Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Realignment of Piri Reis Map

I just received this photo of a global overlay of the Piri Re'is map from Hugo Kennes. He adjusted the map northward by making Stonehenge the Northern point of projection. I think there can be little doubt that the landmass at the bottom of the chart is NOT Antarctica, it is still South America. However it was a good thing that researchers started looking at other maps showing Antarctica because some of the other ones appear to be genuine.


  1. Dear Mr Dale,

    Not surprised to see something like this being found out! Draw a 5-pointed star inside this pentagon and you will see the Bythorn Crop circle.

    The 5-pointed star is the Syama Kali Yantra used in worship among Hindus. Such yantra (geometric formation) of various shapes each representing a God (a specific Force of Nature)is the foundation of idol and temple worship among Hindus.

    These Forces occur in a place that has a particular geometric formation related to that force. That is how crop circles are formed.
    The stonehenge has the shape of pentagon as shown above. The stones where erected where the forces traveled. Please read my article with illustrations on this:-

    The crop circles are analyzed with specific reference to Bythorn crop circle in this article:-

    Any triangular shape would attract or cause some hitherto unknown forces of nature to occur there. Any fencing or drawing boundary line by manual fencing or natural boundaries such as seas and mountains define the shape of a place where the respective Natural force will get fixated. That is why the science if Architecture known as Vaasthu, which is the supplementary of Atharvana Veda has laid down rules of shapes and fencing for different purposes of dwelling.

    The rationale can be explained with the example of Sun. There is only one sun seen from anywhere on the surface of the earth. But the same sun can be captured as millions of suns in millions of cups filled with water. What makes one sun appear as many is the definite boundaries that define the receiver (cup). Similarly when a land gets a specific shape, outlined by a boundary, the corresponding Natural force is attracted or manifest there.

    Triangular shapes are associated with Kali, the fierce force of destruction, which by proper taming can be made beneficial. Popular example of a triangle containing raw force of Kali is Bermuda triangle.

    In the Hindu Epic Mahabharata, the main female character namely Draupadi was not born from a womb, but from a sacrificial fire. The place where this sacrifice of unique nature was done is known as Ahi-chatra in UttarPradesh in North India. Recently this place was excavated and was found that the entire place was a huge sacrificial altar with 'triangular shape' made so by walls and cities on three sides. An unbelievable feat such as human beings born directly from the sacrificial fire could happen in such altars of such shapes.

    By all this I am coming to say that the earth is surrounded by unique forces which are trapped in several places under certain conditions, one among them being the shape of the place.

    The entire pentagon as shown in the above picture depicts the overall map of the area of operation of these forces. This reminds me of the Key of Solomon which infact was the map of Rahu - the invisible node of earth's orbit which moves every day in certain directions for 7 days of the week. It is explained in this article in the context of what is meant by Solomon's key.

    Even today Hindus strictly adhere to the timings of Rahu movement everyday.


  2. Dear DD;

    Did you aware of this?


    1. No I had not seen that before and it definitely is an exciting possibility. I still believe other maps of unrelated areas were included in the Piri Re'is map compilation but the suggestion that the Turks had an Ice-Age map of Eastern Asia and Sundaland is intriguing. I shall want to post that here on some future occasion: the Blogger has a problem with transferring pdfs and that takes longer.

      Incidentally the posting above and the reply were made by two guest bloggers and not by me.
      Best Wishes, Dale D.


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