Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Atlantean Jewelry as continued on at Neolithic Malta

Left, a 5600 year old skull is seen during Jewellery Through the Times, part of Fashion Week Malta, in Lijanext .  Right, a facial reconstruction of a 5600 year old skull is seen during Jewellery Through the Times, part of Fashion Week Malta, in Lijanext

 A combination photo shows a 5600 year old skull (L), found on the Maltese island of Gozo, and a facial reconstruction based on it during Jewellery Through the Times, part of Fashion Week Malta, in which models presented replicas of jewellery worn in Neolithic Malta, in Lija outside Valletta, May 7, 2013. The replicas were recreated with meticulous attention to detail from unique pieces dating back to 3600 B.C. at the National Museum of Archaeology, according to the organisers. The facial reconstruction by the University of Dundee, the first ever done of a Neolithic inhabitant of Malta, is of a woman who died in her thirties round 3600 B.C. REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi

[The skull is similar to a North African Neolithic type called Capsian]

A model presents a replica of jewellery worn in Neolithic Malta some 5600 years ago during Jewellery Through the Times, part of Fashion Week Malta, in Lijanext

A model presents a replica of jewellery worn in Neolithic Malta some 5600 years ago during Jewellery Through the Times, part of Fashion Week Malta, in Lijanext
A model presents a replica of jewellery worn in Neolithic Malta some 5600 years ago during Jewellery Through the Times, part of Fashion Week Malta, in Lijanext

A model presents a replica of jewellery worn in Neolithic Malta some 5600 years ago during Jewellery Through the Times, part of Fashion Week Malta, in Lijanext

A model presents a replica of jewellery worn in Neolithic Malta some 5600 years ago during Jewellery Through the Times, part of Fashion Week Malta, in Lijanext

Malta in the Middle Neolithic/Megalithic


Prehistoric sites of interest in Gozo and Malta
Below: Wikipedia map for Middle Neolithic in Mediterranean area, arrows added

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Introducing Prof Noah Zark Part 2

 Professor Noah Zark hints that the following map previously posted here follows the cartouche shape and has about the right East-West elongated orientation to match the other maps. I have other reasons to believe this area was mapped I ancient times and such a map would be part of the set including the Egyptian Ptolemic maps and also the Piri Re'is map, most likely transmitted by Phoenicians.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Introducing Prof. Noah Zark

Alternative Models of Earth Normalcy

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Hindu - Japanese AMEN reservoir of practise



 There is One Fundamental, Historical Schism.

But "you can't have one way without the other", they say.

 Male v Female or equal cooperation?  Which is the best Way of Power and why?

We ask: Who? What? Where? Why? How?...  did a gender schism come about.

Were the old ways really better or worse than these current ones that produce so much war and violence?
Which alternative was and is preferable?

We have two primary sets of data.
The first is the just-re-discovered significance of an ancient, cartographic collection, "our" remotely ancient "World, High-tech Antediluvian World Atlas".
 It was copied almost 700 years ago from something far older.  It has to be thousands of years older in fact. Many complex circumstances had had to exist in order for that data to have been collected. The Codex cartography is linked to a long and complex process of observation, then of speculation, recording and monitoring. Following that it it has to be beautifully, elegantly and geometrically arranged.
 Teaching, learning and dedication over thousands of years is required.  And it must be done within a stable, well organized and sopisticated society which has sound, traditional organization.    
A secure legal and economic system, relying on a home agricultural and industrial base is the start point. Maritime world trade,  a system of measure, together with a quality moral and legal framework is desirable.  Creating the Portolan Survey with the intimately connected Mayan Calendar are enormous enterprises.  Thus the research criteria may be systematized, and demonstrable measurable  phases of preparation, and completion identified.  
RAWS-AMEN map and measure data has to be tens of thousands of years old. It is waiting to be fully reconstructed. The Codex alone provides a more than 50-item, set of  maps of world wide extent with appropriate measure instruments. The presentation of the geometrical data was very hard to design.  The civilization required a permanent, well organized and substantial urban settlement and services.  We are 'looking at' a series of dates for RAWS-AMEN.  These RAWS-AMEN dates extend before, during and after the relative ebb and flow of ice sheets and ocean levels of Earth's last Glacial Period. Cosmic information examining the Earth in Space had to have been collected and then  to be interpreted, arranged, codified and applied with absolute precision. The Codex Palatinus 1993 Collection is nothing less than a Global Positioning System which teaches RAWS-AMEN opens up the principles by which the deepest recesses of our scientific origins may be probed. Current time lines, which dictate that a period of 4 - 6 000 years is thought of as being ancient, fly out of the West's Wimpish Window.
The sizes, methods and timelines rest fairly and squarely where they have always belonged, in the lap of Indian Science.  

This Delphi Omphalos, also known as a "lingam"  and a "triangulation point" is dcorated with gourds.  The growth and nature of these fast-growing, pattern forming tropical plants is a fine anolog for the survey, networking and cartographical process.  The omphalos has a position at the top for inserting survey instrument dials. Several are preserved in the Codex and provide about 1/3rd of the collection.  They are intended to be placed for use on the truncated omphalos top, beneath the missing cap.
It wasn't easy for us to sort out what our ancestors had done. 

In Secrets of the Great Pyramid, Stecchini and Tompkins show how this diagram summarizes the geometry of an ever changing analysis of landscape together with outlining the philosophy, purpose, methods and principles of Egyptian Cartography and Surveying

This is one of the raw and no longer painted megalithic Ovoids: Enclosure D at Göbekli Tepe. You can see the high, central pair of T-Pillars with cup marks and a Fox relief.  Crude stone-walling roughly links a circumference of smaller menhirs. These walls suddenly became necessary. Nomadic Patriarchal tribes began to invade settled and profoundly organized matrilineal, matri-foucussed civilizations like Egypt.  These crude stone walls simply existed to facilitate the burial for preservation of the entire site, with its shadow monitoring, calibrating and recording mechanisms. For their functions see the works of Isler and Stecchini.  An observatory and Triangulation Anchor was thus changed into a museum and time-capsule. 

The Gog-Magog scriptures suggest the GtNWT could well help us to understand what  personal attitudes and social- religious malfunctions underlie the carnage of the terrible Iraqi-Iranian-Syrian Wars.   Those of the so-called, Common Era's 21st century.

This 1911 photograph was taken on Nias Island off the West Coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.
These native peoples were probably trained when Indonesia was part of the Tamil-Chola Empire and
Masonic raw material was required. 

The second data set is the complex Ancient Observatory. Shown above it was built, used and buried on Göbekli Tepe, Turkey.  The Göbekli Tepe "Navel of the World Temple" is equivalent to the modern, UK, Greenwich observatory. The Göbeklitepe NWT is very old and contains iconography ritually connected to the captured Saraswati (Benzaiten) River of North India. 
The GtNWT must, at least inpart, be many thousands or tens of thousands of years old. We know this because it is GPS - connected to the Observatories and Calendric Statements of the Second World Island.  There the Mayan Codices and glyphs augment other archaeological discoveries discoveries in spelling out their remote antiquity. And yet the Parochial Western Scientific Tradition, despite much brilliant and convincing resent research, fails to accept this ever more accurate data.  
MAINSTREAM hails the Greenwich Observatory as a breakthrough.  And yet Greenwich is a only a politically located maps and measures base. The British Empire only developed Greenwich a mere 250 years ago).   It is ignorantly hailed as a wonderous "first of all time " achievement. The same "first ever" innovative status is falsely strutted for more or less everything, each day, on our TV screens.
Below GtNWT is indicated at the top 180 degree linear map, where the green and pink quadrants meet. The other two Pacific Ocean Quadrants are colored blue.   In the full 360 degree circular format, Göbekli Tepe NWT is marked by the red dot and white circle.  Most of the planet called Earth is Water.  :(  No wonder we are facing climate change devastation because of the ignorance of "Landlubbers".
The narrow Isthmıs at the Cross Roads of our Planet Water is so narrow, even in Mexico.  It can hardly be shown at this scale.  This is where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet at the Bridge Barrier connecting what is amusingly known as North and South "America".

This Mandala and template is well known in Indian and Central Asian Tantric Science. It was Prof Salomon's Sheet #1.  When Salomon was asked to research it, Opicinus had decorated this example in 1330 with Catholic images of Papal Grandees; and had added charming cameos of the Medieval Farmers' Year.  We were carefully able to re-construct a resemblance to the Original Version. We used RAWS-AMEN's logical inter-comparability principles. This meant "transplant obscure and missing items within the Codex Palatinus 1993 set. This 'one man, one scriptorium one decade' research method is revolutionary.  It completely replaces most previous happenstance approaches to the Portolans. And it builds on and out far beyond the methods used by Charles Hapgood in Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings.  Hapgood was completely certain that a complete Portolan World Survey had once taken place. But he thought the cartographers would use simplistic rectilinear frames.   He paid scant attention to surveying.
This is a close up of the "Felsen Temple" with survey post holes 
The burial of the entire Göbekli Tepe site purposely transformed this Observatory into a Time Capsule and Museum.  But this possibility had remained a "mystery within an enigma", ever since Klaus Schmidt's DAI-TUBITAK team had first recognized and published that burial fact.  
But, from an inspirational dream, (!?), we were made aware of an indisputable archaeological likeness.  A visual parallelism existed between a) Prof Schmidt's published air photo of the summit of Navel Hill, (Göbekli Tepe in Turkish), which known as "Felsen Tempel, Site E".  The Stonework at the top level resembled a face with two prominent eyes and a Smurf Hat. 
This strongly resembled the bird's eye view of the Gog-Magog chalk hill figure with face, eyes and hatin Cambridge UK.  Both had similar geomorphological and Codex trigonometrical  positions plus a remarkably similar accretion of legends. I can only report this personal event.  I certainly knew of the Cambridge fıgure from when I lived near Cambridge in the UK and was studying UK archaeology. But I was unaware of the name of the Cambridge Golf Course road wich has an Abraham element.  I checked it out after the dream.  I was surprised to find the entire surface soil had been stripped off.  Moreover this same texhnique had been used in the New Grange Central Ireland area.  This important astro-archaeological monument was a candidate terminal node with Holy Head and Pembroke, for the UK. 
Winter clothes of a Vastu-Shastra Surveyor - Mason - Architect.
Below is one of our best source maps.  You can see the geodetic frames clearly. Please look at England at the North West (top left) extreme, close to the Egyptian style oval cartouche frame. If we add from other Codex Portolans in the set the following geometry
  1. the networks of gnomons (local centres),
  2. azimuths, (like the spokes of a bike wheel),
  3. chords (these lines go from each one azimuth node to all the others and
  4. create the geometrical illusion of polygon-pseudo-circles ready to be "firmed up"
we can locate the Gog Magog Hill at Cambridge, UK with certainty.
Now take the diagonals of the three overlapping circles.  At one end, at the extreme left, (West) is a naval school near Lisbon.  At the other, (Eastern) extreme is Göbekli Tepe, the GtNWT itself.  The layout is remarkably elegant and precise.  We hope to check ot all out fully as a pan-European, media- networking exercise, if we can find sponsors and partners.
Salomon classified this map as Sheet #7 in his Opicinus de Canistris, (Warburg 1935).  We published these findings in an International Symposium held by the Chamber of Trade in Izmir entitled 1,000 years of Mediterranean Trade and the Port Cities in 2008.  A further public usage of the map was at an INOC, (Network of Islamic Oceanography), International Conference at the Dokuz Eylül University Institute of Matine Sciences and Technology in 2009. 

Thus, the global-historic enigma, which so far has been called merely "Göbekli Tepe", may be seen to have a  far more complex title and message. This burial of the geometrical, COSMOS-RELATED basis of civilization had been destined to teach; to be passed down to us from our Fore-Mothers. 
Prof Klaus Schmidt's Excavation must also be contemplated as  "The Ancient Gog Magog, Navel of the World, MUSEUM-TEMPLE-INSTRUMENT.  According to Scriptures this profound mathematical GtNWT statement  was, with the help of an "enJINN" buried.  This was in order to protect its excellence from barbarians. 

The notion,"Barbarians", might merit  re-interpretation as 'so as to demonstrate the horrors of the envisaged series of incessant Patriarchal blood -thirsty conflicts and Invasions', in comparison with a general pacific Matriarchal Civilization which has been documented by Gimbutas in Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe. The invaders deployed unpleasant ways of motivation, schism and control. We see their confrontational, divide and rule, methods at work today in Syria, Iraq and Iran. The Cultural Schisms which currently are all too common amongst the Peoples of Planet Earth, once again profoundly upset the divine balance of civilization's allegedly once natural Yin-Yang symbiosis.

A small, entrance, horseshoe-shape defines the lowest part of the NWT. It seems to be "enclosed" because of the modern temporary roofing which prevents the weather disrupting archaeological work.  The approximately 4 000  year old crude walling also obscures the original apen air connectivity with natural phenomena.
On Pillar #A2, (above), beautifully executed animals stand out in relief  (photo: Ayse Karadag). 
India has three basic types of cattle. One is shown at the top.  Beneath is a fox; and below again we see a georgeous pink and white flamingo.   It flies and migrates in an "indicator" manner, it wades in shallow, often alkaline, corrosive and toxic water, and it kneels in the way humans do.   This is likely to have such intended spiritual symbolism.

The purposes and successes of the linked Codex maps, instruments to the GtNWT Anchor, (all of which our RAWS-AMEN research has identified and decoded for the first time), now have an even higher significance.  This not only because of the fact that the maps have been shown to be fundamentally connected to the Navel of the World Temple, but also because of logical follow-up findings. There is major connectivity to the last Alternative Models of Earth Civilization.  It is modern India!   India is deeply spiritual.  Knowledge and the humble search for perfection through transformation are characteristic.


It appears that this Indus-Saraswati Valley pottery was traded as far away from India as the South American River Plate.

The ancient achievements, of which Mayan-(Tamil=)Indian-Turkish-Egyptian mathematics are part, are as high and even higher than the highest today.   The pre-modern world with its surviving, living social, regional and tribal customs and traditions were and is amazing.  Incredible customs, native to many parts of the planet we all know, especially India are not in the least bit simplistic and "primitive" in a pejorative sense. But the monotheistic, patriarchal, parochial and puritan opinion - shapers want us to believe so Non- PPP customs are as rich, as stable, as sophisticated and as diverse; in essence, in way of life, and in morality, as any that humanity has ever enjoyed.  These pictures below, perhaps show peoples not too different from those who lived near the active Göbeklitepe when many of the scientists working there had different awareness parameters.  "Different religions suit different people for the same End which is Ultimate Rest in Heaven"


T-Pillars A#1, 2. Imagine this special Welcome area, cleared, sterile, pristine, painted and staffed by purposive, skilled personel.  
 Iconography, Ethnicity, Inheritance, Sexuality  and Gender

Men and Women of Africa

 are, as is clear when we watch the BBC's "Tribal Wives" and "Tribe" programs), still living demonstrably as before  the "Big 3" Monotonous Bully Boy- Religions undermined them :( They look like their sisterhood, on a normal beach scene in many or most Western Holiday resorts. However these women were photographed at a moment when they were leading a normal home life.  Despite this, in Sudan and elsewhere, they may, it seems, be raped with impunity by outsiders, for not behaving in an approved way or on or whatever other pretext.

Within the local orbit of the functioning Göbeklitepe, as in Africa, Brazil, Indonesia and India today, a splendid local, traditional and secure way of life can be maintained alongside Alternative Models of Earth Normalcy.


                         In order to establish "Who built, developed and maintained the Göbekli-tepe Navel of the World Temple" an examination of the animal motifs was made and their symbolism checked out on the internet.  Our first focus was the snakes and wading-birds found on the T-pillars.  Then the  pigs and foxes.    From these a surprising pattern may be deduced.  Snakes mean women and change, pigs are strong, sensitive, versitile and clever, wading birds suggest amphibian life on land and water. Vultures mean excarnation after death.  But Foxes took longer to pin down except for Japan, and surely Japan was an entire continent away from Turkish GöbekliTepe.       
The next steps were surprising in terms of the Male-Female forms of gender conflict. 

This Japanese picture introduces a fascinating Twin Fox Guardians topic

Japan is connected to Göbeklitepe by these twin fox pillars.  They illustrate the fact that the world was once united by overland and maritime trade, by beliefs and by values in an advanced and unified general planetary culture.  Agglutinative language distribution proves it in a parallel way to the mathematics and the artifacts. This AMEN was not dis-similar to our present one. LINK 621

 Japan still has a religion dating back to RAWS-AMEN times.  It has close connectivity with that reported in Indian Temples and that snuffed out by European Patriarchs.  Japan is a fine and noble nation.  But Japan is not Puritan.  That annoys the West.  From those remotely ancient times it continues to worship and enjoy creation-related divine activities without shame. Foxes are a common Japanese motif .  Moreover they are strongly featured in the characteristic Furry erotic comic books and videos, accessible to all ages.

Foxes Dominate the first Ovoid (B).  All the GtNWT ovoids have twin T-Pillars. There are many Fox icons within the GtNWT, the Göbeklitepe Navel of the World Temple.  The foxes above are placed on the side of  twin T-Pillars B10 and B9 .  Below  is the prime Triangulating gnomon of the Remotely Ancient World Survey.  

This is a photo of the tallest pillar on the GtNWT site, and it has its own fox.  D-Ovoid twin pillars D18 and D31 are of great importance. They have the fascinating human form and decorative attributes which we explain in the geometry Post.    D18 also has the Hindu marker hoe to prove it is the MARKER-POINT-OF-ORIGIN OF THE ENTIRE AMEN SITE AND OF THE RAWS-AMEN GLOBAL CARTOGRAPHIC LAYOUT. 

"Pale Foxes" and hoes are part and parcel of the Dogon fortune telling traditions of Mali.  The Dogon still transmit many complex Ancient Egyptian Traditions, as reported by Robert Tempel in The Sirius Mystery.  More Fox lore and clicks are shown later.
This fox and hoe pillar, D18  is right at the heart of the GtNWT, DAI- TUBITAK site.

The Historical Schism!  The Lost Codex Palatinus. Who? what? why? where?

This morning I began to face up to the fact that Klaus Schmidt and his colleagues are following a sterile path.  And that they will not want to learn that fact.


Just as in Göbeklitepe Enclosure B and in the ancient

Temples of the Peruvian Desert,

this modern Japanese temple has a pair of Kitsuni

Foxes as Shrine Guardians.

This Sumerian image is very similar to a naked Japanese Benzaiten - Saraswati Icon
Japanese Benzaiten = Hindu Saraswati

This relief frieze from a Khajurahao, (India), Temple may only be seen as irreligious by Monothistic, Parochial, Patriarchal, Puritan Faiths. Yet clearly they mirror nature and the creative process at its closest to the Big Bang Evolutionary roots.  The Hindu-Buddhist influence is born of the luxuriant hot dampness of the Equatorial Rain Forests.  
Austere Puritanism seems to be more naturally suited to arid deserts.

Gender tendances open to a Japanese Lady were strongly supressed in the Medieval West.
Not so in modern Japan.
There have always been huge problems with the present study.  It is incredibly complex.
It is at once too big and too small; too general and too technical.
Is it of huge importance or a complete waste of time?
How should it be rationalized?
Please contact us and advise.
But first of all,
Please look at all of it. 
Where do we go next?
Painting by Alice Boner. 
Her work alerts us to the profound, universal aspects of the Vastu Shastra design system which she studied in her analysis of Cave Temples and practised in her own art, of which this is a sample.


Compare this Folkloric Shameran, (from near Göbekli Tepe), to Indra at the top of this page

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Göbekll Tepe and The New Mayan Baktun

These places are geometrically connected:
This sports figure, a Japanese Wrestler connects the ACE Ancient World.  It was found in MAYAN America and constructed by ACE Indian craftsmen using Vastu Shastra techniques.
  1.  Göbeklitepe Navel of the World Temple) at the Turkish-Syrian border,
  2. Mayan Isthmus  Mexico and Guatemala and linking what we now call "the Americas" 
    Linked by an ancient GIS cartographic data set (= Geographical Information System).  Yes, that is certain.  The superior ACE geometry, (ACE =Ancient Civilization of Earth) proves that.  Gobekli Tepe's triple Stonehenge" controls Earth's space. Mayan Pyramids  controls EARTH'S time. They have the methods, the traditions and the FIXED INSTRUMENTS.  So does Egypt.  The Common source of both relic civilizations is India.  Our total site presents much of the evidence of this.
This is one of Alice Boner's Indian paintings. She was Swiss  She lived for a long time in Banaras, one of the Planet's most holy and ancient cities.

The use of Mayan blue pigment plus style and technique connects this Mayan Palenque mural to Santorin, Thera, a maritime merchantman station in the Cretan Aegean-Mediterranean trade Empire.


Let's take a look round Göbekli Tepe Navel of the World Temple (2)

Entrance Pillar #A2 Göbeklitepe Navel of the World Temple:
3 young creatures: an Indian bovine supplying many services, a shape-shifter fox cub, and a glorious wading flamingo which can survive in a toxic alkaline lake 

These cartoon pics are derived fro a UK TV idea.  To make difficult space-time concepts more real for ordinary folk, the character Dr Who was created.  "Who" is "Kim" in Turkish and this has a Korean flavour.  So we invented a time traveller called Dr Kim.  Hindu Iconography is full of such devices to aid memory.

Here is a good guide for a time traveller



 Navel of the World Temple Observatory, 

then and now 


Let's  leave our river barge at the Upper Euphrates landing place at Ur fa.  It has been a long journey from the Dwarka Sea Port in the Saraswati Lands, where we have our manufacturing base.  But the route is well developed and secure.  We'll eat farmed river fish tonight for a change.  They're a good flavor because of special feeding  and ways of cooking them that you only find here.  Urfa is well known for its aquaculture and has many rich merchants and scientists passing through.  Tomorrow we must climb to the heights of the Tepe which overlooks this town.  We can just imagine  the flags flying on Gog Magog Summit. This magnificent  Navel of the World Temple Observatory is well known right across the Planet. It was a privilege to be invited to visit such an important place and we've spent lots of time chatting  about our journey's destination to some of our relatives who have been here before us.

The wealth and importance of the entire Saraswati Valley depends so much on our Empire's maritime trade.  My family has many members who've navigated the Indian coastal area.   I have an old Uncle who knows the Mediterranean well, and another who has has travelled as far as our Trade Crossroads on the far side of the world on the spectacular isthmus of Pataladesa.  In fact he spent much of his youth there and has travelled completely round the globe in an easterly direction.  I'll tell you more about that later.

The Observatory has only recently been rebuilt from our oldest scientific traditions.  We are all very proud of it, as we should be.
It reminds us of our long and glorious history, stretching back to times before the last Ice Sheet advance. We are all taught about earlier times in discussions arising from our Ancient Memories  Class.  Our system is very efficient; tried and tested over many generations.  The Egyptians have a back up system to ensure nothing is forgotten.  All our work is careful and cost effective.

The basic idea of the Navel of the World Temple, the GtNWT, is to remind us that geometrical order of our "amphibian planet", is fundamental to everything.  Our records are absolutely precise and reliable.  The pillar here is a good illustration of this. The Ram is an age old symbol of Spring Time when every place on earth has equal day and night and lots of power and energy to face a new year.  The net of snakes above the Ram combines the idea of renewal when frozen clusters of hibernating snakes unfreeze from a mutually supportive network.  Snakes  shed their skins and this is another sign of the basic need for constant renewal of our networks of mutual support. Also it reminds us that a ceaseless monitoring of the movement patterns of planets, stars and universes has given us immense benefit.   All measures, of time, length volume and weight are so basic for the trade upon which our civilization depends.  Measure and order is necessary for philosophical speculation too.

Here is a selection of the ancient maps and measure instruments for which Göbekli Tepe Observatory exists.  Top is a hand held calculation instrument.  It is obviously connected to the map (of Europe) at the bottom by the calculation dials.  These have a number of functions.  The calibrations permit the calculation of projection distortions and alignments and consequent calculation problems.  Kempal, a glyph based on a relief near Izmir, carries a Pole and Back-sight. This clearly summarizes Iversen's understanding, (above and below), of people-related, crude but practical and easily estimated, units of measure.  These include the cubit, span, pace, foot and finger.  Prof Livio Catullo Stecchini in Tompkins' Secrets of the Great Pyramid explains how such concepts can be accurately defined in terms of Earth's axial rotation at 38 degrees 28 minutes north. this is almost the same a Göbeklitepe.
The centre map shows the framed and interlocking 12 x 30 degree projection map-lets on which a High Tech World Atlas was based in RAWS-AMEN times.

We read the plea of Prof Klaus Schmidt at the end of his 2010 Report.  He wanted experts from every discipline under the sun to help him sort out his problems.  Western Orthodox archaeology in 2012 simply did not fit the bill :/( ...Oh well.

The German Archaeological Institute and Turkish  TUBITAK produced this fine site map of GtNWT.  Green is the problematic rough-stone walling up of the Shadow Laboratory Ovoids.  Red is the orientation and positioning of  shadow-generating T-Pillars. All this was filled in with debris.  The answer to that seems to be a less PPP (Patriarchal, Parochial, Puritanical) attitude to Gog-Magog*

Monday, December 24, 2012

RAWS-AMEN? What does it mean?





Like all maps, those of the  

Remotely Ancient World Survey

are built upon a secret, (Sacred), system of Geometry.  Geometry, as this paper shows, was used in a vital plan; a set of principles and method upon which the
was built
In contrast in our present world there is no "plan"; no "constitution". But this mayhem and conflict that now exists on Earth cannot and does not need to continue. The new  Mayan Baktun, celebrated widely last year (2012) indicates the time for revision has come.
  "A co-existence of opposites" seems to have always been an important principle of  Hinduism and thus of the ACE, the Ancient Civilization of Earth, of which the civilization of 7 billion folk beyond the Indus and elsewhere is the residue.   Therefore the Yin Yang motif below goes somewhere towards summing up the Alternative Model of Earth Normalcy and pointing us all in a new direction.
The Yin-Yang symbol spins as an indicator and a constitutional plan for  the Alternative Model of Earth Normalcy.   One embodying the principles of the "love and peaceful coexistence" that makes the world go round.
The RAWS opens the Way to re-establishing a model against which our ways of life on Earth can be measured; a life of Ecological Harmony and Balance.    There can be no really workable alternative to this.
Fig 2

This is the Puritan version of Yin Yang;
the mutual tolerance and respect and enjoyment of opposite forces.
Everywhere there is wet and dry, hot and cold
good and evil
black and white , male and female; such opposites are both necessary.
They are mutually creative supporting forces.
And there can and must be a negotiation of peaceful co-existence. "It is written".
Fig. 3..

This Korean version of Yin-Yang carries a slightly more complex secret=sacred message
about the hidden structure of the Universe.
This fundamental symbol says much about the Laws of Geometry which support Everything; the peoples and their civilizations and Every Thing That Is.
Many call this GOD!

Figure 4.a (above) Teleferik MMMI, the Massive Measure Monumental Instrument next to Izmir Gulf, Turkey.


 Teleferik is a RAWS--AMEN GIS Anchor. It is cut and built into a natural, down-faulted geological block. It is thus GPS emphasized to have great significance on our planet. This feature is about 8  km long.  

Teleferik's position can be accurately estimated  and absolutely verified.  Please look at our Figure 10.  We have colour enhanced the standard, remotely-ancient GPS disk-dial locator as preserved in the Codex. Teleferik, my local GPS Anchor, is close to where our red and blue rectangles on the locater meet. Teleferik and Izmir Gulf are not visible in this non-see-through version of the locator.  The calibrated scale on the revolving over-lap disk-dial cover the Anchor.  But Teleferik and the Gulf are near the number "5" at "quarter past three" on the inner part of the circumference disk- dial. Number 5 marks Aphrodisias, near Denizli, a remotely ancient geodetic site.  The Classical city of Aphrodisias is likely to have grown up upon this ancient GPS Phrygian field base.

Figure 4.b Teleferik MMMI from the East.

The modern world is extremely fortunate that the ancient GPS nets were preserved for us in the Codex.  RAWS-AMEN discovered the significance of Teleferik as a result of the mathematics of Ancient Measures and History of Science Prof Livio Catullo Stecchini. A very considerable GPS challenge now awaits our fellow researchers. 
How, why and when could such a magnificent set of hi-tech GPS quality maps and associated instruments have been made? Can we locate all the other Anchors? This is quantified data, yielding hard evidence.  The Codex has importance related to Giza's Pyramids and to climate and ocean level changes. It must be studied in the context of the entire, multi-valent Tamil-Sanskrit library.  Indian memorized, written and drawn records are very extensive.  This total data base must dwarf the lesser one that "the patriarchs" assembled, mostly from the Nile Valley, and then destroyed in the ego-trip Library of Alexandria. 
How could such knowledge have come into existence?
It is that that this Teleferik Massif has been modified by human beings on a massive scale.  It has, in fact been converted into a remotely ancient mathematical instrument!  This radical conclusion
It was created within the modified natural down-faulted landscape.  It is opposite the University Research Institute where I work. The Institute is staffed by many professors in many subjects connected to Marine Science and Technology.
Few of them really believe me and they have not asked me to convince them fully.
 Named "Teleferik" from one of its modern usages, this massif is obviously not a completely natural feature.  Its GIS position is clearly defined by the azimuths and chords of the 7 000 year old map below, which was copied 700 years ago in Avignon France.

Fig. 5 (above).
This is one of several composite map presentations which show the Half Planet - 180 degrees - RAWS-AMEN set-up
We have inserted it here to show the GIS - Landscape - Archaeological connections. These separately(and together, by their mathematical concordance), absolutely emplace  our conclusions in "reality". The GPS location on the ancient and modern surface of our "amphibian" planet can be further interpreted.  In the light of an analysis of the structure of the megaliths and their placement, together with their iconographic reliefs, connections with other places all over the planet can be established.  GtNWT, the Göbeklitepe Navel of the World Temple is mathematically situated in the vagina-shaped (vesica pices) geometrical overlap, right at the very heart of the RAWS-AMEN Codex Palatinus cartography. Teleferik's position within the central disk-dial of the inset map with the blue seas is explained in detail elsewhere on the blog. 

Figure 6 is taken from the DEI 2010 Report. It shows an areal view of GtNWT

We propose to graphically recreate this Göbeklitepe Complex. Using cutting and colour we hope to step back in time and back into some earlier forms of its chaotic present state.  The research of Jai Singh, Thom, Stecchini and Isler, together with many others show that the complex must was once have been an observatory and shadow measuring instrument; a triple Stonehenge and start-point for the RAWS-Amen-Codex, GPS Portolan Belt. The  mapping of a 360 degree, 30 degree wide, double-chain of overlapping maplets was associated with a Maritime Trade Network. GtNWT is now a Monument to the Sanatan Dharma world, which was overthrown by a patriarchal conquest, after having been weakened by Ocean level change.  The massive efforts that went into that original enterprise might even suggest there was a predictable periodicity about climate changes.  Certainly Hindu traditions are cognisant of vast periods of time.
Fig. 7.  A RAWS-AMEN field survey party with sighting poles, (after Tamil &Vedas).



RAWS-AMEN says,  "Let's examine them"....

All ways of life must co-exist: and no Way, it would seem, can be dispensed with, suppressed or ignored. 
In a reflection of this Principle, three criteria are discussed in this Blog,
1. the Codex Palatinus 1993 maps 
2. the measure instruments and
3. the living traditions of "Hinduism", the remains of "ACE", the Ancient Civilization of Earth, which carries us back to the Source of Everything.

 Fig 8
Most of our field research is based upon three GPS locators in this map.
At the centre is Göbeklitepe.  (GtNWT).
From here we can move left (West) to the red touching circumferences
on the blue horizontal line.  This is Aphrodisias.
Where that blue line touches the blue Mediterranean (Aegean) Sea is our local Teleferik Anchor on Izmir Gulf.

 Fig. 9.

This is the basic GPS structure of the RAWS-AMEN-ACE Research Programme.
Its existence is fundamental to all the maps we call Portolans.  We excised and colour-enhanced it
from the Vatican's Codex Palatinus Latinus 1993.  It enables any part of Planet Earth
to be precisely located.  We produced this one (above) to establish details of our local GPS Anchor.
The Starter Gnomon and node is Aphrodisias, number 5 in the big map below.

We have colour enhanced the standard, remotely-ancient GPS disk-dial locator as preserved in the Codex. Teleferik, my local GPS Anchor, is close to where our red and blue rectangles on the locater meet. Teleferik and Izmir Gulf are not visible in this non-see-through version of the locator.  The calibrated scale on the revolving over-lap disk-dial cover the Anchor.  But Teleferik and the Gulf are near the number "5" at "quarter past three" on the inner part of the circumference disk- dial. Number 5 marks Aphrodisias, near Denizli, a remotely ancient geodetic site.  The Classical city of Aphrodisias is likely to have grown up upon this ancient GPS Phrygian field base.

(Above) Figure 10 is "The Perfect Map" with Boner's RAWS-AMEN structure emphasized.

(Below) Figure 11 a & b, is Alice Boner alongside one of the Ellora semi-Statues

Many authorities, such as the Schwaller de Lubicz Team have commented on Egypt's ACE time-space-conscious, communal efforts to sacralise their Nile Valley region of the Ancient Civilization of Earth.

Fig. 10 (a, b, c).  Ms Alice Boner went to live in Varanasi, India in the mid 20th Century.  As an artist she was very impressed by the magnificent Ellora Temples precision cut into the living rock.  The geometrical structure shown below was discovered by Dr Boner to be fundamental to its magnificent artwork. The (Fig. 11 (c) example is by Barbara Bash.

Figure 11 (c) The essential ACE geometry without the chords

Wherever we turn in this RAWS-AMEN investigation the above geometric structure can be found.  It is the regular, fundamental geometry of the vAstu Shastra masonic structures and layouts. We find it in association with the key GIS places of the Codex maps themselves.  It illustrates the basic survey technique and the shape distortions produced by the map projections.  Please look at the above diagrams (10 and 11 (c)) and notice how the geometry comes out in the square shapes around the centre and in the semi-squares as we move outwards into rectangles at the margin.

Figure 12. This T-pillar, from the front view, is one of a pair in the centre of Ovoid Enclosure D.
Many people have seen that it symbolizes a person. With its twin we have a generally acknowledged "Male" and "Female".
There is some doubt as to "which is which", with suggestions based on size and symbology.
Between them is an empty space occupied by CREATION: at the Heart of Everything.

Examples of another very accurate Shadow Measure Lab in North India
were created by Jai Singh from Sanskrit texts.
 Fig. 14.
One letter from the Georgian Typographic Template
The Ancient Full Earth Civilization's lettering seems to have been based on very ancient traditions.
This Georgian model, or "The Formula" as they call it, turned up found it when we did typographic research. It was a convincing template for the peculiar lettering and symbology of the GtNWT.  The closely neighbouring Caucasian and Indian systems fit in with initial proximity to GtNWT along major land and water, river, sea and ocean trade highways. Georgians affirm that this  source in lies in Sumer. And history begins at Sumer", as has been said by Samuel Noah Kramer.  We have yet to explore this notion fully, but
the belt and buckle, the differently oriented H-shapes of pillars, the neck ornaments
and so on, look likely to have come out of a pattern book.  They are no way the casual products of Hottentots.

Fig. 15. This important Geometric Hieroglyph is a key indicator from the Ancient Egyptian = Nile Valley Region of ACE. Hieroglyphs "speak to the heart" as they teach.  This one is selected and explained in the marvellous text book "Sticks, Stones and Shadows" by Martin Isler, University of Oklahoma Press 2001,

Fig.  16. This is the anciently spoiled central ring of Hindu Vahara-Boar Enclosure C
at Göbeklitepe Navel of the World Temple.
This is one of three, astronomical, observation and calculation ovoids at the GtNWT Complex.

Fig 17 Stonehenge Ovoid in the UK.  Please use our data to find its Ancient GPS.  This diagram and related insights into the British Megalith Fields will give us further insights into the spatial distribution patterns of RAWS-AMEN phenomena.  For example the work of the Professors Thom.

Fig. 18. Here are the Central Kitsune Twin Pillars in Enclosure B. 'Kitsune' is Japanese for 'fox'.
They show the ACE-GtNWT connections to Pacific Japan and Peru.
There is a special Buddhist "Void of Creation Dynamic" between these T-Pillars.
This is space is sometimes filled by a Black Meteorite in Japan.  As at Mecca, or on Turkey's Giresun Island these Black Stones have a connection to Outer Space. Elsewhere in Japan a male or female presence is found. An Inari face was found in Peru's ancient Fox Temple..

Fig. 19.  There appears to be a strong connection between this example of
Hindu reverence to this Shiva Lingam and the T-Pillars/ Omphalli / Trigonometric
Points of other ACE monuments.

Fig. 20. These broken megaliths are the essence of Boar Enclosure C

Fig. 21. The Lingam  (see figures 12, 19, 20 and below), in its yoni plinth characterizes the three, ovoid, megalithic structures of Göbekli Tepe.  This quintessential Indian image, clearly, is connected with the Greek and Egyptian omphalos.  Lingam worship is characteristic of Shiva's Indian devotees.

Fig. 21. You can read, or rather intuit,  hieroglyphs "from the heart". 
  1. What it tells us needs about RAWS-AMEN is supported and expanded by Madam Ischa Schwaller de Lubicz in Her Back, Initiate, (Inner Traditions, International). It is further echoed in the work their brilliant daughter-illustrator, the late Ms Lucy Lamy and by the Schwaller Team's populariser,  JA West, in Serpent in the Sky, (Wildwood House).   More about ACE is to be found in the writings of Gurdjief and other valuable links from West's SS bibliography.   
  2. The Cartouche and the associated Hawk Eye Horus Cartographer, Snakes as geomorphic forces, Stabilizer Sphinxes
  3. Coat hanger Parallels and Sokar
  4. Scarab - Earth - Skull
  5. Lingam as Cylinder and Cone based projections (as in Codex)
  6. Homing / Carrier / Messenger Pigeons: S x T = D,    and bearings with Nut's Ruler.
This crucial selection of  an ACE (Egyptian Region), Synopsis of Survey and Cartography, was published in Peter Tompkins' wonderful Secrets of the Great Pyramid, Penguin Books. It was identified by and confirmed by LC Stecchini. It tells us so much about ACE RAWS-AMEN's  Global attitudes noted by many other researchers.


Figure 22 Codex Item 48  is a  hand-held "circumferenter", (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge),  for use with map orientation.


Introducing GtNWT as a Massive Measure Mathematical Instrument: You can, at a later phase, add another +M for Museum
The Göbeklitepe, Navel of the World Massive Measure Monumental Instrument.  This Complex was transformed into a Museum and is now also a Time Capsule!

Figs. 23 and Fig. 24  (Below)

The official DAI-TUBITAK overall map, Figure 22 introduces the Starting Location of the Codex Palatinus Latinus 1993 RAWS-AMEN maps.  Figure 23 shows the detail of "Enclosure D".   The Göbekli Tepe Navel of the World Temple Complex is a "triple Stonehenge " with an entrance horseshoe. Explanations are provided in didactive reliefs.
GtNWT functions as a GIS reference Point in the manner of Greenwich Observatory UK, likewise preserved as a museum, but once the necessary anchor of a world system.

Please examine the DAI Map and the Didactive Array, Figure 25 below: 
The central item in this 9-item array is comprised of masonic monoliths coloured here in red.  In green we have a crude walling-in which protected the Shadow Instrument Complex from Patriarchal Invasions and perhaps tsunami inundation.  More vulnerable than the Giza Pyramids that have substantially survived, these monoliths were, it would seem, enclosed to create a Museum and Time Capsule.   This is thought to have been in order to lead their successor world civilization back to their previous Ancient Civilization of Earth (ACE).
Top left This item features the death which leads to renewal.   The vultures, in a manner preserved in the religious traditions of Buddhist Tibet, which was once characteristic of Chatal Hüyük, Anatolia, consume the dismembered corpses.  These remains were perhaps transported in baskets. Gnadinger has suggested that the baskets refer to the transportation of the debris needed to inhume, preserve and transform the significance of the very GtNWT MMMI Hüyük. Such tipped focal mounds are necessary GPS  embellishments.  They are found on the Karaburun Peninsula, Izmir Gulf and atop other surrounding summits.  large and smaller examples are (some were recently removed) to be found in Anatolia along the Izmir-Ankara Highway.  Of these the Bin Tepe Monument at Sardis, (Salihli), are well known.  Note too Silbury Hill, near Avebury, UK, (Michael Dames). 

The flayed skin ("wt") reflects the Egyptian hieroglyph bottom centre which de Lubicz says means "to enclose-space", a concept reflecting the exact function of GtNWT.  This "temple Complex"  monitors shadows; and transforms cosmic movements into Earth-relevant, ergonomic measures of time, length, volume and weight. (See Stecchini and Tompkins in (Secrets of the Great Pyramid) There is more re-cycling with the neighbouring hyena and vultures megalith.  Death is again indicated with the scorpion motifs. Pillar 30, top right has the multi valent vagina, snake (or eel) motif.  Eels suggest amphibian life and the skin-shedding aspect of snakes suggests renewal. It has been correctly suggested that there is constellation and "vault of heaven" segmental association here.  Hence the cut-off photo essay of a researcher shown in the blue vestige, top left.

Figure 23 This excellent DAI-TUBITAK map introduces the Göbekli Tepe Complex. 

One characteristic of our studies has been the recognition of the ACE pre-occupation with geometry.  In the array below we  examine two geometric models which characterize and determine the RAWS-AMEN ACE. Top right the pillar is decorated with one of the enigmatic 90-degree-turned H-shapes which connect to the Georgian Asomtavruli - Majuscule*.
Middle row left (36)  are three characteristic animal icons, the shape-shifter (Kitsune) fox with Japanese links, the pig with omnivorous, Varaha-boar-Avatar, Indian links and the wading birds, which may allude to water-level change. Sharp beaks mean precision searches, flamingos uses their bills as sideways-filter-selectivity, feeder-tools. 
Middle right the total GtNWT layout shows ovoid D in green, the pig ovoid with its Torii birth - passage Gates and fascinating pig and non-pig iconography (DAI Map C12, C27).  Mauve is fox enclosure B, which is the clue to Saraswati/ Inari / Benzaiten Japanese-Peruvian  fertility links.  It also has what may be an early stage carrion eating monitor lizard above a vagina, (counterpart to an omphalos), which is reminds us of 04 BPE Herodotus.  In his History he comments on Egyptian activities in Anatolia. These, we believe, refer to the RAWS. Orange is the entrance horse-shoe with #A1 depicting a year/era-start Ram.  Also there are nets, possibly of bottle gourds as on the Delphi omphalos.  There are opposing snakes too.  Pillar #A2 has a "Hathor"/ Indian bovine above a fox and a flamingo.

 Didactive Array of Enclosure D Figure 25

Figure 25 (above)

The bottom row of the composite we display our upgrade of the fascinating Pillar D33 in the 'semi-circular southern necklace' of T-pillars. This has complex cascading networks of descending snakes and H-symbols.
Of all the pillars in Ovoid D, the tall and dominant central pair is clearly the most interesting.  Bottom centre, at the half excavated stage, is D18 a T-pillar photograph, which shows a (Kitsune) fox in the crook of an anthropomorphic pillar's arm. Finally we have two views of great complexity and fascination.
These are interpretable using the Georgian Majuscule template
The original and prime shadow measure and anchor function of the Göbeklitepe Navel of the World Temple (GtNWT), is touched on in Stecchini's memorial site, in his contributions to Peter Tompkins' Secrets of the Great Pyramid and in Isler's Sticks Stone and Shadows. Such megalithic ovoids are common along the Atlantic Fringes of Europe.

However a secondary level of meaning lies in the masonic decoration of these stones.  This is done in accordance with the on-going tradition of the Masonic vAstu Shastra system of Tamil Nadu. Many commentators have seen the connections with death in these multi-levelled reliefs.  Let us pause to examine them again as laid out above in our GtNWT, Ovoid D composite.

Reliefs on the Pillars and Georgian Claims to alphabets with Secret Sumerian Meanings

Figure 26  Pillar D18 Belt Glyphs and Typos

Fig. 27. The Georgian Lettering Layout

Here is the Georgian Asomtavruli-Majuscule.  The Georgian experts are convinced that what is shown above is "The Sumerian Formula"; the structural template from which all lettering and symbols, world-wide are generated. The Georgian experts are inordinately proud of this possession.  They claim it contains a secret information system derived from Sumer.  Some Egyptologists contend the same claims were made about the Nile Valley system.  ACE is by definition a unity in diversity.

Figure 28 The glyphs on T-Pillars D-18 and D-31

Figure 29 Tiruttani_muli  Hindu Goddesses
Muslim and Christian iconoclasts hold that there is inherent danger in icons "made in the likeness of anything which is in the heavens above or in the earth beneath or in the waters under the Earth" and that God insists "you must not adore or serve them".  Iconoclasts might benefit from non-Puritan insights.  Please read the relevant section of Wikipedia.  Below we have two focuses of Information and Instruction.  They both need interpretation.  But the picture is able to reach across ages and cultures.  The first needs education in a particular confined language. 
Geometry and music are something else.

Figure 29
Do we have our prescriptions for proper behaviour "out of the blue"
or by wisdom gained over time?
"In the beginning was the Word.  And the Word was God.
The same was in the beginning with God..."
Figure 30  This is the product of geometric harmony
Saraswati in repose, contemplating knowledge

There are three aspects to this research which attempts to re-set Western Science in a correct temporal frame in accordance with The Dharma. These images are helpful to some. They derive from:

  1. a Remotely Ancient World Survey and its geometry, maps and instruments.This fascinating parchment is central to our thesis. Prof Salomon classified it as item #1 in his analysis of about 50 parchments belonging to one of the world's richest men.  The Collection is now called the Codex Palatinus Latinus 1993.  At the time, the 1930s, Warburg was in the process of publishing it as the Starter Item of Salomon's masterful analysis of the Portolans belonging to the Warburg Institute
  2. The title of the book, published in the first Volume of the Warburg Journal, (1935) and written in German and Latin was The Life and times of) Opicinus de Canistris
  3. This piece  shown below was taken by Salomon at its face value as a phenomenon which first appeared at the cusp  of Medieval to Renaissance times.  It was brilliantly defined in those terms. Metropolitan Museum, New York published three items in the Autumn of 2010.  One was  called an "Imaginative World Map".  It was Salomon's Item 30:
  4. Salomon's Item 30 fig 31

  5. Prof D P Agrawal in his Navigation, Maths and Astronomy: The Pagan Knowledge shows why this cannot be a product of Europe in the 1330s.  He outlines the suppressed facts about the poverty of Western Patriarchal Science in the 1330s. Basically the Magnificent Italian Courts new nothing.  But they needed to pretend they did.
  6. This was the RENAISSANCE. (It was the re-birth of knowledge; from where?)

  7. This majestic geometric overview appears to be the key index to the Warburg CODEX PALATINUS LATIUS 1993 Portolans.

  8. It diagrammatises, as on a folio cover, this hugely significant statement of the scientific achievements of ACE, an Ancient, full planet, Civilization of Earth. 


 Figure 32 Above is the full planet layout of the double chain of overlapping 30 degree maplets as made into a homely Medieval Farmer's year diagram by Opicinus de Canistris.  The original nets are shown in detail from the Codex Palatinus 1993 

Upon the Codex Palatinus 1993 Collection  and its grounding at Göbekli Tepe Navel of the World Temple, S.Urfa, Turkey, rests our hope that it may provide a basis for a renewed Golden Age of our benighted planet.

Figure 33 Salomon's classification: his Item 21 gives us this complex structure which it took us a long time to understand.  It actually is very simple. 
There are three Bindu points from EACH OF WHICH sets of  16 azimuths are generated. 
The nodes at the end of the equal length radials are joined. From this two circumferences are generated, left and right.  A third is generated from the middle Bindu Point which is where the two other circles tangentially touch. 
The nodes are also joined to create the chords seen in the mauve square and circle.

Figure 34. The essential ACE geometry without the chords



The three Codex items shown above explain the circular and linear RAWS-AMEN formats

RAWS-AMEN  is the name we have given to a revolutionary piece of research, which has taken a third of my lifetime to complete. The term "RAWS" is short for a "Remotely Ancient World Survey".  The Survey produced a set of 44 maps, geometrical statements and instruments, now known as the Codex Palatinus Latinus 1993.  My computer graphics colleague, Nasli, and I uncovered this anachronous, Geographical Positioning System after a careful analysis of 44 facsimile medieval parchments. 
The collection had been published in 1935 by the Warburg Institute as 2 volumes.  In brief it is called The life and times of Opi The Monk; (Opicinus de Canistris).  These strange parchments were first explained by the medieval and oriental academician, Professor Richard Salomon.  But we think he got only a small part of the story. He proved it was copied 700 years ago in the South of France by the Pope's top copyist, Father Opi. 
We used a computer for nearly a decade to separate graffiti, which Salomon had placed in the 1330s.  We cleaned it up. It was hard and slow work and what we found should not have been there!  We targeted and clarified as coastlines, zodiacs and geometry, but such very mathematical  and complex medieval Codex data did not fit into the time slot of Papal Avignon and of Pavia 700 years ago.  The maps were too good.  Moreover, as our work revealed, there were instruments also.  The maps were classified as "Portolans".  Nobody knew their origin.  One man in the 1960s, the History of Science Professor Charles Hapgood, caused a sensation when he published his Portolan study, Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings.  It did not fit into the beliefs of the time.  Hapgood had started with the Piri Reis map and other Portolans provided by American libraries. His final conclusion, like our own was that there had been a full World Cartographic Survey, at some time in the distant past. 
Eventually we were able to go far beyond Hapgood's pioneering work. The huge, early and integrated collection of complex medieval graphics Codex at our disposal was different.  It was the copy-work of one man, in one workshop over one decade.  This man, Fr. Opicinus de Canistris, was a talented professional working in the best European scriptorium. He confesses that he was no cartographer but that he was recognized as being a very good copyist. As we proceeded we realized that our material was of huge consequence. However almost nobody was deeply interested early on, except a tomb robber. I met him by accident in a print workshop; and an Irish Professor who visited the design studio where Nasli worked back in 2008.  He offered her 50 000 Euros for our work there and then, "no questions asked".  "Portolans with coordinates, hmm" he had exclaimed. I was encouraged by a small number of professors in Izmir Sept 9th University. Thanks to Associate Professor Gökdeniz Neser, I was able to present some of our work to international conferences and symposia in Izmir.  However no sponsors were ever forthcoming. As our work proceeded we began to use the term AMEN.  This is the acronym for "Alternative Models of Earth Normalcy".  It was clear that we were dealing with a fundamental set of quantifiable data outside any orthodox Western history of scientific measure..


My PhD candidature professor, way back in 1985, had long been interested in a complex and obscure set of data belonging to the Warburg Institute of London University.  I love painting and poetry and I was interested in religious iconography and symbolism. That professor, "my Prof", Dr Peter Mackenzie got a Warburg Reader's Card for me.  At that time I was in mid career and completing Master's Research in the Role of the Professional Tutor in Secondary Education.  At weekends I was also attending Post Grad. seminars in the History of Religion.

This is one of the T-Pillars, #D33, from Göbeklitepe Navel of  the World Temple.  It's rather fascinating, don't you think?  And this is only one side of this complex example of the work of well trained and well directed stone masons

 The map beneath is nice and clear, thanks to the collaborative work of a geographer and a developer -graphics designer - analyst.   Those who "had a go" at the map before us got rid of "all those confusing lines and circles", as someone said to me.  If you want to compare 2 similar items dealing with the Mediterranean , please look further down the scroll and find "the Perfect Map".  And if you want insights into what the strange circles mean, you'll find our answers elsewhere in the blog. Then check-out the zodiacs and the networks of lines. We provide data and insights but we need your help and interest too. Please locate the extreme right for two things: First the neck of the animal who provided the skin for parchment; secondly the diameter, the west-east line touches the circle at Göbeklitepe. The colour is ours and the odd shape of Eire (Ireland) is there because of the mathematical projection.

 It is very close to the centre of what Excavating Archaeologist Professor Klaus Schmidt calls "The Neolithic Zoo.  It is actually at the heart of triangulating the precise Anchor of the Portolan Charts.

The research had developed in this way.
As a young Geography-Geology student at the University of Wales,
UK, I learned the following idea when discussing with friends. It stuck.

Different Religions suit different people for the same End, which is Ultimate Rest in Heaven. Thus tolerate those who find *HIM* by ways contrary to your own.

Later I began to ask:

"Why say Him and not HER or Them or Void or God?" What might they say on other planets?
These images are from Iraq. Nobody is certain what they mean
In many human societies today there are currently drawbacks for being female, like being put at the bottom of the pile for career advancement.  This essay sets out to explore how we can apply our Remotely Ancient World Survey  findings to this matter.

You may ask me, "Why are you mixing Mathematics, post Ice Age Flood history and Religion?"  Well, it is because it has fallen to me to interpret RAWS-AMEN.  I am me, and this is how I think and work. And just now I've been watching some horrendous  violence on TV, and I ask myself: "Is that the only way our planet can behave? And I really believe there is another way shown by the 30 years I've spent learning from the Codex Palatinus 1993.
Superimposed, Prof Salomon's Sheets # 35 (black) and 36 (pink) functioned as the Rosetta Stone for the Portolan Maps; This was the Perfect Map for our purposes.

Okay. We worked out this full World Map out from the unclear and unsorted data of the Codex.   The 40 - 50 parchments presented us with a massive challenge and a wonderful opportunity to change how the peoples of our planet see themselves and each other. (Exactly how many maps there are, and how many illustrations of instruments, and how much pure theory and so on, depends on your classification).

The coloured map above goes right round the world.  The one below is just Mediterranean Europe.
It fits into circles Ka and Kb, La and Lb.   But we have analysed the Codex data and have the evidence to fill in the rest of the Earth's main Maritime route-ways.  Check us out on the other blog entries.