Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giant Skeletons-Newspaper Accounts #1

We are not given any dimensions for Og, but only for his bed. There are alternative heights for Goliath.
25 feet for an Elephant's skeleton is a really close estimate.

The Critical Thinker

My name is Kristan T. Harris. I have run for political office and have worked a political grass roots campaign for Ron Paul. I was nominated and elected to the GOP platform committee in 2012. I am a huge advocate for liberty and freedom.I am a libertarian at heart. I am also a news junkie and love a good mystery.

A Giant Mystery: 18 Strange Skeletons Found in Wisconsin: Sons of God; Men of Renown

Giants Update
Giants where found in racine last year. I had a chance to update this blog posting. I have been getting many emails about this topic and find that across Wisconsin there are more stories like this popping up. So you are wondering what is a giant and if it is what you are thinking that I have to be kidding you! Well I am not. They are as real as apple pie and whiskey. For over a year I have been reading books and information on giant dig sites and finds. I would like to share some of the information with you that is right at your finger tips.
First, One must wonder how much can a giant lift if twice the size of a average human today? Could they be responsible for Stone Henge and the Pyramids? Are these the Giants the Bible & many other civilizations have in their history and painted on their walls. The Bible in Genisis 6:4 " There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old men of renown. " Now this is faulty logic to any scientist out there because I am using religous/cultural history to fill a hole in science.
Over 200 Giant digs have been found in recent years. Giant skeleton finds have not made the local/national news since the 1950's for the most part. It seems in most peoples opinion do to the fear that people would question evolution . If anything a de-evolution.
Their heights ranged between 7.6ft and 10 feet and their skulls "presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America to-day." They tend to have a double row of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes and like humans came in differant races. The teeth in the front of the jaw are regular molars. Heads usually found are elongated believed due to longer than normal life span (?-Actually they are artificially deformed. Emphasis added-DD)
Here's one for your "Forbidden Archaeology" file. My research uncovered a fantastic article by Mark Shernick among other great finds.

Above: This photo of giant Edouard Beaupre ca. 1900 proves that giants exist. But 18? - Wikimedia CommonsScientists are remaining stubbornly silent about a lost race of giants found in burial mounds near Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, in May 1912.

The dig site at Lake Delavan was overseen by Beloit College and it included more than 200 effigy mounds that proved to be classic examples of 8th century Woodland Culture. But the enormous size of the skeletons and elongated skulls found in May 1912 did not fit very neatly into anyone's concept of a textbook standard.

They were enormous. These were not average human beings.

Strange Skulls

First reported in the 4 May 1912 issue of the New York Times the 18 skeletons found by the Peterson brothers on Lake Lawn Farm in southwest Wisconsin exhibited several strange and freakish features.
National Geographic Reports
In 2002, National Geographic reported a dozen Cyclops skeletons found in Greece that stood 12-15 1/2 Ft tall. That is 3 humans tall. One eye socket. Giants in history are typically cannibalistic in nature. The reason why I am bringing up giants will all tie into politics, and word happenings. Look at a basketball hoop and add 5 feet. That tall. Greek Mythology talks about war with cyclops learning they had to bring down by taking out their legs rendering them slow and helpless. American Giants (Red Hair Giants) where found with egyptian writing on their tombs have been found in multiple locations.[Elephant skulls are often mistaken for "Giant humans with a single eye socket"-DD]

Mystery of The Wisconsin Giants

This is no farm boy hoax or stunt by your local prankster. As I am finding that dozens and dozens of similar finds of instances are popping up nation wide.
As Mark reported, the Lake Delavan find of May 1912 was not the firs to make the local newspapers from 1851 forward to the present day. IGiants have been found all accross Wisconsin on farm lands in in mound digs.
He goes on to report that on 10th of August 1891, the New York Times reported as posted below that scientists from the Smithsonian Institution had discovered several large "pyramidal monuments" on Lake Mills, near Madison, Wisconsin. "Madison was in ancient days the centre of a teeming population numbering not less than 200,000," the Times said. The excavators found an elaborate system of defensive works which they named Fort Aztalan.
The question we should be asking is why are these skeletons not in our history books. Why are Giants not taught in school as part of history. This shows that Giants are a species and not a blurp on the evolutionary map or illness. If anything it is proof of something that science is scared to give us a real answer on that it can. What are these beings genetic relation to humans. I would love to see a non government independent study since many government scientists seem to be rubber stamps do to the sake of evolution and the continual onslaught against the family. If you ask me that sounds more like a religion than a science. Real science is disproving theories. Not trying to make your theory fit to a puzzle of a different picture but I will let you decide for yourself. Why would the government not want you to know about a human race that was 9-18 ft tall?

Giant skeletons discovered in Lake Delavan, WI

The Great Smithsonian Cover-Up

Most Giant mysteries end at the Smithsonian Institute. Is this a giant cover-up? Why aren't there public displays of gigantic Native American skeletons at natural history museums?

Some of the smaller skeletons are certainly on display. If you feel you can not believe your eyes you can go visit a skeleton at the Aztalan State Park where you can see the skeleton of a "Princess of Aztalan" . So what is the cover up then? The skeletons placed on display are normal-sized, and according to research I have done seem to end at the Smithsonian institute.
More Specifically, the Smithsonian Institution has been accused of making a deliberate effort to hide the "telling of the bones" and to keep the giant skeletons locked away from the publics eye. I think there are answers that need to be given.
Giant skeletons found in Maple Creek, WI
Have you or your family found giant skeletons on your farm or rural family owned land? Its not as uncommon as you think. Please contact me with information I would lov eto hear your story and put it in a book? Would love to others who have done research! Please contact me!

The news no longer reports these discoveries.
I am doing research and investigation. Thank you.
For Liberty, For Freedom

Kristan T. Harris

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Seeing Stars

One of the remarkable things about ancient artwork on both sides of the Atlantic use the stylisation that stars are shown as five-pointed objects. This occurs both in Ancient Egypt and in Mesoamerica [Thor Heyerdahl illustrates examples in American Indians in the Pacific]
Mayan 5-poined star, old engraving
 and a public-domain image.

[The common four-pointed star of the New World (Lamat in Mayan) represents the planet Venus] The Five-pointed stylisation probably comes from using starfish as the real-life model, and this mythological association seems to be one of a series of several mythological associations of seashells derived from Atlantis in ancient times.

I do however also find a Mayan zodiac which has correspondances to Old World equivalents and I reproduce it here:

According to Linda Schele the names are: Aries (Kuc= Quetzal), Libra (Xoc = shark) Taurus (Kuh =
 owl), Scorpius (Sinan-Ek'=scorpion) Gemini (Ak-Ek'=turtle), Sagitarrius (Chan= rattlesnake), Capricorn (Balam= jaguar), Cancer (Ok= dog?), Pisces (Zotz= bat), Virgo (Chitam= peccary)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mexican Skull Mysteries

First a very nice artificially deformed Mexican skull inlayed with turquoise mosaic from the Facebook page Atlantis Empire:

I'd say that skull had some very definite Indonesian if not even Melanesian features in its makeup.

Mass Human Sacrifice? Pile of Ancient Skulls Found

Archaeologists have unearthed a trove of skulls in Mexico that may have once belonged to human sacrifice victims. The skulls, which date between A.D. 600 and 850, may also shatter existing notions about the ancient culture of the area.
The find, described in the January issue of the journal Latin American Antiquity, was located in an otherwise empty field that once held a vast lake, but was miles from the nearest major city of the day, said study co-author Christopher Morehart, an archaeologist at Georgia State University.
"It's absolutely remarkable to think about this little nothing on the landscape having potentially evidence of the largest mass human sacrifice in ancient Meso-America," Morehart said.
Middle of nowhere
Morehart and his colleagues were using satellite imagery to map ancient canals, irrigation channels and lakes that used to surround the kingdom of Teotihuacan (home to the Pyramid of the Sun), about 30 miles (50 kilometers) from Mexico City. The vast ancient kingdom flourished from around A.D 200 to 650, though who built it remains a mystery. [In Photos: Amazing Ruins of the Ancient World]
In a now drained lake called Lake Xaltocan, around which was essentially rural farmland at the time, Morehart stumbled upon a site with evidence of looting.
When the team investigated, they discovered lines of human skulls with just one or two vertebra attached. To date, more than 150 skulls have been discovered there. The site also contained a shrine with incense burners, water-deity figurines and agricultural pottery, such as corncob depictions, suggesting a ritual purpose tied to local farming. [See images from the grisly excavation ]
Many victims
Many victimsCredit: Christopher MorehartSo far, the team has excavated over 150 skulls. (The researchers chose not display the skulls because the sacrificed people may have historic ties to people of today's indigenous cultures.)
Water god
Water godCredit: Christopher MorehartAn artifact depicting Tlaloc, an ancient water god from the Pre-Columbian period in Mexico, was found at the human sacrifice site at Lake Xaltocan.
[Tlaloc is the god of mixed human and elephant features, like Ganesha. In other depictions he has a definite elephant's trunk. He has a human nose here but still has the elephant ears and tusks represented. The cirles around the eyes denote divine insight-DD]
Chaotic time
Chaotic timeCredit: Christopher MorehartThe sacrifice likely occurred during a time of great upheaval, when the Teotihuacan culture was declining
[The pottery is sililar to later Mound Builder types-DD]
Carbon dating suggested that the skulls were at least 1,100 years old, and the few dozen analyzed so far are mostly from men, Morehart told LiveScience. The researchers did not release photos of the skulls because the sacrifice victims may have historic ties to modern-day indigenous cultures.
The findings shake up existing notions of the culture of the day, because the site is not associated with Teotihuacan or other regional powers, said Destiny Crider, an archaeologist at Luther College in Iowa, who was not involved in the study.
Human sacrifice was practiced throughout the region, both at Teotihuacan and in the later Aztec Empire, but most of those rituals happened at great pyramids within cities and were tied to state powers.
By contrast, "this one is a big event in a little place," Crider said.
The shrines and the fact that sacrifice victims were mostly male suggest they were carefully chosen, not simply the result of indiscriminate slaughter of a whole village, Crider told LiveScience.
Many researchers believe that massive drought caused the fall of Teotihuacan and ushered in a period of warfare and political infighting as smaller regional powers sprang up, Morehart said.
Those tumultuous times could have spurred innovative — and bloody — practices, Crider said.
"Maybe they needed to intensify their activities because everything was changing," she said. "When things are uncertain you try new strategies."
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Realignment of Piri Reis Map

I just received this photo of a global overlay of the Piri Re'is map from Hugo Kennes. He adjusted the map northward by making Stonehenge the Northern point of projection. I think there can be little doubt that the landmass at the bottom of the chart is NOT Antarctica, it is still South America. However it was a good thing that researchers started looking at other maps showing Antarctica because some of the other ones appear to be genuine.

Guest Blogger Jayasree: Asians (Indians & Chinese) shared same genetic origin with Native Americans

This blog aims at bringing out the past glory of India, Hinduism and its forgotten values and wisdom. This is not copyrighted so as to reach genuine seekers of these information. Its my prayer that only genuine seekers - and not vandals and plagiarists - come to this site.-Jayasree Saranathan.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Asians (Indians & Chinese) shared same genetic origin with Native Americans.

A study showing connection between Asians and Native Americans, but not related to Europeans has been published. The news report on that is reproduced at the end of this article.

My research based on Indian Epics particularly Mahabharata and the Tamil Sangam sources is exactly this. Four major races existed in the South of equator and localized in Sundaland. They were Daityas (today's Chinese), Danavas (Europeans), Manavas (Indians and Australoids)and Asuras (Negroids).

The popular Epic characters Prahladha and his descendants Virochana and Bali were Daityas. The Mandra or Meru with which churning was done referred to the unstable Sunda plate. The Chinese language name as Mandarain was a result of this Mandara connection in Sundaland, from where the early Chinese (Daityas) migrated northward to the present day China, when Sundaland was submerged. This migration must have happened gradually for a longer period of more than 10,000 years until 7,000 years ago when the present sea level was obtained.

A group of Manavas left even before the Ice age started around 17,000 years ago, perhaps in the aftermath of a fiery disturbance (as per Hindu puranas) which could have been a volcanic eruption. The story of Daksha and his famous yajna and the anger of Shiva in not offering him oblations are metaphoric narrations of increasing population and low death rate. Absence of oblations to Shiva means that there were fewer deaths. As per Puranic narration, Shiva destroys the subjects of Daksha by fire. Daksha was spared and he came to have the face of a ram. This signifies

(1) Destruction by fire in which the survivors called as Manu escaped and moved to Arabian seas where they settled in the extended landscape west of Western ghats. Such an extension was there 14,000 years ago, thanks to low sea level. It was lost to the Arabian sea after that. About 7000 years ago some of the extended land was restored by Parasurama. Today all these extensions are completely under sea water.

(2)The stellar based Hindu astrology - astronomy was in place even at the time of Daksha. At the end of destruction by fire, he became ram-faced. This means the starting of Time from Aries started then. The starting point of Aries as the mid -point of oscillation of the axis must have happened then.

As per Tamil sources, the next destruction was by water and it happened in 3 periods, one before 11,500 years ago, the 2nd one 7000 years ago and the 3rd one 3500 years ago.

At the time of 1st deluge, Indian population split as North and South Indian. Manu and others who were living in the extended land west of Western ghats had to relocate as sea levels rose and these lands were submerged. A major relocation happened through Saraswathi river into North India. They were the Dravidas (Dravida is one who has given up fighting or kshatriya-hood) as they ran away from the pre-historic war or fiery destruction that happened at the end of Daksha's yajna). The extended land off Western Ghats from Maharashtra to Kerala was inhabited by them during Ice age. The colonial Census records show that there was a Dravida land was on the border of Aryan kavu pass! That means Sabhari mala was in Dravida land.

The restored regions of Kerala still continue to exist while almost the entire stretch upto Maharashtra is no longer available. These lands were lost into sea about 10,000 years ago and parts of them restored about 7000 years ago by Parasurama. It must be noted here that the Viswakarma school of architecture was well developed at this time and it had expertise in retrieving submerged lands. Dwaraka- restoration was done by Viswakarmas at the behest of Krishna. Restoration / construction of a land-path was done across the Ram Setu by Viswakarma's descendant during Rama's times.

We must remember that this group of people who subsequently entered North India via Saraswathy shared the same genetic origin with the Manavas who were still living in islands scattered in the India Ocean then. The early Tamils belonged to this region.

The recent genetic report of Indians sharing the gene pool of Australians must be viewed in this backdrop.

This study says that Indians went to Australia 4000 years ago and suggested that the sudden rise of plant processing, stone tool technologies and microliths that appeared in Australia around that time were due to the introduction of the same by Indians at that time. The foreign researchers split their heads on how the Indians could have gone over there crossing a long route across the Indian Ocean.

BUT WE from TAMILNADU having the knowledge of TAMIL'S PAST through SANGAM TEXTS know better how this was possible. Indians did not go from today's boundary of South India. At that time (4000 years BP) the Tamils (Manavas who shared the same origin and culture with Manu and his men who subsequently entered North India) was in existence in the Indian Ocean! From Adiyaarkku nallar's commentary on Silappadhikaram, we know that 7 X 7 = 49 lands of old Pandyan kingdom were submerged in the 3rd deluge that happened 3500 years! The survivors from that deluge scattered on all directions, one group having gone to Australia, another to Polyneisian islands, some to Indonesia and yet another had landed in South India along with Pandyan king and his
தொல் குடி aayars / cattle breeders (Kali-th-thogai). From Polynesia, one group had gone to South American Andes and landed in Titicaca and started Inca civilization.

The terrible shattering effect that this deluge had on the ancient Tamil people of the 49 lands would have erased many past memories of that ancient culture. But survival modes must have definitely remained at some degree. The skills of labour must have helped them manage their lives and continue thereafter. That is why we see stone works, Lapita pottery and plant processing and mat making suddenly appearing in all the places mentioned above around 3500 to 4000 years ago. All these have resemblance to Indian / Tamil's culture. With this genetic study now proving a mix of Indians with Australians, we get an important proof of our theory which we pick up from Sangam texts and olden Tamil Commentators.

Now let's come back to the present study that says that Asians, Chinese and Native Americans shared a common genetic origin. After the 2nd deluge 7000 years ago, most of Sundaland was submerged and people have moved in 2 directions. The Daityas (Chinese) moved inland northward. The danavas who were also in the same Sundaland, moved to India via Arabian Sea and settled in NW India for some time. They further moved to Europe between 7000 to 5000 years ago. It was around 5000 years ago that Mayan architecture replaced Viswakarma architecture in ancient India. It was Krishna who patronized Mayan and made him build the city and Maya sabha for the Pandavas. From then onwards the Mayan architecture spread throughout India.

The Danavas differ from daityas in the maternal side. That is, as per Hindu sources, Danu (female progenitor of Danavas) and Diti (female progenitor of Daityas) were sisters. But the Manavas (Indians) too shared the maternal gene as their female progenitor was Aditi, who was a sister of Danu and Diti, but their paternal progenitor gene (Manu) also was totally different from Daityas and danavas.

At this time, the Indian Ocean - bound settlements continued and were completely shattered in the 3rd deluge that took place 3500 years ago. It was at that time migrations towards the American continents across the Pacific had happened. The Anishinabhe people seem to be connected with Tamils than anyone else. The peculiar sound of 'zha' () in Tamil language is seen as zhi and shi sounds in Chinese and 'wi' zhi' sounds in Native Americans. It must be noted that Rig Vedas (which were given by the new settlers of Manu in the Saraswathi basin) use the Tamil pronunciation of zha. The first Rig vedic mantra has a word "agnimILE" where the La must be pronounced as Tamil Zha! Similarly 'shi' sound in Rig Vedas interchanges with 'zhi' (ழி) of Tamil.

Paramacharya of Kanchi had spoken on this and said that quite a few words in Rig Vedas are pronounced as Tamil Zha. Similarly the Talavakara shaka of sama veda used 'zha' sound. One justification (which Paramacharya also says) is that this was due to the influence of Pradesha Bhasha (local language). But I don't agree with this suggestion. From the then existing numerous Vedas, Ved Vyasa picked out some and compiled them into 4 parts. He taught each part (each Veda) to each of his 4 disciples namely, Paila, Vaisampayana, Jaimini and Sumantu. These 4 disciples were instructed by Vyasa to go to the 4 directions of Bharat and teach them there. As such Jaimini came to South India and taught Samaveda.

Why was South India chosen for Samaveda is a question. If Samaveda had already contained 'zha' sounds, then only it is logical to expect Vyasa to have ordained Jaimini to teach it to South Indian Tamils, as they were by then well established in Tamil grammar. It must not be assumed that Vedas were taught in South India for the first time by Jaimini. Earlier Ravana of Lanka was known to be an expert in Sama Ghana. All the Vedas had existed before hand – even at the time of Vaivasvatha Manu as he had the sages do the yajna to beget a male child as his first child had a confused gender. Perhaps Pumsavana ritual for gender change into male in the 3rd month of the fetus was introduced then. (We are going out of the topic). What I want to emphasize here is that the special Tamil sound of 'zha' was olden and was present in Vedic chants. The Tamils retained it in sama Veda while the first sages who entered saraswathi basin retained that sound in Rig Vedic compositions due to their previous association with the culture that spoke Tamil when they were in the Indian ocean settlements.
(Kanchi Paramacharya's discourse on this 'zha' sound in Vedas can be read here:-

இப்போது நான் ஒரு புது விஷயம் சொன்னேன். தமிழில் மாத்திரம் இருப்பதாக நினைக்கப்படும் இந்த '' வேதத்திலும் இருக்கிறது என்று. ஸாமவேதத்தில் ஜைமினி சாகை என்று ஒன்று இருக்கிறது. அதைத் தலவகார சாகை என்றும் சொல்வார்கள். மற்ற வேதங்களில் மற்ற சாகைகளில் '' அல்லது '' வாக இருப்பதை, தலவகார சாகையில் ''மாதிரிதான் ஒலிக்க வேண்டும். முறைப்படி தலவகார சாகையில் அத்யயனம் பண்ணினவர்கள் இப்படித்தான் '' காரமாகச் சொல்கிறார்கள். அதைப் பூர்ணமான '' என்று வேண்டுமானால் சொல்ல முடியாமல் இருக்கலாம். ஆனால் உள்ளூர (அந்தர்பாவமாக) அது '' சப்தந்தான் என்பதில் ஸந்தேஹமில்லை.

ரிக்வேதத்திலேயே கூட இப்படி ''காரம் சில இடங்களில் ஒலிக்கிறதுண்டு. ஸாதாரணமாக ''வும் ''வும் ஒன்றுக்கொன்று மாறிவரும் என்றபடி, யஜுர் வேதத்தில் ''காரம் வருமிடங்களில், ரிக் வேதத்தில் '' காரம் வருவதுண்டு. வேதத்தில் முதல் மந்திரத்தில் முதல் வார்த்தை 'அக்னிமீடே' என்பது. 'அக்னிமீடே' என்பது இப்போது அநுஷ்டானத்திலே மெஜாரிட்டியாக இருக்கிற யஜுர்வேதப் பாடம்தான். ரிக்வேதத்தில், இது 'அக்னிமீளே' என்றுதான் இருக்கிறது. இங்கே 'ளே' என்பதை 'ழே' மாதிரிச் சொல்ல வேண்டும்.

யஜுர்வேதத்திலே வருவதும், ரொம்பப் பிரஸித்தியோடு இருப்பதுமான ஸ்ரீ ருத்ரத்தில், 'மீடுஷ்டமாய' என்று ஒரு இடத்தில் வருகிறது. இந்த வார்த்தை ரிக்வேதத்திலும் உண்டு. அங்கே "மீடு"வில் வரும் 'டு' என்பது '' காரமாக இல்லாமல், '' காரம் அந்தர்பாவமாகத் தொனிக்கிற சப்தமாகவே இருக்கிறது.

பொதுவாக, ரிக் வேதத்தில் ''வாக இருப்பது, யஜுர் வேதத்தில் ''வாகவும், தலவகார ஸாமவேதத்தில் ''வாகவும் இருப்பதாகச் சொல்லலாம். இப்போது இந்த ஒவ்வொரு வேதமும் நிறைய அநுஷ்டானத்திலுள்ள பிரதேசங்களை எடுத்துக் கொண்டு, அந்தப் பிரதேச பாஷைகளின் விசேஷத்தைப் பார்க்கலாம். )

Coming to the topic of this post, the wide presence of shi, xi and zhi in Chinese language might be due to an olden language – may be we can call it as proto-Tamil – which was spoken by all the people in the South of the Equator 10,000 years ago. Going by the Rig Vedic sound of shi – zhi (Tamil) blending or inter change, I wonder if the xi, shi, and zhi of Chinese were from Tamil zhi. If so this presupposes prevalence of proto Tamil throughout Sundaland as it was nearer to the Pandyan settlements in the Indian Ocean. Moreover the Puranic characters of Daityas such as Prahladha located in Sundaland makes it a Vedic society whose local / spoken language was Tamil.

By 11,500 years ago refined Tamil made so by grammar was in place in Tamil lands. The first sangam started then. All those who had left this core region of Indian Ocean settlements before that time, continued to use 'zha' sound. Manu and his men used 'Kodum Tamil" – stunted Tamil which was spoken before Tamil was refined by Sangam age. Hanuman spoke it to Sita as Manushya Bhssha.

Coming to the connection between Chinese, Asians and Native Americans:- Within the North American Continent I see 3 sets of people - the Hopi coming from people who crossed Berring strait at the time of Ice age. The Mayans must be distinct from them as they are Danavas - sharing European descent. The rest of the people - particularly those around the Great lakes came from Sundaland and shared a common culture with Vedic society which was what early Tamils were.



DNA shows ancient humans related to Asians and Native Americans

Published: Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013, 17:00 IST
Place: Washington, DC | Agency: ANI
Early DNA has revealed that humans living some 40,000 years ago in an area near Beijing were likely related to many present-day Asians and Native Americans.

An international team of researchers including Svante Paabo and Qiaomei Fu of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, sequenced nuclear and mitochondrial DNA that had been extracted from the leg of an early modern human from Tianyuan Cave near Beijing, China.

Analyses of this individual's DNA showed that the Tianyuan human shared a common origin with the ancestors of many present-day Asians and Native Americans.

In addition, the researchers found that the proportion of Neanderthal and Denisovan-DNA in this early modern human is not higher than in people living in this region nowadays.

Humans with morphology similar to present-day humans appear in the fossil record across Eurasia between 40,000 and 50,000 years ago.

The genetic relationships between these early modern humans and present-day human populations had not yet been established. Qiaomei Fu, Matthias Meyer and colleagues of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, extracted nuclear and mitochondrial DNA from a 40,000 year old leg bone found in 2003 at the Tianyuan Cave site located outside Beijing.

For their study the researchers were using new techniques that can identify ancient genetic material from an archaeological find even when large quantities of DNA from soil bacteria are present.
The researchers then reconstructed a genetic profile of the leg's owner.

"This individual lived during an important evolutionary transition when early modern humans, who shared certain features with earlier forms such as Neanderthals, were replacing Neanderthals and Denisovans, who later became extinct," study leader Svante Paabo said.

The genetic profile reveals that this early modern human was related to the ancestors of many present-day Asians and Native Americans but had already diverged genetically from the ancestors of present-day Europeans.

In addition, the Tianyuan individual did not carry a larger proportion of Neanderthal or Denisovan DNA than present-day people in the region.

"More analyses of additional early modern humans across Eurasia will further refine our understanding of when and how modern humans spread across Europe and Asia," Svante Paabo added.

[Illustrations from comparable articles earlier on this blog. Incidentally a professor of mine at IUPUI said that the genetics of some cats in Australia show that they had been introduced from Indonesia to Ausrtralia at 4000 BC, a date which agrees with the microlithic people from Southern India mentioned in the article above and also with the genetics of some dogs (Dingoes) present in Australia at the time of discovery-DD]