Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Friday, August 9, 2013

Native American Zodiac

I had mentioned before that there is a very old hunter's zodiac which becomes manifest in Europe in the Megalithic Postglacial period, and that the Native North American zodiac seems to be derived from it. It is in turn derived from the older CroMagnon Astrology. Some of the older writers on Atlantis mention that Astrological signs and symbols go back to 25000 or 35000 years ago,and certainly according to Alexander Marshak and the Roots of Astrology, Hunter's calendars and lunar notations (and some rare depictions of some of the better-known constellations) certainly go that far back at least. I have a complete essay on this published elsewhere.

Our own common zodiac is a variation on the older hunter's calendars but using more "Southern" kinds of animals as signs. There is also the more elaborated East Indian version which goes with Sundaland and needs a more extensive separate coverage. Certainly the East Indian  version of Astronomy was used in navigating across long distances in the Indian and Pacific oceans during the later days of the Pleistocene Ice Age.

The Native American zodiac signs are wholly unique, and you’ll not find these totemic birth animals anywhere else but here. Determine which sign you are, and check out its meaning. Wolf Deer Woodpecker Beaver Otter Salmon Falcon Raven Goose Bear Owl Snake #NativeAstrology

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