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Deluge of Atlantis
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guest Blogger Jayasree:20,000 years old temple-like pyramid found in Indonesia.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

20,000 years old temple-like pyramid found in Indonesia.

This is something I was expecting to hear in connection with  my deduction that the Hindu stories of Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu, Prahladha, Virochana, Bali, Narakasura et al were real and happened in the region where Indonesia is situated. A temple – the shape of which is being called as pyramidal – but in position as per Vastu directions, has been found on an elevated region which by itself was man-made (created artificially) in Gunung Padang, in West Java province of Indonesia.
"A" in the picture below.

The entire region in light blue was above the sea level about 25,000 years ago. This is similar to the narration of how Varaha lifted up the land from water. Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu ruled these regions initially. This region was initially called as Hiranyapura. The description of the region comes in Mahabharata, Udyoga parva where Narada shows these places to Matali while the latter wanted to find a groom for his daughter.

The Hiranya in the name indicates the knowledge and use of Gold. This place was also known as Swarna dweepa. This place was dominated by Daityas and Danavas  who were fair in complexion, well built, Vedic but cruel and adamant! The early record of Vedic knowledge comes from this place only. The horse headed Vishnu rising with Vedas is reported here only by Narada. This region also had Patala, the deepest place.  Building technology – which is always associated with Maya – was already known and in use in this region. This region was closer to the equator and signified the fight between Devas and Asuras. The nearest Deva outpost was Pumpukar of olden days which is now submerged.  Association of Indra by Indra festival in Pumpukar comes from this place being a outpost for Devas who were in Uttarkuru.

The time period of 25,000 years BP signify the period when habitations were at peak in the south of equator. Astrology of Daksha's times flourished at this time, but not necessarily in this region. There must have existed many other smaller regions in the Indian Ocean at that time when the sea level was lower than now.

Making gold was oldest knowledge and the concept of Lakshmi was developed at that time itself. There are many allusions in Mahabharata to all that I have said above. I will write those topics later, may be after a year – after I finish my thesis that I am currently working on. It needs more time and concentration to write that topic. A preliminary write up in Tamil can be read here

The kind of discoveries that are coming up nowadays,  lend credibility to my observations from Mahabharata. The 20,000 years old structure found below the pyramid itself was made as a hill from the volcanic rocks. This reminds me of the passages on Hiranyapura given in Mahabharata. Let me quote some of the relevant parts here:

"Narada continued, Here is that spacious and celebrated city of cities, called

Hiranyapura, belonging to the Daityas and Danavas, possessing a hundred

diverse kinds of illusion. Here in these regions called Patala, it hath been

built with great care by the divine artificer, and planned by the Danava Maya.

Endued with great energy and heroism, many Danavas, having obtained

boons from Brahman in days of old, lived here, exhibiting a thousand different

kinds of illusion." (Udyoga parva -100)

"Narada continued, Here in the very centre of the world of the Nagas is
situated the city known by the name of Patalam. Celebrated over all the
universe, it is worshipped by the Daityas and the Danavas. Creatures
inhabiting the earth, if brought hither by force of the water's current, shriek
loudly, afflicted with fear. Here the fire known by the name of the Asura-fire
and which is fed by water, continually blazeth forth. Held fast by the flat of the
celestials, it moveth not, regarding itself as bound and confined. It was here
that' the gods, having first vanquished and slain their foes, quaffed the Amrita
and deposited the residue. It is from this place that the waning and waxing of
the moon are seen. It is here that son of Aditi, the Horse-headed Vishnu, on
the recurrence of every auspicious occasion, riseth, filling at such times the
universe, otherwise called Suvarna with the sound of Vedic hymns and
Mantras. And because all watery forms such as the Moon and others shower
their water on the region, therefore hath this excellent region been called
Patala" (Udyoga parva -99)
Closely resembling the 20,000 years old structure in Indonesia, here comes a description of fine architecture by  Narada:
"Behold their homes, O Matali, that are all made of silver and gold, and well-
adorned with decorations done according to the rules of art. All those
mansions are decked with lapis lazuli and corals, and made effulgent with the
lustre of the Arkasphatika, and the radiance of gem called Vajrasara. And
many of those palatial residences seem, as if, they have been made of the
shine of these gems called Padmaragas, or of bright marble, or of excellent
wood. And they are also possessed of the radiance of the sun, or blazing fire.
And all the edifices, adorned with gems and jewels, are very high and stand
close to another. Of spacious proportions and great architectural beauty, it is
impossible to say of what material these mansions are built or to describe
their style of beauty. Indeed, they are exceedingly beautiful in consequence of
their decorations. Behold these retreats of the Daityas for recreation and
sport, these beds of theirs for sleep, these costly utensils of theirs set with
precious stones, and these seats also for their use. Behold these hills of theirs,
looking like clouds, those fountains of water, these trees also that move of
their own will and that yield all fruits and flowers that one may ask." (Udyoga
parva -100)
Awaiting to hear more such discoveries in Indonesia....


{The following reprints the article, which has already been reprinted here)

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