Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Friday, April 26, 2013

Atlantis Information from Turkish-Language Internet Sites

Atlantis Plato's Timaeus and Critias the legendary sunken continent and civilization.

Translation from Turkish by Google

[Since we are talking about the Turkish Piri Re'is map it is interesting to peruse some of the Turkish-language sites concerning the Antediluvian world, the former Atlantis and Mu]

A reconstruction for Atlantis. On the walls are mounted showy plates of metals, bronze and copper, and bridges go over the water zones. The background also must be filled with many more of the square agricultural paddies that support the Empire richly with fruits of the Earth as provided from the combined labour of countless workers.

 According to Plato, Atlantis located "beyond the Pillars of Hercules,"  conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon (about 9500 BC) trying to conquer Athens, but it could not be accomplished overnight uygarlıktırr sinking into the ocean. Plato's dialogues, Atlantis embedded in a story, often a myth created by Plato in his political theory is to explain. Although there are a lot of prominent academics, aim for the Atlantis story, the story of Plato is a moot point how much of the old stories are compiled. Some scholars of Plato's story, some of the items that constitute Thera volcano eruption or the Trojan War, defending some of the BC 373'te actual destruction or BC Helike'nin Between 415-413 inspired by actual events, such as Athens, failed to defend the invasion of Sicily. BC Conversation with a philosophy of Socrates in 421 Athenian statesman Kristias house, grandparents Dropides'in legend narrated to him the story. Grandfather, the famous Greek poet conveys the story Solon'dur Dropides'e. Period in which the source is located in Solon met in Egypt by an Egyptian monk, and Friar Atlantis to the events of BC Was realized in 9000. According to Plutarch, the priest who taught Solon'a name of the city of Sais was Sonchis. According to Clemens of Alexandria, an Egyptian priest who taught at the same time the name of Pythagoras. Plato and Kritias, as well as Solon'la were unrelated. In addition, he also visited Egypt and stayed a few years and had been initiated. For him, the issue before writing some Atlantologlar his Atlantis, collected information about this idea. Plato (magenta), according to this continent was ruled by a very rich and noble people. Buried in the waters of the ocean as a result of a disaster. Qur'an "Name tribe," he goes, Ad-land, which means Land of the Name. Some researchers Hebrew, indicating that the first man, and the man from the word "Adam", the Sanskrit word for "first start meaning" which is the name given to the human species, and the first to speak Aryenler'in "Ad-i", the Phrygians "Attis" Caucasian "Adige", Polinezyada'daki "atea", Troy's story "Ate", the Aztec mitolosindeki "Atzlan" (small island) and the Turkish language "name", "beach", "horse" (which means father in many languages ) with the words "Name" of the people of the etymology of the name is thought to be a link. James Churchward stated that a colony of Atlantis, the legendary Mu civilization. Found in Tibet as an officer in the British Army officer, then travels throughout the world, and has carried out research. James Churchward in 1883, in a monastery in western Tibet to face the day increased the most important of these documents. Churchward in Tibet, as an employee, according to research on the origins of the old religions, wandering around the monasteries in Tibet, and this is the way the monastery has fallen to a monastery in [?]eastern Tibet, Great Fraternity of Priests of the head priest of the leading members of the Rishi showed Churchward the Naacal tablets, said to be written 15 thousand was  years ago .

 Ramses III. Ramses printed texts and the islands of the Atlanteans the world's largest piece of land on the end of the water department, told the ninth generation to come. 9 The generation of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, 52 geographical segment is used to 57 Bölgedir.Ünlü between the northern latitudes is quite an amazing way of Egyptian art historian Renan There is insistence that the period of youth he was expressing skepticism about the Egyptian civilization: Egypt, as if it never existed in this country in the period of youth, at the outset, mature, old and mythological and heroic seems to be completely devoid of dawn. The infancy of the art of the ancient Egyptian civilization, and there is no period. Egyptian civilization at that time more mature. Herodotus, the 'Euterpe' in his book on the history of the priesthood of Egypt went up to 12 thousand years sets its time. So Atlantis sunset kadar.5400 years ago, Egypt flask (Aswan), the city was built in exactly the flask walls were encountered in the bottom of the Tropic of Cancer, the sun Solstice full time, lunch time, the walls of the sun into a complete disc was seen reflected out. Nowadays, the whole of Europe were to join together scientists may not like this one Keneally says the historian, the book of God in his work. American researcher Robert Sarmast Critias Plato's famous dialogues and expressed Timaeus'da physical marking based on the work of about 50 arc Cyprus and the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean Levantine basin slid described. Location in relation to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has prepared maps and databases of this information is not sufficient advantage of seeing the world-renowned geophysicist Dr Sarmast. John K. Hall went on to cooperate with. Dr. Hall, Sarmast'a ship in the 1980s, the Russian oil conveyed by the digital data collected from the eastern Mediterranean seafloor. NOAA and dr. Combining data from the three-dimensional region from Hall Sarmast and bathymetric (depth measurement unit) released maps. Atlantis by Sarmast'a Cyprus, Syria was the sinking of the continent's highest point of the present Cyprus.
Google Earth Image. The Seamounts indicated are suspected to have been above sea level recently and have been investigated by Jacques Costeau for this reason, and there are those that discern the works of man in carved stones upon these former islands. This could be the Southern part of the former Island of Atlantis.

The Discovery Of Atlantis Atlantis known work is that it strengthens the findings and the reasons for the region said. many volcanic movements, often in the Atlantic Ocean takes place. In 1957, a new island with mountains lights appeared near the Azores. Gigantic Earthquakes killed 250,000 people in 526 in Antioch, in 1042 in Tabriz, Iran 40,000 people, 830,000 people in China, 1556, 1908, Messina, Sicily 200000 people, 200,000 people in the vicinity of Tokyo in 1923 and in 1976, 700,000 people lost their lives in severe earthquakes in China . As for the Huang Ho river floods in China in 1887 led to the deaths of at least two millions. 4 million people in 1931, led to the death of the same river overflow. Glacial giver. F. According to GW Sjostrom [Earth movements] and the water level is lower in the last ice age is sufficient reason [to allow] for the existence of Atlantis. According to the researcher's thesis is based on an extensive study of these two periodic ice ages in the long history of the world has created a chain of volcanic eruptions. According to some geological traces of ice covered all the continents, the water levels rose to go. According to the argument put forward by the winner and one is still up to date, with the sinking of Atlantis was blocked by the high mountains of her before reaching the warm Gulf Stream northern Europe led to melting of the ice. Still in spite of our ongoing moderate latitude where it keeps the temperature of the hot in Europe. However, much colder climates cities in Russia are located at the same latitude. northern Siberia under the ice there are tens of thousands of frozen mammoth bodies. This is the end of the last century ivory mamutlardan removing at least 20,000 placed on the market in very good condition recorded. It is clear that mammoths were a mass disaster victims. Mammoths died in a sudden freezing and some of the herbs that dinner was found still in their mouths. Carbon-14 tests indicate they died about 12,000 years ago. Professor Frank C. Hibben says from the end of the last ice age in North America 40 million animals are killed in this circuit. Niagara waterfalls are calculated to begin formation in America 12,500 years ago. [Eruptions and uplifts in the ]Cordilleras mountains came in about 10,000 years ago [in both North and South America]. According to Carbon-14 tests, which are currently under the sea, a large region of Bermuda at around 11,000 years ago had the cedar forests. In the same way close to the North Sea to England, Ireland and Greenland boylamış forests near the bottom of the sea is the bottom of the sea thousands of years ago. Most of these events agrees with the history of Atlantis at its sinking.

Sacred Books of Atlantis, 1947; Qumran near the Dead Sea in the cavern roll inscriptions, the
earliest examples of literature in the Hebrew Bible forms. According to an inscription found Noah had a different physics. So much so that his own father was the son of Lamech, and despite the urging of his wife did not believe Bartenoş'un oath. Noah "Caregivers of the Holy Ones, or giants" but the descendants of the angels did not learn anything "grandfather Enoch ( Idris ) believed that after a consultation. the Bible ( Old Testament and New Testament / Bible ) the book of Enoch from place to place is mentioned. centuries, and stored in two different copies of this book are extracted from corpus of sacred texts, one of the Slavonic languages ​​bulunarak recently a Russian monastery has been preserved. Name Enok'un (Idris) Book of Secrets. Enok'un this book heaven by God after removing the sky 360 saw and later wrote a book, and describes the floors of hell. Enok'un second and much longer in the Book of books. Nephilim giants and they were here before the flood, and they are not sufficient to collapse during the reign of consuming food people eat their man writes. This book references to this kind of religious circles, disturbed (San Augustine, City of God), and this book is the removal of the Old Testament corpus, an Abyssinian in 1772 by James Bruce until there is a monastery for centuries, had reason to statue is missing.
Akashic readings attempt to provide scientific evidence with any degree of accuracy Atlantis, Atlantis detailed descriptions of the famous names who have so far about Atlantis, based on the information given about the readings of Edgar Cayce, and Rudolf Steiner's akashic. Dzyan Another source in the books of the ancient Book of the East. Cayce and Steiner statements made ​​independently of human By showing condensation and solidification of the type of state that have evolved and Atlantis talk about at length in the two groups fought dissenting. Cayce Sons of the Law of God is one of the two groups, and the other Belial (Satan, the devil, Þerr) calls the sons. Battles Belial holds nuclear power Sons were concluded in favor of the first group are advanced in the spiritual realm, however, revealed that the continent will sink them, they have preferred to migrate to the continent with those who are connected.

A much longer and more detailed Turkish site on Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria (the latter two being counted as separate) and Antediluvian giants is at:

At sometime I shall lkike to reproduce portions of it but as can be seen from the quality of the translation given above, this shall take some work. However it does include  this very interesting map as well as substantially the same information as given on other Internet sites, together with the Islamic reading of the material.The natives of Lemuria are for example spoken of as Jinn. This reading of the material does not interfere with the interpretation of Atlantis being an Antediluvian island much as envisioned by Donnelly, plus the interesting information that the pre-Flood Eastern Asia was what had been known as Mu: and the heartland of Mu turns out to have been Sundaland. Please refer to the map below. And if Lemuria was a large sea area with small parts land, and inhabited bt Demons and Jinn, then that part need not concern us in this study.

The Map indicates an "Out of Africa" movement by way of Arabia (Mecca): this, too, is allowable.

The Giants were also said to be the product of the sinful Antediluvians, in the same way the Bible gives us to understand their origin, with the Nephilim being the result of mortal women mating with the fallen Angels or "Sons of God". This may be read allegorically but the main thing at this point is to draw attention to the physically verifiable facts given in these accounts. This is one of the giant skulls from Lubbock cave, according to the Turkish site following the last link and going along with the map..

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