Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Building Blocks of a Mound Giant

A Facebook friend of mine had done a photo display with several photos saying "Put these together any you have a mound giant. My theory is along those lines, my theory is that the Giants were a group of inbred Elite Warriors primarily bred for great height and strength but with the unfortunate side effect of collecting odd deformities because of their increased expression of recessive gene  traits. Some of those traits, and some other identifying features, are shown below.

The first trait is that the strain came from an unusually tall population and continued to be bred to emphasize the great height. The woman in this photo is a European model who comes from the right ethnic background (This is not a "Nordic" race but is similar in some respects and different in others. The head is characteristically short from front to back and round from above, and the nose is similar to the nose of the woman in this picture. Both "Roman Noses" and "Greek Noses" come out of this ethnic type. This woman is mostly very tall and does not show any disfigurement common among glandular giants The woman is 7 foot 4 but her legs alone are over four feet long. This Ethnic type was inbred to maintain a strain of pituitary (glandular) Gigantism, such as is displayed in the photo below This is the tallest individual accepted to most authorities, Robert Wadlow of Illinois, just some fractions of an inch under nine feet tall in life.
This is an individual with a double tooth row undergoing dental therapy for the condition.

Below is an individual showing Polydactyly, in this case six toes on each foot.

Frequently associated with Gigantism is the condition of Acromegaly, causing unusual continuing bone growth into adulthood. Below is the Acromegalic actor Rondo Hatton               

Comparison of normal skull and skeletal elements (smaller) to an Acromegalic

The type is associated with features suggestive of crossbreeding with Neanderthals, as in the individual below (a Wrestler)

Along with the regular allegations of heavy body hair, some individuals were said to have had armoured skin, or bony nodules embedded in the skin.  

Occasionally humans are known to grow horns on the head. This has also been
reported in some of the giant mound skeletons.
 Although it is not a widely reported allegation, some traditional giants have more than one heads. In real life when this happens it is a type of conjoined twin development. The Giants could also possibly have developed a higher than normal incidence of Siamese twins


               The basic object of the breeding program was to create fearsome giant warriors,
that some of them were also horrific in appearance was an unexpected bonus. During Colonial times there were still several examples of Native American warriors of unusual size and strength.

The giants were remembered in mythology but frequently with a very exaggerated
version of their size, strength and prowess

These giants also accentuated their height by preferring to give their babies
the vertical form of cranial deformation. This was common in their originating ethnic group
The resulting Warrior Elite Strain was much larger than the common Native Americans.
 They formed a militaty caste run by War Chiefs
The culture evidently had close ties on both sides of the Atlanic. On both sides of the Atlantic they made conical earthen burial mounds and earthen defensive ring enclosures or henges

The American populations were unusual in that they grew a stunted form of barley about a yard high, which they probably used to make beer. A common pottery form found on both sides of the Atlantic called the beaker was their kind of beer stein. It was frequently decorated by marks made by pressing cordage into the wet clay, once again on both sides of the Atlantic. The barley survives as a kind of weed that grows particularly further on South, South of the Ohio River

 The American populations were still enthusiastic dealers in and workers of copper: in the old world their attention turned more and more to Bronze. A copper ring (bracelet?) is shown below.

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