Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Forbidden History - 2

Forbidden true History 2

The Important Capitol Hill of the
Pre-flood Planetary Empire Atlantis
        Detection lots of false Atlantises in the world, tightly linked to a huge number of false scientists, and modern false historical science of the world. There are written huge number of false books. They created the dangerous intellectual disorientation of the younger generation and the deepest crisis in the historical science. In our search for the real causes of  destruction of Atlantis, has helped the real knowledge of the key stages of the antediluvian history. Knowledge of Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy, Physics helped in deciphering the real causes of the destruction.
         Simply Put, before the last global deluge, before 10,465 B.C., the whole Earth was Atlantis and Atlantis was the whole Earth. We were looking for the heart of this civilization, the ruling center of a pre-flood planetary empire. We found lots of areal centers of the left-handed warrior aristocracy and the two main centers of the pre-flood antediluvian empire. The first center was Baalbek, and the second center became the legendary Atlantis fortress, surrounded by mountains in front of the Pillars of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar).
         Unlike many other Atlantologists, we were not looking for Atlantis above the water surface. We were looking for a real sunken Atlantis and its capital, on the bottom of the true sea (name of the oceans in ancient times), and of course we found it. In addition to knowledge of various branches of science, we used geographical orientation of the pre-flood, but artificially rejuvenated artifacts. We knew that the Prime Meridian of the antediluvian world was passing through the Atlantic Ocean. Antediluvian artifacts helped to draw exactly, where the Prime Meridian was passing over the Atlantic Ocean before the global deluge, before 10465B.C.
        Many copies of the antediluvian maps have edited incorrect post-flood grids by the non-professional map-makers. On some maps of Africa, the Prime Meridian correctly held near the western coast of Africa but then swerved toward the Canary Islands and went far away from Greenland. To understand the errors of the ancient map-makers, was not easy, but these problems were successfully solved.
       The exact definition of the Prime Meridian (red line on the map) has helped to solve the main puzzle of the distorted historical science. We found the central mountain - the main peak in the antediluvian world which held main Meridian.
       The Prime meridian has reasonable support by many pre-flood cards made by professional map-makers. Degree grid of these maps does not contain large errors. These errors can be corrected.
       After much searching, we chose the best sonar- cards of the mysterious sunken circular area. Central volcanic mountain here was surrounded by an underwater circular mountain range. Santa Maria and Sao-Miguel isles of Azores are located on the opposite tops of the range. 
      Within the Atlantis isles have been gathered main treasures of the pre-flood world. Magnificent Golden Gates, Golden temples, golden statues of the kings and elites etc. Details of the technical and home equipments and many other home things were made by gold, platinum and other rare metals. Rich elite family could order golden, silver or platinum sarcophagus for the own dead. Atlantis isles were provided by metallic concentrates from the all pre-flood world. Aborigines everywhere were working for eating only in the stone pits, metallic ores, agriculture etc.

Since Google has spoiled sonar maps and its special quality are damaged. Central mountain in the centre of the circular mountains is not seen clearly now. Much better the central mountain showed the other sonar-card made by scientific team in the project - «goldenageproject» (Golden Age).
On another map, we found tracks of volcanic eruptions. Huge mass of Magma covered part of the territory in the sunken kingdom of Atlas.
      Black Basalt which reaches the ocean surface in the North west region from Santa Maria island, is irrefutable proof of a powerful eruption under water after the flooding of Atlantis, the blue arc indicates that part of the famous ring structure around the fortress that is not covered by the magma.
      We even managed to find a huge man-made channel to the south, which Capital of the antediluvian planetary empire was contacting with the outside world.
Under the blue line track of the direct channel
Blue arc is a remain of the famous circular structure around the citadel which did not covered by magma
1. The area that shows the circular mountains ranges, can be called as the sunken kingdom of Atlas - one of the ten kingdoms of Atlantis.
2 This area can also be called as the City of Atlantis, Capital of the antediluvian world was a city-Kingdom
3. The central fortress we must call a fortress Atlantis. Some call this place as Poseidia, Poseydoniya, but we should understand that this is the name of the huge island.
In searching for Atlantis we discovered an amazing coincident between the sunken sea floor and Kircher’s map. Kircher’s map does not show Persephone’s isles but few decades ago soviet scientific expedition discovered many artifacts here. Pre-flood Persephone’s archipelago now is known as the sunken mountain ranges Ampere and Jozefina in front of the Gibraltar (Pillars of Hercules).
        Using supersonic and reactive crafts Atlantis planetary Empery could control rapidly their terrestrial rulers ( Arial aristocrats) and their working for the Atlantis in the agriculture, metallic ores etc. Their magnificent reactive submarines were moving rapidly on the water surface. We have conclusive evidences about pre-flood magnificent supersonic and reactive crafts. In the next publication I’ll explain in detail everything.
      Our video film shows in detail our magnificent discovery of the pre-flood ruling centre.  As an additional evidence of the discovery, we can show rare Internet Map. It's a miracle survivor of antediluvian Map of North America:
     Video:  Lots of False Atlantises and only one real Atlantis.

Author: K.L. Margiani
Founder new field of science Cosmogeology.
The first expert in the world on Atlantis.

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  1. Kakha you really need someone to edit yr English translations!

    I hope you meant Foremost rather than First and even if you did that sounds rather egoistic in English?

    The "First" European "expert" on Atlantis was Plato and he was recording a story he got third hand from people who had it translated from Egyptian.

    As someone who reads Classical Greek I feel obliged to warn you its much more obvious in the Greek text if you're familiar with his writing style that Plato couldnt resist the temptation to embellish the legend with a few of his numerological obsessions.

    In fact I suspect he took the the actual translated Egyptian story and added on some other legends he was aware of.

    What I'm saying is don't try TOO hard to match the scraps of actual evidence there is to Plato's account?

    Yes its possible the sea level rises or a mega wave triggered by a comet fall or something swiped out several cultures connected by trade but the amount of ACTUAL evidence we have ...All we have to contemplate are echoes ...that's why it is the Atlantis LEGEND not "forbidden" history.

    And if the Atlanteans were exploiting other cultures as slave labor maybe they're better forgotten except as an example of where arrogant imperialism leads to?

    It's interesting to speculate about such matters but we shouldnt get paranoid about them!


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