Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Letter on Atlantis

I have just received this letter on Atlantis, written to me in conjunction with (in reply to) another man's letter on Atlantis I have not seen yet. It comes from the Swedish by way of Google Translate:

Ancient cultural revolution.


In my point of departure is a refilled undisputed proven and critical posture of our current history is based on the view that the single most important event for humanity is not at all considered in historical description.In previous chapters have complained that historiography is a forum for very different and powerful interests with strong relations to the previous scheme. The order in which these interests have been successful political careers, and often both. It is therefore appropriate to apply these conclusions to some accepted historical truths, beginning in antiquity.
Interpretation of Plato's description of Atlantis must be objectively considered to appear politically constructed. Most widespread interpretation is that Plato tried to describe a form of ideal society. The interpretation is likely planted from ancient intellectual elite.Without political interest, it should be impossible to get to the distorted conclusion. The issue underlying that whatsoever devote attention to the story of Atlantis is to explain the origin of any barbarian states and Hellenic families come from. Plato describes the backfill to the Egyptians escaped by following the Nile. They could therefore relatively well. The Greeks dabbades of floods and earthquakes and got scared on the islands. They made it very difficult for many generations and their elimination of the land that gave the world the islands were flushed into the sea.Atlantis is described as it sank into the sea and the place where it was formed as run together because of all the mess.It should be noted that what I describe as ensure my description and not that specified in the translations. What Plato did not interpret why people assumed that it was mud. With backfill collected organic material in the channel from all seas west of Basiliea and form a slurry of liquid organic plant residues. The interpretation that this is dry is thus an incorrect interpretation on the basis that you do not understand what happened. However, the text is then lost.
After the description of Atlantis went under is the logical end of the story deliberately destroyed. Full description of the impact of these three communities are correctly assuming one refilling. Looking at the issue as yet only answer to the original question. Where are barbarians and Hellenes?The reason for the need of the story is very clear and is contemporary of great importance. Shortly after the recording of Plato's Atlantis, Alexander the Great conquered most of the then civilized world. Alexander the Great was taught by Aristotle in their common language, Attic. Plato's student Aristotle and intellectual successors were very racist attitude towards the barbarians, and he encouraged Alexander to attack the Persians. The Persians had always been in conflict with the Greeks. The barbarians and contemporary Greek nobility, Hellenes, would have the same origin was thus unthinkable to present in contemporary Greece. It is impossible to gain acceptance for such a description be understood with regard to how Herodotus was assessed by the ancient Greeks. Herodotus described, among other things, that the barbarians in Egypt had built a much better social system than non barbarians. He was the contemporary classified as barbarians friendly and disparage as liars. There have been charged to his work right into our time. Herodotus's reputation has been largely restored in our time, but it took almost 2500 years to repair the damage to ancient intellectual elite made him. He is regarded as the father of history and seemed barely a century before Plato. His motive for writing down the very first of mankind history books was because he wanted to present the fruits of their research to avoid the memory of the Hellenes and the barbarians' ancient deeds would be erased.
Both Plato as Herodotus assumes an affinity between Hellenes and barbarians. Common to both of them is that the end of their stories are gone. When Atlantis described disappears late in logical order should describe how the Atlantic were affected and how they survive. So was the case with the Greeks and Egyptians. The Atlantic are the answer to where the barbarian states and Hellenic families come are therefore indirectly answered. The politically uncomfortable but only logical result was thus the missing closure to the story of Atlantis. When the Athenians and other Hellenes military were threatened by barbarians, there were political motives for mudslinging and blackening of them. They did even more than happy and Aristotle expressed himself very condescending about barbarians. Herodotus described its part, the Persians as a highly civilized people. In some ways, even with the more distinguished manners than the Greeks themselves. That he, in his book devotes attention to the Persians is that they are considered to be of barbarian origin. Otherwise, they would not qualify in his motives for writing the book that describes helleners and barbarians common ancient deeds. When both Plato as Herodotus end is gone without having been completed to link the similar origins of creation stories, it is chance reasonableness consumed. As in Plato's case boils down to a single sentence more likely to provide the answer while the rest of his voluminous works have been reproduced as it is already there randomly unlikely. When Avensa Herodotes suffer the same fate in combination with the two stories given illogical statements as are all the randomness completely exhausted. Geographically Herodotus placed in Halikarnossos, now Bodrum in southeastern Turkey. Plato was in Athens and the solution to his problem described came from Egypt. This means that in the Eastern Mediterranean was a widespread perception of helleners and barbarians common origin. This suspicion coincides naturally with ljushylltheten the appearance similarity. While there was a smear of the military threatening barbarians there were parallel descriptions of their and helleners common origin.A truth that was not desirable and contemporary vision probably well represented by the then leader and racist scientist Aristotle.The ancient Greeks, mainly Thukydites, believed that all history should be given the present and simply describe what they were able to directly inform themselves about and preferably from opposite sides. Herodotus, who lived at the beginning of Greek antiquity, around 450 related human progress contrast to the historical origin. He wanted to write down their knowledge of that history was being forgotten. Before the art of writing was established storytelling is the only forum that brought the story forward. Since he was first to write down the story so there for Herodotes no written sources. To record history was thus listening to people who bore the oral tradition. Thukydites lived about 400 through his historical approach drew practically a historical starting line when he rejected any historical definition oral tradition.By definition thus became immediately even Herodotus works useless knowledge.Rejecting all these stories and those of Herodotes recorded was thus a contemporary cultural revolution.To this zeitgeist rid of troublesome and undesirable history apparently then be a minor problem. With the same unwanted theme, it is too absurd to be random events. Their end was both politically uncomfortable and destroyed to eliminate the unwanted Hellenes common origin with the barbarians. Herodotus and Plato lived in our contemporary assessment in an era with an outstanding and unique intellectual development. In contrast, they considered that they preceded by people and civilizations with a higher level than they themselves lived.
The effect of the Cultural Revolution has been that of the ancient Greeks desirable. They are acclaimed as those who strongly pushed forward the development and knowledge even though it was old skills that were already scattered in other civilizations. Above all, the fire of the library in Alexandria, but also the destruction of indigenous knowledge, the killing of religious leaders and the disparagement of any other culture and knowledge that are not developed by us westerners themselves have historically entrenched this apparent Greek greatness. The ancient Greek greatness lies in the written down and managed to preserve knowledge that probably would otherwise come to nothing. It is nedtecknarna with credit for development but it's compilation based on many predecessors thoughts, ideas and knowledge.
Our Western history is therefore based on the Greek antiquity active destruction of inconvenient history and the rejection of any other story than the writing itself.With the writing seems their knowledge progress huge but it was recorded and preservation of this knowledge was ancient great achievement. They managed to write down our time and preserve knowledge that was already known for thousands of years. Although these skills already existed elsewhere in the world, Alexander the Great conquered the same time a large part of the area where much of the Atlantean heritage there. He is given the honor and described as a great disseminator of Hellenic knowledge and culture with the shutter all the way to China and other distant places. Not that it is very unlikely, but fits well in our Western history description. A more reasonable view is that Alexander the Great conquests in many leading social strata was welcome and that their common cultural heritage with his conquest got a boost. The military successes are therefore likely strongly linked to the conquest of these circles was welcome. With Herodotes descriptions of the Hellenes and the Persians common background knowledge and culture are already in place and bloom with conquest. Alexander the Great has become the solution to an otherwise unexplained dissemination of culture whose influence is therefore magnified a thousandfold.
One then seemingly inconsequential history corrections Plato and Herodotes writings have hidden humanity's most significant event. Going forward, it came to cost 100's of millions of lives in the religious, cultural and racial conflicts whose real origins and causes it removed. Although a common historical background is not a guarantee for peaceful solutions to the common story probably made it much more complicated to conduct clean eradication project of what is historically regarded as other ethnic groups.
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[It is written in Swedish and will not be good translated but hopefully understandable.

I will write after Christmas too You and tell You about my very hard conflict with the Swedish authorities about my Atlantis theory.

Have a very nice christmas from a region with 4 dm snow, white frost on the trees, shining stars and moon, nothern light. All very nice looking.

Have a nice Christmas and a happy new year, Greetings Carl Festin, Sweden, Ostersund.]

Here is the Google Translate version of

Noah, refugee from Atlantis.

Noah, a refugee from Atlantis

Screenplay August 2012. Newer version in October 2012 handed over the legal document in dispute with the state.

Copyright illegal use of my material. Refillcalculations and explaination of Ötzis destiny.

N is Atlantis went under the world changed and the scientific development lost several thousand years. downfall of Atlantis and its consequences is the single largest event in human history.

With the explanation of the enigma of Atlantis will mankind's history to be reviewed and amounts of historical question mark to get an explanation. The author welcomes everyone with a dissenting opinion, that the scientific arguments and evidence set these against the author.

The presented hypothesis is that the Mediterranean refilled for about 5500 BC and flooded the area that was the foundation of human civilization.

During the last ice age, about 50,000 years ago, parted the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean access. This is due to falling sea levels and the underwater current that the sediments through the Straits of Gibraltar and into the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea. The sediment builds up a cushion that became separation when sea levels fell. Sediment Vallen is located about 40-50 km off Gibraltar and its height is well above the threshold at Gibraltar.

Mediterranean has greater evaporation than inflow why surface decreases. When the surface has fallen about 2000 meters, a balance between evaporation and runoff. A new landscape has been created and in between Heracles residues, Crete and Al Jabal al Akhdar, breaking the top of the Mediterranean back through the water and an island of Jutland size emerges.

This island is inhabited by a ljushylta, blue-eyed, blonde and large adults and the island is named Basileia and the kingdom of Atlantis. Its population develops a civilization of knowledge equivalent to a pre-industrial level. Their realm extends about current Ionian Sea over the Sicilian back that is dry. Ionian Sea is an Atlantic seas and its name is the Atlantic Ocean. Their population and knowledge center called Poseidopolis and located on the southeast part of the island.

By the time 3500 dominates the Atlantic are the area west of Heracles residues. Greeks area is north of the coast of Crete and east. The Greeks appear on the bottom of the current Aegean Sea which has an excellent farmland. Their knowledge centers is UR-Athens and is located at the mouth of the river that empties the Black Sea.

Egyptians living in the Nile, and their center is on the Nile outlet.

As ice sheets melt breaks through the ocean sediment barrier and huge amounts of water pouring into the Mediterranean. Eastern Mediterranean is still separated from the western Mediterranean and the disaster of the Sicilian back. This worsens, however, only the process. When the water breaks through Sicilian spine eroding it and it filled Western Mediterranean start deflating over the Eastern Mediterranean. Stig speed becomes fast and the course much more dramatically than the flow in at Gibraltar achieve. The main island of the Atlantic Basileia drowned. Most Atlantic were killed. Survives doing a few who have the time to craft and those who are in occupied territory. Greeks flee to the mountaintops and populate it that becomes the Greek islands, Egyptians fleeing upstream Nile.

Approximately 270 myths about the event are spread across the world. The story of the Flood and Noah's reflected in both the Bible and the Quran. The story written down 360 by Plato describes Atlantis.

Atlantean refugees spread knowledge in their new location, and often a dominant role. Their knowledge leads to posterity interpret their works such as sudden development leap, the formative period, when in fact it is scattered remnants of humanity's greatest disaster and retrogression.

Human civilization loses about 5000 years in development. Incorrect archaeologists believe that the Sumerian kingdom is the cradle of civilization. Erroneously believed that upper Egypt civilization is migrant from the south. Erroneously believed that the development of different regions are independent. Erroneously believed that agriculture is the cradle of the current Israel and Lebanon. Erroneously believed that indoeuropéernas origin is from the East and the Caucasus. These, as well as 1000's of other erroneous conclusions of science to not understanding the Mediterranean refilled and its refugee disaster.

During the sea surface is still undiscovered cities Poseidopolis, Ur-Athens and Rhakotis. The latter two cities' position is at the end of the Black Sea and the Nile River flooded riverbed. Ur-Athen about 80 km south of the southern tip of Rhodes and Rhakotis about 60 km north-west Alexandria. Poseidopolis at the same depth probably on the northeastern portion of flooded Basileia which is the highest parts of the Mediterranean back.

Fleeing people's most precious possessions are accumulated on the submerged mountain peaks. Basileias highest peak is the Herodotosberget. Probably this and other submerged peaks Basileia are full of ancient people's most precious possessions possible to bring in the run. Several submerged peaks in the Aegean Sea is full of undiscovered ancient valuables. Gold, bronze and obsidianföremål of high class.

With these clearly specified modes will hugely significant archaeological remains to be found. Confirmation that the Mediterranean refilled for about 5500 years ago will mean a whole new outlook on humanity, our origins, our delayed development, our conflicts and our attitude towards each other.

The story of Atlantis had himself told and written down by Plato for an explanation of the origin of all the barbarians and Hellenes which constantly pops up in new constellations. The Greek aristocracy racist view of the barbarians, with Aristotle in the lead, let ruin the end of the story of Atlantis to Greek aristocracy wanted to hide the fact that they had the same origin as barbarians and Hellenes.

It can be a very painful insight. If history Atlantis remained intact was probably neither Indians, Jews or other people could be exposed to pure extinction trials. Human civilization and leading dynasties originated from Atlantic refugees and descendants. What is described as European and Nordic looks are primarily Atlantic. Indo-Europeans, Hellenes, barbarians, Berbers, Germans, Aryans, Jews, etc. who have European or Caucasian appearance, people with higher degree of Atlantic genetic and cultural heritage. Atlanteans have often used their knowledge and formed the upper class or leading dynasties worldwide. 

The answer to the riddle Atlantis is located on the Mediterranean bottom.

In the book concerned not all questions through hypothesis is solved, but its purpose is to demonstrate the relationships that hypothesis must natural and logical explanations within a very wide range. Is the hypothesis correct, it is humanity's ancient past yet unwritten.

The hypothesis distributed to institutions and universities worldwide. Warnings given to the earthquake-stricken Mediterranean due to subsidence of the water masses of weight. The choice of not knowing is free.

Here is found Poseidopolis, Atlantis. Open.

Travel Order to Poseidopolis, Atlantis. Open.

Pictures and prices published: Open.

Contact the author: Carl Festin. Ostersund

As far as Carl's theory goes, his map does indeed show the forefront of the Atlantean cultural invasion at the end of the Ice Age. This would be at a point in time much closer to 10,500 years ago than the "Noah's Deluge (Black Sea Flood) of 5500 BC. That there was a cultural remnant in this area up to the Black Sea flood is very likely: that it had its headquarters in a now sunken Island of the Mediterranean with the capitol Poseidopolis is extremely unlikely. There is also the matter that the Atlantean cultural area definitely includes the Western Mediterranean basin as a location, the area Westward from Tyrrhenia and Sicily to the Southern Spain and the Atlantic: Gibralter was also definitely open at the time, but the sea level much lower. Carls map designates these areas as the Baeleric Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea: and there still would have been a navigable sea channel linking all of them. The habitable land on the Libyan shelf would have been vast and Carl does not indicate the whole of the habitable land then, which would have run far into the modern Sahara.
Carl's second map has the date 3500 BC on it which is 5500 BP and not 5500 BC: I suspect there has been a confusuon here because we are talking the age of the Black Sea Flood, when sea levels were still very much lower, and then rose to nearly their modern levels. By 3500 BC this was already a long-since accomplished fact.
However if we simply leave it that Carl's theory says there is an Atlantean remnant culture all around both North and South shores of the Mediterranean, right on up as far as the borders of both Greece and Egypt, and continuing in some form or another from 10500 BP (8500 BC) to 5500 BP (3500 BC), That would probably work. It would then be defined as an African-derived, Capsian-based neolithic using African-derived Impresso pottery, and by the end of this period would have reached Northern areas such as Ireland, Scotland and Scandinavia as the Megalithic culture (And very far into Africa as well on the frontier South of the Sahara, in the Sahul and even into the Great Lakes area) As well as however much of the Americas were also touched by TransAtlantic contact originating within this cultural area.

Best Wishes, Dale D.

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