Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Forbidden History - 1

Forbidden True History - 1 

Video: Decoded secrets of the Apocalypse, Atlantis, 

Hermes Trismegistus and Giza complex.

Three Greatest Pharaohs of the Pre-dynastic Free Egypt
How to read cartouches of the pre-dynastic Pharaohs.
You can travel in the Egypt by Internet end read cartouches
         In the beginning I want to explain, how The Atlanto-hamitic colony - Egypt became free. Our scientists don’t like words:  global deluge, global flood, Apocalypse, while the words: extinction event, magnetic reversal, global drifting, and geological catastrophe they can use in the researches. Actually all these words are interrelated to periodical global geological catastrophes, produced by powerful inner geological forces – detonated pressure forces by one of the three outer detonators. Please forgive me dear scientists for usually readers I want to use well-known Apocalypse.
       After last Apocalypse in 10465B.C. Intellectual, political, economical… centre of the pre-flood world Atlantis isles have been sunken in the Azores triply junction zone. Only peaks of high Atlantis Mountains did not sink, forming Azores isles. Of course all terrestrial areas (colonies) became free automatically. The important customer of the agriculture products and supplier technical instruments and machines had been disappeared. Survived Atlantians by survived ships have been settled in the former colonies. For some reason, military crafts mainly were captured by Elephant CityDelhi.
“Ostrich-plume”: - A symbol of the divine power of the pharaoh and queen. In plain language will be explained as follows. Lord gives instructions in writing with doing monitoring.
“land”: - the land of the plants (the potentate [King, Queen] owner of Lands)
“Water”, “Sea”: (the potentate [King, Queen] owner of seas)
”Throne”: – (the potentate [King, Queen] owner of Throne )

1. “Sun” -  (His [Her] Excellency - [King, Queen]
-His [Her] Majesty - [King, Queen]
2. “Shining Sun”
  1. “Tablecloth”: - a sign offering to the gods.
  2. “Supher”: - Name of the God of feasting and Planet Uranus "Supher-As" – The God Uranus

Hieroglyph of many fruit bearing by the divine plant – Palm. denote the set of offerings in honor of the gods, and to lots of souls of dead and gives information about created temples in honor of the gods, and to lots of souls of the dead - (during the apocalypse and post-flood time)

1. Atlantians understood as: - The Majestic God and Supreme Priest
(GuaRaM-aS) Hermes [Germes] GuaRaM- Priest; aS – God.:
2. Aborigines understood as: - A living embodiment of God Horus [HouRs-MeSh] – The Born Gad Horus   Coptic - MeSh – born.:    note: I’ll use Hermes

Hieroglyph of Queen and – Giena: Queen has a symbol of divine power on her head an Ostrich-plume and a hand holding the Atlantean’s cross-shaped magic Ankh - As would be insured against the LORD of the Underworld.
These Hieroglyphs together means a Genial (Brilliant) queen. For the Atlantians Giena has been associated with genius as well.

1. Horizon.     2. Has a numeric value - first

"Queen": - The second half of the Sun  (Pharaoh), Potentate or engaged to future King

"Queen": - The second half of the Sun - (Pharaoh), - after the death of his first wife (Second wife – had all rights of Queen)

Has a numeric value - second

Semicircle: - half of the kingdom.:

“Bee”: - A symbol of Upper Egypt.: Ancient Ethiopia = area of ​​the upper (Basin) tributaries of the Nile + Southern Sudan.:  Ethiopia[efio] – Honey – Мёд.

Potentate(s) of the Egypt from the Ancient Ethiopia to the Nile delta. From this character came the word Mason → [mak-hon]- (“Born and growth and living in the honey”) Real meaning of the Name – “Mason”.:  Poppy [mak] symbol of Lower Egypt - the Lower valley of Nile to the delta of the Nile.: (Half of Sudan + Egypt).:
Arms: "Trident" - "Ш" - a symbol of "King" and the sign of the magnificent gifts in honor of the gods and the souls of the deads. (Creating temples, complexes). These Predynastic potentates were Atlantians and Kings. For the Egyptians – Pharaohs.
Arms: "Archer"- "bow" - a symbol - "Queen".

Third (III) King - (Trident-"Ш") of the post-flood independent Egypt which became potentate only half of his kingdom (semicircle).
-The second half of the kingdom - Upper Egypt - the country of the honey announced independence and did not submit former potentate of the whole Egypt. Hermes III was forced for ruling temporarily only half of the post-flood Egypt.

"A living embodiment of the majestic LORD Gebeb! His Excellency pharaoh of Egypt ....": Gebeb - the first ruler of Egypt (~ 15500B.C.±) From Ancient Ethiopia to the Nile Delta. He produced farmers’ settlements from ancient Ethiopia to Nile delta and was first ruler of the upper and lower Egypt. Eventually He became greatest God for the Atlanto-Hamitic people.  Of course had his farm, which breded geeses.
"Colossal shining Sun in the world ". "Colossal shining Sun on the horizon"
Colloid + lasso + Sun + sea. Water-Colloid: → An ancient system of purification  to use the groundwater streams. Hieroglyphs show relief of the Earth.
In the cartouche two rulers on the throne: - A symbol of the puppet government and the occupation of - Egypt...

In the cartouche two opposite Ostrich Plumes - A symbol of the puppet government and the occupation of the predynastic Egypt
Poppy - [mak]
1. Symbol of lower Egypt
2. Name of pharaoh Mak
Scepter - the symbol of divine power Pharaoh a heqa and a wine bottle. Heqa-scepetr is one of the main jewels of Pharaohs - "divine shepherd of sheeps."
Hermes Trismegistus! Hermes Thrice Greatest!

"Finger and the ring" - "learning stage" - the future betrothed potentate (Pharaoh. Queen) - "the rising Sun in the land of Egypt."

…← reading  from right to left ←…
    After the Apocalypse - 10465 B.C. in Egypt, went to the throne first independent Pharaoh. Of course he ordered suitable scepter, cartouches, throne, etc. He had huge stocks of the agricultural products, and began to build temples in honor of the gods, and for the great number of souls of the deads during the Apocalypse. Who was the first pharaoh of the independent Egypt you can recognize on the walls of ancient temples. Now you know exactly meaning of the ancient Atlanto-hamitic hieroglyphs. Now it is easy and very interesting to decipher information on the megalithic temples and ruins. Thus, now you know how to read hieroglyphs in the cartouches!
1). Pharaoh of Egypt and the Lord and potentate: Lands, Seas and the throne! Majestic God and Supreme Priest! Creator of magnificent gifts for a great number of souls of the deads - Hermes I.
2). Queen of Egypt! Majestic and Genius Queen on the horizon!
3).  His Excellency! Pharaoh of Egypt and the Lord and potentate: Lands, Seas and the throne! Majestic God and Supreme Priest! Creator magnificent gifts for a great number of souls of the deads - Hermes I.
4). Her Excellency! Queen of Egypt! Majestic and Genius Queen, the colossal shining Sun on the horizon!

Try to Read Cartouches of the Hermes Trismegistus! 5,6,7,8,9,10.
…← reading, from right to left ←…
Now we know exactly Hermes Trismagistus was his Nickname. We know his real name - "Enoch".
Full Decoded Nickname: “Trice Greatest Majestic God and Supreme Priest” – Hermes II

…→ reading,  from left to right →…
You don’t see numeric value III, but we have conclusive evidences – cartouches belongs Hermes III
Uranus – The God of the Feast – “Supher-As” – LORD URANUS.
Hermes III → “tablecloth” → “Supher” → “Uranus” .:
Try to read cartouches 11,12,13,14. →  Pharaoh  Hermes III
Now you can see part of the hieroglyphs from one of the Abu Simbel temples entrance, above the captives

…← reading  from right to left ←…

a. Third king of the half kingdom became a King of both halves of the kingdom ……→…
b.  Third king of Egypt who had lost half of the kingdom again became king of both halves of the kingdom - united Egypt from the Nile Delta to the Ancient Ethiopia ……→…  Try to read →…
Information is confirmed by the Pharaoh and Queen with their cartouches. Try to read …→…

Author: K. L. Margiani
Founder new field of science Cosmogeology
The first expert in the world on Atlantis

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