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Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Kama Sutra" Pieces

Back in January I got a message from Gem Wilson which I am reproducing here. I have had hos and followup outpatient visits since then owing to injuries to my lower legs, and so I could not run the piece until now. But it is interesting and warrants further attention:

hi i got your email address from frontiers of anthropology. i have eleven kama sutra pieces that look exactly like the ones in your blog. your blog is the only information i can find on these pieces. i have been trying to find out their values and possibly who would buy them. if you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated
sincerely, gem  
Ceramics like these are widely known in Anthropological circles and frequently sold to curiosity-seekers in Mexico. They are thought to be of some relation to the Tlatilco images and of approximately the same age as the Olmec culture. Theyong resemblance to some early Indian ceramics, particularly those associated with the Indus Valley civilisation. Opinion has been advanced before that these were made primarily by women at first, and it is possible that these were made as teaching aids for demonstrating sex positions for young people to learn from.

If any other readers have any more information or questions, or would like to purchase some of these pieces, I have Gem's email address and I can make the connection for you.
Best Wishes, Dale D.


  1. Dale I hope y'legs alright by now but y'do realise y'go'n'o damage 'em all over again if you keep tryin' these positions?


    It's just as well there's all this talk about technology linking us directly to our computers because you must be close to runnin' out o' storage spave in y'head!


    Keep up the good work take care y'legs.

  2. Me legs is doin' OK y'know, Im getting by. But thank'ee f'er yer concern!

    Incidentally the owner of the Kama Sutra Pieces is still willing to sell, I have forwarded a couple of inquiries that way but it seems no firm offers have been made yet.

  3. I have several Kama sutra pieces too, anyone interested in purchasing please let me know


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