Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Out of Africa Tribe in Sundaland-Cultural

The Australian Aboriginal traditional way of life is much the same as it was for those first tribes Out Of Afriica at 75-80 thousand years ago. They traditionally had spears, spear-throwers, shields, dugout canoes and rafts. they decorated themselves with body paint and scars. They pracriced circimcision and finger and tooth sacrifices. And they used red ochre and made rock art  including dots, lines and wiggles, and on up to representations of common animals and people.

Some of their toolkit was quite advanced. They had partially ground stone tools before such tools were recognised anywhere else, and saw-edged spearheads like harpoon points of Europe. These came out of Africa starting at 100000 BC and when the ancestors of the Aboriginals got into Australia, they were already at a level of development as the first modern people were when they went into Europe approximately 35-40000 BC. In other words, traditional Archaeologists like to think of the first Europeans as an immense step up and think of that pointin time as being a revolution in human thought and mind. The experts are missing the point. The ancestors of the Australians were already at that level when they went into Australia, but probably around twice as long ago.

The various forms of throwing sticks and clubs were oif African design and have African counterparts that are still known in later ages

And the same basic ideas about making drilled-tooth and shell jewelry came into Australia as were thought to be characteristic of CroMagnons in Europe 30 to 40 thousand years later on. 

I am not insisting that they came into Australia already knowing how to do all of their rock art, but it would seem they were already decorating things with dots and lines, that part probably came along with them. and since some of the edge-ground stone tools seem to have been agricultural implements, it seems that the ancestors came in with at least a basic understanding of Tropical Agriculture (Vegeculture) which they either lost or gave up over the long stretches of more recent time.

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