Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings Part 2

Here is another more complete Turkish world map from the later 1500s and said to incorporate the work of Admiral Piri re'is. Unfortunately the online translator is not especially helpful in explaining the chart in question. It IS one that seems to show an early depiction of Antarctica .

XV of the works written in Ottoman geography. artmasiyle well spread out and gradually from the middle of the century XVI conquest. this is quite important and excellent works in the coming century, the body rapidly XVII. went up to the last half-century. Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Ptolemy's geography emreylemiştir the composition of boards in a manner agreed upon by examining the original. most ancient Turkish geography book Yazicizade 857 by Sir H. Ahmed Bican 1453 M. it has been translated into the body by the Gallipoli. Ahmed Bican Efendi has translated the work of Kazvinî'nin Acaibü'l-Creature is. However XVI. mid-century the famous Piri Reis, Kitab-ı Bahriye and Seydi Ali Reis wrote Entourage, a large and valuable works. Navy and cartography geography book as a genuine progress indicator, and it is also an important date in Europe, experts say that the most perfect of the maps. Again, this is a map of the two other big map of the United States are denizcimizin. Navy XVI's book maps. st century, and the beaches of the Mediterranean port cities and towns as the show is also very valuable. Important of the many works that were created by Entourage Seydi Ali Reis, Piri Reis is the captain of the Suez Galatalı Seydi Ali Reis (died 970 H. 1562 AD) as a result of Oman and the Indian Seas voyages sides of the head and other parts of the rules that kozmografya and the Red Sea with mention of Aden and the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea ahvalinden brought into this excellent work. The ambit of crops, rather than an independent opinion formed earlier written using the Arabic works and is arranged on 10 bab. These two important scientific work in a way they did with the Turks map shows sea voyages. Ottoman astronomy (ilm-i-delegation) as a science based on the arrival of the Ottomans Kuşçu Ali begins to be taught that this trend are astronomers who did not come off of the same strength as those who came after continued. However XVI. Mustafa bin Ali Sultan Selim timekeepers century, with specialization in astronomy Seydi Ali Reis şahsiyyet grown as a couple. Muwaqqit them Mustafa Çelebi, H. 931 1524 M. In the Âlamü'l-cibdd fî Ahbari'l-bildd is copyrighted work has been presented to Sultan Süleyman. Mustafa Çelebi Muvakkit vardır.SŞeydi further than the legislation of the work of the 11's 5 parts Astronomy Ali Reis again and penned over 120 bab Mir'at-I work in the universe that's important. There are also other works in science again, this was Ali Reis. Matrakçı Nasuh he finds fame Nasuhü's-weapon of the host range and locations of Istanbul, Iran and Iraq, and on the way up to the mountains and the cities of Anatolia which is a kind of topographical atlas' , this XVI. original works of the century quote ..

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