Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ancient Atlantic Crossers Part 1

Submission by Terry Colvin:

Who were the ancient Atlantic Ocean Crossers?
Also known as  the 'Atlanteans'       Part I
The Sea peoples aka 'Atlanteans' were the original Danuna/Danaans and ancient 'Palestinians' (written and pronounced 'Philistines' in O.T.), also 'Shikila,' and by many other names,  also Lukka (as in 'Lucky' star/Loki, a Norse god), et al.  Note the facsimile engraved boats shown are shaped like their Sumerian and Egyptian counterpart reed canal gondolas.  These types were also built in the Americas (still in Peru and Southern California) along with other style gondolas and canoes.  Also note the seahorse dragon's heads and tails denoting these as Phoenicians, Makenyas/Achaeans (later known as 'Vikings'/Danes).  Also shown below is the transport of horses by these arked ships which were known as 'Arks/Barks.'  To get on a ship:  'to embark';  those who got on a ship:  'embarkaderos.'

Ancient Assyrian reed canal gondolas still sail on lake Titicaca, Peru to this day.
Also note feathered headdress of Phoenician warrior above, left; Assyrian warrior below, compared with Amazonian feathered headgear also shown below.  Center photo shows 'Amazonian-Chinese' descendent  wearing style of the 'Assyrian/Phoenician/Aztec'  warrior  headdress.
headgear amazon indian feathered headdressIndian high headdress
To be continued ...


  1. I'm pretty sure the bas-relief on the left shows a Persian, not Assyrian, soldier.

    1. You mean top left of the bottom three. Yes he's Persian and yes, Persians inherited their culture from the older Mesopotamians: that type of Headdress was "Pelasgian" before it was Persian and transmitted by way of the Phillistines. Its one of those definite markers for the "Peoples of the Sea" and that is what is pertinent here. I did not choose that illustration myself, but I can see the reasoning behind it.


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