Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thunderbolts And Mushrooms

The last blog posting about mushrooms and the Fleur-de-Lys did not emphasize what I thought was an obvious point: the Fleur-de-Lys is a form of one design for the thunderbolt (Such as the Thundebolt of Zeus) and the magic mushrooms Amanita muscaria are superstitiously believed to be engendered by lightening striking the ground, a folk belief which continues to this day.

Closer up the design is simpler to make out and this is possibly showing the mushroom as breaking into two halves with the stem in between, which happens at one part of the growth cycle. 

Zeus' thndebolt from the back of a Roman coin.
Below the Thunderbolt of a Sumerian deity compare to a Vajra from India.
The word Vajra means both Thunderbolt and stone and it is a common symbol in the Orient

 The name 'Belemnite' is derived from the Greek word belemnon which means javelin or dart due to the obvious resemblance in the shape of the fossil. It was a common folklore tale that belemnites were formed from the point of strike of lightning bolts into the ground; hence they are frequently referred to as 'thunderbolts'.
Belemnite in life, in the dinosaur age. Below, Belemnite fossils

The idea of stone thunderbolts transferred to the regular lead sling bullets of the Classical world. The sling was introduced into the Mediterranean buy the armies of Atlantis: we know this from a pretty definite association archaeologically at the end of the Pleistocens as well as the fact that Plato mentions regular units of slingers in the Atlantean armed forces (However also specifying that they used stones. The idea of stone thunderbolts having a regular bomb-shape probably has to do with the observations of volcanic bombs on Atlantis (The volcanoes continuing in the present-day Azores) and evidently the volcanic bombs or thunderstones were thought to engender magic mushrooms in Atlantean mythology: the idea survived into Classical Greece as well as other cultures


The other major familiar thunderbolt symbol is Thor's Hammer, and this is a plain T-cross (Tau Cross) commonly found in all megalithic cultures (Photo below is from a Mayan palace, T-shaped windows are common also in the US Southwest and in Peru: and below that is a megalithic Tau-cross from Ireland. Megalithic Tau-cross-stones definitely run all the way back to 10000 BC.)
The T-cross is a clearly recognizable reference to Magic Mushrooms and was mentioned as such in the recent blog series. Mayans also made little T-shaped coins out of copper. Both the T-Cross and Copper are both related to the planet Venus, and Copper is evidently connected to the red colouring of the mushroom Amanita muscaria.


The World Tree (Axis Mundi/Sacred Tree/Tree of Life) of Mesoamerica was also in a T-cross form. 


Otto Muck thought the tree on top of the pyramid represented smoke at the top of an active volcano and interpreted it as one of the Azores as a dry-land volcano when the area was part of Atlantis In other representation of the Mayan World Tree, the fruits look exactly like volcanic bombs and also like the common glyph meaning "Flint stone." The actual tree being referred to is probably the coconut palm and the hard-hulled coconuts are being compared to volcanic bombs. (My guesses) Coconuts are connected to Atlantis also by Muck but also other authors.

It is also notable that several authors (such as Victor Clube) have connected "Thunderstones" to meteorites and hence this involves a cosmic-catastrophic connotation. This idea shall be explored in a subsequent future blog.
These modern African volcanic vents are erupting in unison. The Atlantean "Gatekeepers" might also be two of
 the Canary Island volcanoes, off the NW coast of Africa, erupting at the end of the Pleistocene

The two Gate Keepers at the entrance to Eden  are described as angels with a firey sword that barred the way back into paradise. They are analogous to (Directly opposite counterparts to) the Pillars of Hercules/Straits of Gibraltar and they might also be represented as a man holding two snakes (Snakes of fire?) At any rate, the way back to Atlantis was supposed to be too dangerous to try.

I have just discovered another most interesting blog spot and I shall quote from some of it here:
[More Mushroom Symbolism simplified-DD]
The bulb state is when the cap resembles the sphere or sun and the circular vortex.

I pointed out in an earlier blog post (The key to Atlantis, the Magic Mushroom) how it is interesting to realize that Tiamat, the fabled second sun, is similar to the word Amanita.
Next the mushroom turns into what resembles an umbrella.
Here we see one possible connection to the the red Atlantian C symbol, the outline of the cap forming the arch (perhaps connected to the Royal Arch).

Further on to the flat round table which in profile gives us the T or Tau.

Possible progenator of the cross and crux ansata. The mushroom resembles the human body with arms outstretched. It is also the King Arthur round table, a celtic messianic myth.

There is a most extraordinary plate, illustrative of the whole subject, which representation I believe to be anterior to Christianity. It is copied from Moor's Hindu Pantheon, not as a curiosity, but as a most singular monument of the crucifixion. I do not venture to give it a name, other than that of a crucifixion in space. Manly P. Hall-"The Secret Teachings of All Ages"

The final stage is the Holy Grail phase during which the cap has upturned completely and formed the challis.

Egyption divine boats used by their gods also have the distinctive C-shape of the magic mushroom and we have already seen how the mushroom can be connected to water.

The Egyption divine boat which looks a lot like the Holy Grail-stage mushroom and King Tut's chalice. It looks like the water pillar is growing out of an egg.

Thank you to the guys at the Gnostic Media forum for pointing me in this direction and for highlighting the above pic. Especially hunchback.

[This last is commonly taken to be part of an Egyptian representation of Atlantis-DD]

More on the Mushroom-Atlantis connection from this author shall be added on later blogs

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