Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vikings in South America?

Vikings in South America?

Runes on the 'coiffure' of a statue from San Augustin, Columbia
Runes found on a Nazca urn, Peru
'Normalization' of Runes found on Nazca urn
(A)Runes on the 'coiffure' of a statue from San Augustin, Columbia. (B) Runes found on a Nazca urn, Peru, followed by their 'normalization'.
The American archeological establishment admits that the Vikings made it as far as Greenland and probably had a settlement in northeastern Canada at L'Anse aux Meadows; but the Kensington Stone, the Newport Tower, Oklahoma runes, etc., and other evidence of further penetration into the New World are viewed with approbation, even contempt. Nevertheless, the latest number of the Belgian journal Kadath is devoted entirely to Viking (hyperboreene) contacts in South America! Now that's a far piece from Greenland.
This long article (40 pages) is replete with photographs, interpretations, and translations of runic inscriptions found in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. It is impossible to do justice to this mass of inscriptions here, but we will reproduce one of the figures below. (de Mahieu, Jacques; "Corpus des Inscriptions Runiques d'Amerique du Sud," Kadath, no. 68, p. 11, 1988.) Comment. To American anomalists, the frustrating part of this whole business is the need to go to foreign-language journals to escape the prison of archeological orthodoxy. South American runes are rarely mentioned in American archeological journals, and we doubt that the treasure house of material just presented in Kadath will make much of an impression on this side of the Atlantic. Why risk one's career for a few scratches on South American rocks?
From Science Frontiers #62, MAR-APR 1989. © 1989-2000 William R. Corliss

--The inscription shown on the hat in the photograph does also resemble that found in certain items of The Crespi Collection, Ecuador. Without saying whether those items are actually valid or not we can still apply the explanation advanced by Barry Fell: at the close of the Bronze age several scripts were in use including several sorts of runic and variant-Alphabetic scripts found in graffitti in rock art from the arctic regions to the Sahara. There was trade all over this area and unexpected relationships resulted. One end result is that runic scripts similar to the symbols illustrated were used in Spain, and Barry Fell follows the line of evidence which says pioneers of the Scandinavian Bronze Age were using a script which is more recently associated with the Saharan region, and that they made inscriptions in this scrpt in the Great Lakes region in this script, presumably while on the way to mine for copper. (Bronze Age America) I think the "Nordic" runic inscriptions in this case actually came from Tartessos or by way of Tartessos. We do have examples of what look like Scandinavian rune inscriptions in some of the CroMagnon caves with famous animal art so we know that some kind of runic scripts were very old there indeed. So it is possible that these supposedly "Nordic" connections from Colombia, Tiawanaku (Bolivia) Brazil and points South are because of expeditions by polyglot-literate Tartessians. The book God Kings and the Titans does seem to indicate there are a lot of inscriptions in South America that seem to be written in mixtures of several different scripts. Ad the experts say that there never was any form of writing used by the ancient civilisations of the Andes (Because they did not find any inscriptions that they could actually READ)-DD.

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