Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Friday, September 6, 2013

Atlantis and Mushroom Site Postings #1

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Atlantis: The name and the pillar

In Manly P. Hall's "Secret Teachings" we learn (page 80) that Plato wrote in his "Critias" that Poseidon, the God who was given rule over Atlantis and the sea, named Atlantis and the surrounding oceans (Atlantic) after his son Atlas. Further Atlantis is said to be located west of the Pillars of Hercules or the Straight of Gibraltar submerged under the sea (page 79).
The legend of Atlantis includes many references to pillar(s) in which the knowledge of Atlantis was inscribed.

I believe that these pillars could quite possibly be symbolic of the magic mushroom and the bright red Amanita muscaria in particular. Freemasons and Rosicrucians have also many pillars in there ancient stories and sacred texts like Jachin and Boaz of Solomon's temple, quite possibly derived from the ancient accounts of the pillars of Atlantis. The pillars of masonry are also then good candidates for magic mushroom.
Atlas famously holds the world on his shoulders. This seems to be symbolically shown in the Masonic pillar with the Earth sphere on its top. The Rosicrucian manual of the AMORC on page 101 states that the spinal column has 33 (a number of amazing importance to secret societies) sections when you take the Atlas as the first section. The Atlas then holds up the head just like the mythical Atlas holds up the world as shown figuratively by the Masonic pillar with globe. Thus we can deduce that the Masonic pillar or column could also be a representation of the human spinal column (with its 33 sections).

Another symbol for the spinal column often found in fraternal contexts is the caduceus or staff of Hermes. Hermes is also said to have inscribed a pillar in Atlantis with all their sacred knowledge to preserve this information from the destruction in the coming deluge. The caduceus with its rod and disc also reminds us of the Masonic pillar and has been convincingly shown to also be a representation of the magic mushroom by Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit in there "Pharmacratic Inquisition" video lecture.
Now we have the name of Atlantis and its pillars or columns strongly connected to the magic mushroom.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Plato's three colors for Atlantis

The stone which was used in the work they quarried from underneath the centre island, and from underneath the zones, on the outer as well as the inner side. One kind was white, another black, and a third red, and as they quarried, they at the same time hollowed out double docks, having roofs formed out of the native rock.
Critias - by Plato [360 BC]

White, red and black the colors named by Plato as the colors of Atlantis!

Thanks to "justinjbrown" and "hunchback" at the Gnostic Media forum for this info.


Blogger anadae said...
Not experienced with Amanita muscaria, although ubiquitously seen in countless illustrated children's storybooks as a convenient piece of cushy furniture for one species or another of the Fae, I have been told it holds a pronouncedly more caustic psychedelic trip that its more pallid cousin, Psilocybe cubensis. Then again, I'm sure that the celebrated mycologist & entheobotanist, the late, great R. Gordon Wasson, must've had experienced a slightly different form of it when first having been introduced to the eefects of the Magic Mushroom by his wife in the mountains of upstate New York, all those many decades ago.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Phrygian Liberty Cap and the Magic Mushroom

The most famous iconic image of the French revolution has to be the painting by Eugene Delacroix "Liberty Leading the People".
I was paging through an art book recently with a friend and was immediately able to point out a few things about this painting because of having been reading "Talisman" by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. In this great book (about, as the full title suggests Sacred Cities and Secret Faith) we read on pages 6-7 under the Chapter Heading The Tricolour Goddess with the Phrygian Cap that during the French revolution the 'goddess reason' was frequently personified by an actresses wearing the tricolored veil and the Phrygian Liberty cap.
We also learn that the Phrygian liberty cap, which was a popular head piece amongst the public and the most zealous factions of the French Revolution, is originally associated with two pagan deities Mithra and Cybele.

Mithra with Liberty capFurther in this wonderful passage we find that Cybele is associated with Isis and on page 4 of the same book we are told that when the Bastille fell a statue was erected in its place of a bare breasted goddess, again Isis.
Now if we look at the painting above we can see this image in a new light. 'Liberty' is a composite Goddess confirmed by the Phrygian Liberty cap (Cybele) and the bare breasts (Isis) who are in the end one and the same as well as 'the goddess reason'. We even have the tricolored veil represented by the French flag said to be worn buy actresses playing the ritualistic role of 'the goddess reason' during the revolution.
The point of all this is to show how a specific pagan ideology was at least in part at work during the French revolution. The obvious group we think of in this context is the Freemasons. We have their calling cards when considering the Isis goddess symbols and even the tricolor flag. Further we know that 'The statue of Liberty' was given to the United States by the French and was designed by a Mason. If we, with this in mind, look again at "Liberty Leading the People" our eyes are opened to the fact that this is also the classic stance of America's 'lady liberty' and confirms as well what we should already know. That when we look at the Statue of Liberty we are in fact looking at the Masonic goddess!

Some of this is confirmed in the Wikipedia article about the painting (URL above).
The posture (though not the attire) of the figure in the painting suggests that of the Statue of Liberty, designed by French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi in the 1880s.

Another "Liberty Cap" is a famous psychedelic magic mushroom by the same name, so called because of its unmistakable resemblance to the Phrygian cap. Or, as we shall see vice versa...
It seems quite possible taking this into account that the Liberty cap worn by Mithra and Cybele is a symbol for the magic mushroom. This isn't a stretch when we remember that many other deities specifically the crucified saviors like Jesus and Krishna (and Hermes' staff the Caduceus) have been shown by researchers Andrew Rutajit and Jan Irvin to be interchangeable with the red amanita muscaria magic mushroom. Indeed Mithra himself is a crucified savior and quite possibly a prototypical Jesus figure.
In popular culture we see the Smurfs wearing Liberty caps and even living inside of amanita muscaria mushrooms.

Following the theme of this blog I would like to suggest a tentative possible connection between Atlantis and the Phrygian Liberty cap, which I hope at least has been well established as directly connected to the magic mushroom.
Freemasons including Benjamin Franklin, which documentaries like "Secret Mysteries of Americas Beginnings" convincingly show were influenced by Rosicrutian leader Francis Bacon's "The New Atlantis", tells us that these people had Atlantis on there minds when adding fuel to these revolutions.
Interesting to speculate now that the Freemasonic mushroom inspired Liberty cap was worn by there gods and goddesses and then by revolutionaries while preparing the ground work for the control of the new world or their "New Atlantis".

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Key to Atlantis: The Magic Mushroom

There seems, in my mind at least, an undeniable link between the magic mushroom and the story of Atlantis. In fact they might be one and the same thing!

I came to this conclusion while pondering the differences and similarities between the works of two people I respect very highly. That is the alternative ancient histories of Terence McKenna and Michael Tsarion. Both agree that there is a hidden history that is unknown to the masses but differ greatly on what the "key" to that history is. Michael believes strongly in the physical existence of Atlantis (the Garden of Eden) while McKenna denied the need for a truly ancient technologically advanced culture and concentrated on magic mushrooms. In both world views there is a need for “something” that drastically changed the course of human evolution in our distant past. McKenna say in his “Tree of Life” lecture “that the mind doubled in size in 200 000 years” and quotes Langston as saying “The most spectacular transformation of a major organ of a higher animal in the entire fossil record”. He goes on to note that “Notice, it is the organ that created the theory of evolution itself”. People like Michael however, taking their information from the ancient stories of many civilizations sacred texts and the occult knowledge of secret societies, come up with the drastic change of humanity in the Garden of Eden (note that even McKenna’s lecture makes reference to the Garden in its title “Tree of Life”) being due to genetic manipulation by the Atlantean aliens.
I believe these two stories are referring to the same event.

The psychic trauma of the genetic manipulation and cataclysmic destruction of Mu and Atlantis is the same story as McKenna’s speculations about the traumatic loss experienced by our forefathers as they were separated from there mutual symbiotic relationship between them and entheogenic plants. The Garden of Eden and the fall of man from Gods grace… McKenna ascribes the loss of the mushroom due to environmetal canges.

To illustrate lets look at a few other similarities that come to mind today, without having the time to really explore this in the depth it deserves right now, as I am eager to get this speculation out on the blog! Maybe a more detailed explanation will follow if the need arises.

The caduceus which is analogous the tree in the Garden of Eden with its coiled serpent is also at the same time a symbol of medicine and as Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit have undeniably shown in “The Pharmacratic Inquisition” video lecture it is also the magic mushroom, especially the Aminita Muscaria. The caduceus (the tree) is also the DNA coil or double helix. The caduceus as DNA symbol and tree seems to fit perfectly with the Atlantis story but how does it fit with entheogenic (or god manifesting) plants? We need to look no further than anthropologist Jeremy Narby’s great book “The Cosmic Serpent” for our answer.

In it we find out that Shamans have always connected their sacred plants like the magic mushroom or the partly coiled vine plant (more coils, spirals)derivative Ayahuasca to snakes. They say that the snakes (sometimes depicted as gods or beings from the stars) are the real teachers that they learn mystical knowledge from when partaking in the ritualistic use of psychedelic plants. Narby goes on to speculate very convincingly that these snakes are the DNA helix. This fits very nicely with Timothy Leary’s eight circuit model of human consciousness where one of the highest circuits that can be developed and turned on by the use of psychedelics is the Neoro-genetic circuit. The circuit that allows one to access the entire history of the organism through conscious communion with the genetic memory inside the DNA! Think also about David Icke and his theories on the junk DNA as transmitters of information between organisms “The one hundred monkeys syndrome” or Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Field.

Now we can see the connection between Atlantis and the magic mushroom more clearly with the snake experience of Shamanism and the snake in the Garden of Eden or the Lemurians as Michael interprets it. Snake gods as positive elements in both alternate history views.
But we also have the angels or winged elements in both, as the Nephilim of Atlantis and the wings of the Amanita Muscaria’s mushroom cap. Both represented again by the caduceus.

The word Atlantis is quite possibly derived from Atlas. There were sacred pillar(s) in Atlantis just as the human pillar (the spinal column) has the Atlas at its apex. Holding the head up like Atlas holds up the world. Again both can be symbolized by the caduceus.


Another thing which came through me today might seem like a stretch to some and profound to others is the fact that Tiamat (the second sun) is somewhat similar to the word Amanita. Amanitas are also referred to in the “Pharmacratic Inquisition” as god’s sun on Earth. A second representation of the sun on Earth as the bright red Amanita mushroom can resemble the sun.

On this Time Magazine cover of Carl Jung no less, (isn’t life perfect?) we can see the whole story I am speaking of alluded to synchronisticly through occult symbols.

See the Lapis or philosophers stone tied to a string which goes up through the coiled serpents into their mouths? The lapis on page 308-309 of Manly P. Hall’s “Secret Teachings” is said to be the stone from which the holy grail was carved. Jesus, who it has been shown convincingly, is the magic mushroom as well drank from this same holy grail. Is the Masonic Lapis the magic mushroom? The Amanita also has a stage in its growth where it resembles the holy grail and you can literally pick it and drink from it, it’s magick liquid.

In the introduction to “Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons” by John Carter we find more clues. Robert Anton Wilson writes that he believes the “narcotic” referred to by authors Knight and Lomas in their Books “The Hiram Key" and “The Second Messiah” used by Pharaohs of ancient Egypt to experience divine illumination is again our Amanita muscaria or psilocybin magic mushrooms! The Hiram Key here is said to derive from actual events that took place in ancient Egypt where the last Pharaoh of the native dynasty refused to reveal the secrets of this ritual (its ingredient) and was killed by the Hyskos dynasty in the manner of the widows son. The lost word or Hiram Key being then our magic mushroom.

If the philosophers stone, lapis, Hiram Key, Tree of Life, Hermes’ Staff (Caduceus), UFO’s, Holy Grail, snakes,globe with pillar, DNA, Jesus and Atlantis can all be convincingly shown to be intimately connected to the magic mushroom then don’t we have a clear picture here?!

Image taken from Manly P. Hall's "Secret Teachings". The whole story again in one picture. Jesus and the lapis and the idea of a vegetable (plant), the mushroom?

Think about the suppression of drugs in our culture through the fraternally controlled governments. Think also about how they threw Timothy Leary in jail for daring to give the masses their holy grail!

Would it be rash to speculate with this knowledge that in the really high ranks of O.T.O, Freemasons, Rosicrutians and Illuminati they partake in the ritual use of their philosophers stone while withholding its secrets from us at the bottom of the pyramid? Is it possible that there is more than just the finest wines in the world coursing through the veins and pineal glands of the elite at Bohemian Grove? I wonder…

For a continuing more in-depth analysis of this subject visit my new blog where I will expand on this fascinating topic.

For more background on astrotheology and shamanism

[The connection for Atlantis and Phyrgian caps has been recognized since Donnelly's Atlantis was published at least. Here is an illustration of a Central American sculpted head from that book and the same kinds of caps are famously popular in Peru
And the connection of Atlantean cultural elements to the Mushroom cult says nothing one way or the other about whether the myth ultimately has a basis in fact or not.-DD]

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