Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Message from Hugo in Brussels

Here is a message submitted to my email that I thought might be interesting to add in here:

North African Hypothetical Pentagonal Mappings Tassilis Region
Worldgrid System : Spherical UVG or Unified Vector Grid :
Platonic geometry , dodeca and deducted solids and vectors covering the sphere.

Tassilis region maybe at the center of a worldgrid pentagon, if UVG mode
is used as one of the worldgrid approaches.

UVG worlgrid approach HISTORY

Three Russians (an engineer, a historian, and a linguist) had found
that a dome-like geometric pattern could be aligned on the Earth ...
see : UVG history :

It was only after Goncharov met Vyacheslav Morozov, a construction
engineer, and Valery Makarov, a specialist in electronics, that his
vague impulse became first a suspicion, then a hypothesis.

The team research was then completed with American researchers
Prof. Bethe Hagens , Bill Becker , Buckminster Fuller : the full UVG
grid was developed : history on :

De UVG grid system was also extensively described by David Childress :
author, explorer and top researcher : Google Book online :
Antigravity and the Worldgrid :
with also and overview on :

UVG worlgrid APPLICATION today

A Google Earth overlay was developed by Prof. Behte Hagens : practical
information and examples :

Implemented from major archeological locations the
grid seems meaningfull catching in his vectors many pyramids,
subwater anomalies , sacred mountains ,circles other gridsystems,
portulans Piri Reis map , most sacred sites, etc depending from the
specific application, starting point, alignment

An UVG - simulator was developed for antigravity research by researcher Tom
Montalk ; appropriate Google Earth Grid overlays are automatically
generated in KML format with a simple starting position and alignment :

Example : an UVG simulation taking many pyramids worldwide
can be executed near Somapura, feet Himalayas , near the node point
mentioned in Geolines Historical Geodesy , Rusian website of Basil
Petrov ; great circles decision table :

In UVG interactive screenmode in Google Earth Plugin You can view a
specific UVG interactively :
Somapura creates also a pentagon on the Canarian Islands within a worlddodeca
catching directly the worldwide pyramid fields from Indonesia until
Inca regions, all around the Pacific :

UVG worlgrid AFRICAN - ATLANTIC application

A similar UVG can be simulated on the Atlantic socalled Google Atlantis Grid
in front of Gibraltar ; but also by rotating this grid via the
Northpole pentagon in order to synchronize with the stone circles of
Nabta, Namoratunga
and Mpumalanga !

In the first case a pentagon is created around Tassilis region and pyramids,
in the second case a pentagram on the Google Earth Atlantis Grid.

Tassili - Atlantis grid is interactive online on :

Mpumalanga - Nile grid is interactive online on :

The simulations are full hypothetical , but the Mpumalanga stone
circle grid, is very near of the standard UVG grid since years online
on internet.

The Tassili - Atlantis grid is a northpole rotation of the Standard -
Nile - Mpumalanga grid,

Or perhaps the NIle grid followed the Atlantis grid.

The Atlantean theory of Berber roots - Jacques
Gossart - editor French archeological magazine Kadath (friend Prof.
Carnac, History of Sciences , Otto Muck theory) :

Book : The magical life of Berber women in Kabylia

The Atlantean theory of Berber roots has recently been reaffirmed by
Jacques Gossart.The Berbers, together with the Guanches and the
Basques, would be the vestiges of the primordial civilization of

French work tranlated today in English by Elizabeth Corp :


Gossarts last book on Atlantis , may 2011 ,

Hugo Kennes Brussels

Kadath International French archeological magazine , , Brussels, Belgium , distribution French Canada
, Africa French speaking coutries, French Belgium, France

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