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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Giant Skeletons Found in Alaska

From Greater Ancestors site:

7′ Skeletons Giants in Alaska

Ancient Cemetery Uncovered in the Atlin Gold District.
Special Dispatch to The Call. VANCOUVER, Nov. 17.—James L. Perkinson, an American miner of Atlin, arrived here to-day with news of the finding of a number of skeletons in an ancient Indian cemetery in the north, which is of startling scientific interest.
Perkinson is one of the owners of the Yellow Jacket, a rich claim . which Is supposed to be the fountain head of Pine, the principal creek in Atlin district. Two weeks ago the first excavations were being made for a new tunnel and what appears to have been an old Indian
burying ground was opened up.
Five skeletons, nearly complete, were exhumed and each is the set of bones
that belonged to a giant of prehistoric times. One of the skeletons measures over
seven feet in length, so that the man must have been considerably over that height. Then there were two others of within an/Inch of seven feet and the remaining two “were more than six feet in length and the men were of gigantic frame."
The altitude Is high and the ground was half frozen, 80 that the bones were preserved almost intact Perkinson says that .he expects if they had kept on digging they would have found many more, as these were lying comparatively close together.
The bones of the fingers and toes bad crumbled away, but the linger of one skeleton hand was sufficiently •strong to hold a ring of what appears to be lead or some similar base, metal. The skeletons were unusually well formed, but one unique feature was that the arms were several inches shorter than ordinarily appears, while the size of. the bones of the forearm was enormous in comparison to the usual models, Beside two of the skeletons were spears, rudely shaped with a soft metal • [Native copper?]
and pointed with sharp stones. The spears were only about three feet long and five’ Inches thick at the top. tapering at the lower end. The top contained a socket into which a wooden shaft was probably placed, in order to wield the big piece of metal. Other pieces of stone and carved metal were found..

This is what the 5 skeletons would look like, the tallest being 7 feet.
The general physical appearance of.the. skeletons, according to the cursory examination of the miners, was similar to that of the-Indians of the present day. They were certainly of the flathead type of tribes. That the burying place Is of.ancient origin’ Is evidenced by the fact that the Indians say none of their tribesmen have lived within fifty miles of this place as far back as stories have been handed down. There are several mounds, presumably made by the Indian’s in the vicinity of the new mine tunnel ,now being extended.
The San Francisco call., November 18, 1900, Image 14
About The San Francisco call. (San Francisco [Calif.]) 1895-1913

Location of Atlin in SE corner of Alaska

Although the story sounds impressive, I suspect the skeletons are only some more examples of the CroMagnon-like Paleoindians, possibly of a type that practiced cranial deformation, but scarcely any larger than some historical Indians at the time of First Contact. If they were using Native Copper that is also basically unremarkable, although it might indicate some relationship to the Old Copper Culture Archaics of the Great lakes area. We cannot begin to estimate the age of these skeletons, unfortunately.
Best Wishes, Dale D.


  1. Just small samples of the pre Great-flood civilization which are considered the shortest in comparison to other found worldwide!!!!

  2. Awesome article!

    Seven footers, that's a giant. Considering 5 ft 3 to 5 ft 6 was average for lost of Tribes, and people like the Mayans and Anasazi were only 5 feet flat for men, and 4 ft 9 for women, a tribe of 6 ft 8 to 7 foot men would be gigantic... Like comparing a modern Asian elephant to a Columbian mammoth. ABout the same ratio, or today's biggest Grizlly to a short face bear. You throw in some 8 and 9 footers, and they are about two times taller than your Mayans.

  3. What exactly is anthropology and how is it related to sociology, and to some of the other social sciences as well?I went throughout my anthropology text book and I can't seem to find it, though I feel like there is a specific term for it. I'm trying to explain that people who are similar, whether its through language, race, etc, gravitate towards one another and stick together.

  4. I'm afraid I do not quite understand your question, would you like to reword that?

  5. Ivac, Sociology in some ways is a form of control. Government education provides sociology to make you a good compliant citizen. Anthropology is about the study of the history of mankind, "we" are individual researchers. Sociology degrades at your personal responsibility, individuality creativity, and free-thinking. It takes work, effort, and discipline to think on your own, its easy to parrot others, to drink the kool-aid, step out of that line, and throw those text books away at your first available opportunity.

  6. OK, Ivac and Chris, you are both going off-topic here and getting more so. I suggest you do some internet sources if you are trying to sort through the definitions. I suspect Ivac is talking about Ethnicity although what he says is vague enough it is unclear to me what he is driving at. At any rate, neither one of you is talking in terms of physical anthropology, which is the discipline that is pertinent here.

  7. Hello I'm Lucas. I am in forumer with Ellucas profile. We have analyzed pictures of skeleton "Kentucky Giant", that is exposed in the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia (USA). Here I leave a link to the discussion thread Where I compare Dr. Humberd, and two other giant skeletons (Giant Anton 8ft and Irish Giant 7' 7"). Concluded that approximately Kentucky Giant skeleton is between 7' 5" and 7 '6 "with a severe detour in his spine, kyposcoliosis, so that the giant has been" bad "registered. skeleton that if his spine corrects curvatures "normal" is likely to be 7' 10" to 7 '11" a real giant modern man. Maybe is the 3rd highest skeleton in exhibitio in the world today at museum, after the Julius Koch, and Giant Anton. Siah Kahn skeleton is suspected that is 7' 3", or does not exceed 7' 7". Sory for my bad english! Regards


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