Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Indus Civilisation Collapse and the Ages in Chaos Conundrum

I am going by the hypothesis that the Indus valley civilization ended due to a series of natural catastrophes that included earthquakes and the drying up of the great rivers in the area, but it also included mythology of a "War of the gods" and descriptions of meteorite showers . These Meteorite showers had a couple of measurable effects that turn up in the literature as indicating ancient nuclear warfare: deposits of desert glass and a rise in radioactivity found when the human remains were expected. In India there is also at least one and well-known meteorite crater associated with the other evidence of "Nuclear attack" and the ancient texts that speak of "Iron Thunderbolts" and "The Weapon Agni-Indra [=The Fire of Heaven]" are plainly meteorite references.

There is also good evidence that parallel evidence and parallel mythology exist all through the Near Eastern and Mediterranean areas. Mark all of that down on the one side of the ledger and don't forget to add the explosion of the Thera volcano.

Now against this we have a problem: the timing. Ironically the one man who did the most to point out that all of this destruction was contemporary also was most insistent about the biggest flaw in the construction: the historical record is inaccurate, and the dates that most people understand for events throughout this period are all wrong.

We have a problem to start with in Phaethon's Ride, which Velikovsky dated to being about 1500 BC (more precisely 1450 BC) but which has an association with a second set of catastrophic indicators thought to date from around 1200 BC, possibly 1000 BC. And when we have evidence of the Thera eruption, we get carbon 14 dates originally assessed at 1500 BC but then again "Adjusted" to as myuch as 1750 BC. Now we are faced with a broad spectrum of indicators for catastrophes linked to meteorite showers and comet apparitions which could be dated in the millennium between 1750 and 750 BC. So instead of nice neat indicators that the fall of the Indus civilization was contemporary to the eruption of the Thera volcano and the fall of Minoan Crete, we have  a situation with dubious and dirty dates throughout. Because of that, it makes the situation much harder to sort out.

Among the problems we have in sorting out the information, we have one event where the intruding celestial body had an East-to-West path and another set of stories which say the path was West-to-East.

The exact reading of this is difficult to be certain about, but I still get the sense that the Indus Valley Harappan sites fell at the same time as Minoan Crete, and there were simultaneous destructions in Egypt, Mesopotamia and Asia Minor. And there was some sort of massive crustal plate adjustment that accompanied this and raised a section of the Himalayas as one result. This is a sore spot but I also think that part of the remains at Tiawanacu in Bolivia come from an older culture that flourished before 1500 BC and that part of the Andes were raised at the same time (This is a very contentious and controversial discussion)

144.jpg (31881 bytes)
Puma Punku ruins, Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

145.jpg (31257 bytes)
At this point I can only say that this is a potentially very productive field of study
But that we have some real problems in understanding it and some real problems in the dating of the events that might or might not belong here. All I can say here is that this seems to have been what happened at the end of the Indus valley civilization, and that we do not even have a really good date for it that we can agree upon, and that we need really good dates to be sure where this event fits into history and to ascertain whether or not the various other events proposed as being part of the same global event actually are contemporaneous to it.

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