the red areas from East Asian sources by two routes. The more northern US West coast pocket of Asian mt DNA could have something to do with the Dene migration.

In the case of the Y DNA we have two distinctive bunches of associated YDNA families, the older IJ set and the newer QR one, and the former one seems to be part of the CroMagnon background, and giving riseto the QR ones through several intermediary steps. The Q lineages (Males) could be part of the Solutran crossing gone to Clovis, and the later R1 groups have been suggested as Atlanteans of Empire (By others before me): such that the Atlanteans including large proportions of the newer  R1 males and expanded out into both areas and ran into their older forerunners in the Americas on the one hand and their even older ancestral lines in the Old World on the other.

Thus the genetic makeup of male Empire Atlanteans was most likely A or X on the mother's side (the two are related) and R1 on the father's side: they moved into the new lands but mosly mingled with the females from previous colonizations but ordinarily did not bring their women along with them: the oldr movements included men and women both but the males of those mass movements also intermarried the women that already lived in the area. In the Americas this means women of East-Asian or Lemurian origin in the period of about 12000-16000 years ago.

And the direct descendants of the Empire Atlanteans became Megalith-builders on both sides of the Atlantic. This was probably reinforced by migrations of postglacial peoples.

Donnelly's map iof the Empire of Atrlantis, with indications for these genetic markers

As far as the fathers go on the routes across and around the Pacific, we can pretty much count an inner-Asian continuity of peoples full across the middle of Asia and headed Northward, and then crossing over into Eastern North America. It appears that the Inua (Eskimos) can be counted genetically as a CroMagnon variant on both sides, with some other elements. It has spread to Northern Canada wholly in the Postglacial period.

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