Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Interesting Situation Arising From Postings At The Maya Facebook Group

Quoting from several News items I see posted on The Mayas Facebook page I see a peculiar pattern emerging which I need to refer back to the postings to say how this pattern developed. These banners put up on the page way are once again posted without any credit given.

Archeologists have discovered a lost city deep within the Amazon rain forest of the long-lost tribe of white-skinned, blonde-haired people called the Cloud People. The Cloud People, also known in legend as “the white warriors of the clouds” established expansive pre-Inca kingdom located in the northern regions of the Andes in present-day Peru. Other pre-hispanic groups referred to the Cloud People as “White Gods” due to their height, blonde hair and blue eyes. According to Inca legend, the Chachapoyas remembered that their ancestors came from the East. #atlantis #Chachapoya

Ancient city discovered deep in Amazonian rainforest linked to the legendary white-skinned Cloud People of Peru

By Daily Mail Reporter

[I should also point out that the clay "Sarcophagi" made with masks on them representing the deceased, such as are shown in the topmost photos, is traditional to North Africa and was a cultural trait also absorbed by the Carthaginians-DD]

An ancient royal tomb, older than the Inca civilization, and filled with treasures and mummified women dating back over 1,200 years, has been found in Peru. This is the first such tomb belonging to South America’s Wari civilization found untouched by vandals, the National Geographic said. "The fact that most of the skeletons were of women and the very rich grave goods, leads us to the interpretation that this was a tomb of the royal elite" [ie, "Blonde Incas" only before the Incas]

Pizarro asked who the white skinned redheads were. The Inca Indians replied that they were the last descendants of the Viracochas. The Viracochas, they said, were a divine race of White men with beards. They were so like the Spanish that the Europeans were called Viracochas the moment they came to the Inca Empire. The Incas thought they were the Viracochas who had come sailing back across the Pacific. According to the principal Inca legend, before the reign of the first Inca,... the sun-god, Con-Ticci Viracocha, had taken leave of his kingdom in present day Peru and sailed off into the Pacific with all his subjects. The White men had abandoned their pyramids and statues and gone with the leader, Con-Ticci Viracocha, first up to Cuzco, and then down to the Pacific. They were given the Inca name of Viracocha, or "sea foam', because they were white skinned and vanished like foam over the sea. (Heyerdahl, ibid.-American Indians in the Pacific)

In 1991, Thor Heyerdahl (of Kon-Tiki fame) discovered that the numerous 'heaps of rock' on the Canary islands were in fact bona fide pyramids, with similarities to those in Mexico. Heyerdahl also ascertained that the rocks had not come from the surrounding fields - the rocks are actually lava, from the lava fields of El Teide. He also found an astronomical orientation. The original inhabitants were called the Guanche, considered to be descended from Cro magnon, and they also left red/blonde haired mummies.

And today I just added this note:
There is a really good possibility the Chachapoyas of the last posting were related to these Canary Islanders. Their architecture is also similar.

And some of the Cachapoya architecture is reminiscent of Berber ruins from NW Africa and even some structures in the soutrhern edge of the Sahara around Timbuctoo, where the styles and traits were presumably brought in by caravans across the desert. Furthermore the blonde Berber element was evidently anciently called "Libyan" and some of the pharaohs (and even some Pre-dynastic mummies) were said to derive red hair and blue eyes by way of these Libyans.

Quoting from Donnelly in Atlantis: the Antediluvian World in Chapter IV "Corroborating Circumstances" (p178)
11. How comes it that the sandals upon the feet of the statue of Chacmol, discovered at Chichen Itza, are "exact representations of those found on the feet of the Guanches, the early inhabitants of the Canary Islands, whose mummies are occasionally discovered in the eaves of Teneriffe?" Dr. Merritt deems the axe or chisel heads dug up at Chiriqui, Central America, "almost identical in form as well as material with specimens found in Suffolk County, England." (Bancroft's Native Races," vol. iv., p. 20.) The rock-carvings of Chiriqui are pronounced by Mr. Seemann to have a striking resemblance to the ancient incised characters found on the rocks of Northumberland, England. (Ibid.)
"Some stones have recently been discovered in Hierro and Las Palmas (Canary Islands), bearing sculptured symbols similar to those found on the shores of Lake Superior; and this has led M. Bertholet, the historiographer of the Canary Islands, to conclude that the first inhabitants of the Canaries and those of the great West were one in race." (Benjamin, "The Atlantic Islands," p. 130.)
12. How comes it that that very high authority, Professor Retzius ("Smithsonian Report," 1859, p. 266), declares, "With regard to the primitive dolichocephalæ of America I entertain a hypothesis still more bold, namely, that they are nearly related to the Guanches in the Canary Islands, and to the Atlantic populations of Africa, the Moors, Tuaricks, Copts, etc., which Latham comprises under the name of Egyptian-Atlantidæ. We find one and the same form of skull in the Canary Islands, in front of the African coast, and in the Carib Islands, on the opposite coast, which faces Africa. The color of the skin on both sides of the Atlantic is represented in these populations as being of a reddish-brown."
 This goes along with something well-known in Physical Anthropology: Amazonian natives are much paler in skin colour than would seem to be predictable from their tropical latitudes

Instead of being as dark as tropical Africans, most tropical South Americans are only about as dark as North Africans (Berbers and Saharan natives)

I would suspect that the blond and blue-eyed element among the Berbers comes from the "Libyans" of antiquity, and that these were displaced northern Europeans from the Megalithic age. The Libyans, Northern Europeans and Canary Islanders were connected through the Tarrtessians in the Bronze Age, and it seems that a contingent of them crossed over into South America where the blonder element that was like the Guanches of the Canary Islands became the basis for the New World "Blonde Incas" and such  And this is exactly the theory that Thor Heyerdahl was also advancing.


  1. Is there a reference to the original Pizarro quote? I ask because it is my understanding that the term "white" wasn't used as a "racial" description for Europeans until the 17th or 18th centuries.

    1. The description of a person's complexion as "White" was indeed in use in the 1500s and before, of course traditionally the term was "Fair". and such terms could be and were used completely outside of any racial or ethnic context, as being merely descriptive. As far as Pedro Pizzaro goes, there is only one possible source. Quoting from the Wikipedia under Pedro Pizzaro: "Based on his personal observation from 1531 to 1555, Pedro Pizarro wrote a chronicle of the Spanish conquest of Peru, which he completed in 1571 under the title Relación del descubrimiento y conquista de los reinos del Perú ("Relation of the discovery and conquest of the kingdoms of Peru").[7] The manuscript of Relación that was at the National Library of Spain, however, been lost and the only remaining copy is located at The Huntington Library.[10] The work remained in manuscript until its inclusion in the fifth volume of the Colección de documentos inéditos para la historia de España, published in 1844 in Madrid. The first English translation was published by Philip A. Means in 1921 in New York; the standard modern edition in Spanish is that edited by Guillermo Lohmann Villena in 1978 in Lima.[11]"


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