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Monday, October 8, 2012

Living Redheaded Warrior Giants Reported in Peru

 Archive Clipping from the St. Louis Dispatch

Lima, Peru May 22, 1976--- A one-eyed Indian tale of battling a band of red-haired hunchback giants has caused speculation that a tribe of stone-age aborigines may inhabit the jungles of northern Peru.

The men were described as olive-skinned, barefooted, hunched-back, more than 6 feet 6 inches tall with feet twice the normal size.

One scientist this week said he doubted their existence, but a well-known amateur anthropologist said it was well within scientific probability.

The giants have only been reported in San Juan Province, an area of rain forests and wooded foothills east of the Andes. Its 200,000 residents have no telephone service or paved roads.

Rumors of giant tribesmen have circulated frequently in the past. They received fresh momentum early this month when an explorer said he had stumbled across such a tribe.

Carlos Tarrealza, discoverer of the ruins of a lost Indian city in San Martin Province said he had found the giants when he was lost for two weeks in the jungle.

He said they were clad only in animal skins with reddish hair and spoke a dialect he had never heard. He said they fled at his approach.

Days later, two Lima newspapers, Ultima Hora and La Prensa quoted an Indian guide Encarnacion Napuri as saying on April 25th, a group of about 15 giant aborigines armed with thick wooden clubs, stone-headed axes and hard wood lances attached attacked a camp of professional hunters.

La Prensa said the tribesmen had abducted three women and wounded five men in the camp before being driven off by shotgun blasts. Ultima Hora said 5 men, 3 women and 2 children had been injured, but did not mention any kidnapping.

The disparity might be explained by Ultima Hora's comment that Napuri spoke extremely poor Spanish.

The director of the regional center of Indian remains, Cristobal Cresapana said, "I don't believe in the existence of these hunch-backed men...they correspond to precisely none of the racial traits of the people seen in the Andean region so far."

But Carlos A. Silva, a policeman and amateur anthropologist who traveled widely in the Peruvian Jungles, said the indigenous Peruvian could adapt himself very easily to live in the forested areas of the Andean foothills.

1 comment:

  1. Wow!

    GREAT FIND Dale.

    Just like the red headed giants of Nevada. You wonder how many giants live in the Amazon, undetected with thousands of square miles. There was even talk in the 1920's of blond and red head Indians on Catalina.

    It would be amazing to get DNA from some of these living giants, if they are still out there-- kind of like Sasquatch--hiding from civilization.

    I continually update my wordpress blog with bone reports from press accounts and science magazines. There must be hundreds more out there yet to be found. Even more amazing to consider the Smithsonian was actively gathering these bones, as many of the press accounts elude. At the Same time, as early as 1935 and 1940 they started to tell the press that "Giants are No More" -- a fiction-- that all giant reports are exaggerations. I suspect the Smithsonian had a big disinfo campaign starting around the WWII era, I can only speculate. Seems like the classic "Roswell/CIA era" mentality of compartmentalization, disinformation and denial about large skeletal types in the ancient past has been effective since the mid 20th century. That is my theory. Because as recently as 1927 they had a "giant race theory" in regards to the mound builders in Florida and the Ohio Valley, reports of seven foot man skeletons, and femurs 63 centimeters sent to the Smithsonian, and in Pennsylvania skeleton of a man 89 inches from skull to toes with a 26 inch chest was sent to D.C. in 1930's. If Giants didn't exist, as the Smithsonian alleges, why did the press report skeletons with bones one third larger, and skeletons well over 7 feet sent to D.C.? Surely there is something amiss. ;)


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