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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Giant Warrior Strain Continues to Present Day

I was in the middle of two or three other things and then this matter came up again, but this time I had a more complete statement on the matter. One of my Friends on Facebook just shared this photo reproduced below, and with the following caption-

"Hey found bigfoot in Russian Parliament, this photo confirms coned head, distinct brow ridge, long upper lip, hooded nose, high shoulders, sloped back, bipedalism LOL his name is Nikolai Valuev a former heavyweight boxer hes 7 ft tall and is now a member of Russian parliament"

Opening of Article: If being the tallest and heaviest heavyweight champion in history at 7 feet and 325 pounds, respectively, were not enough to bring attention to undefeated Nikolai Valuev, one need only imagine the looks of disbelief from boxing experts and novices alike when the Russian giant enters the ring not by the customary process of stepping through the ropes; he steps over them. These and many other anomalies are par for the course for this native of St. Petersburg, who has charted an unlikely course to become World Boxing Association champion.

He was born during the depths of the Cold War on Aug. 21, 1973, to parents who both stood only 5 feet 5 inches tall. The explanation for his immense size comes from his grandmother. She spoke of an Asiatic tribe called the Tartars (derived from Tarturus, the Greek god of the underworld), who had once conquered Russia and spread terror throughout most of Europe. She said her grandfather was "a giant of a man called Vasily," and a direct descendant of this warrior race. Nikolai was the product of this gene pool...

Actually "Tartars" (and in Germany, "Huns") refers primarily to the Asiatic nomad horsemen of about the Clasical age (Greece and Rome) BUT both names are also used to mean "Giant Warriors" and are translatable to the Scandinavian term "Iotun" (Giant) as direct replacements of one another: simlarly the Siberian Snowmen are commonly known by the term "Tungus" ordinarily assumed to mean the local Siberian population of "Tartars"

Nikolay Valuev says “I am not a machine; I am not a piece of meat; I am not a circus show. I am a normal human being. I have human feelings. I have a beautiful family. I have many friends. I like good music, classical music. I read books. People sometimes do not treat me like a human being because of my size. They make a sensation. I try not to take it personally because they do not know me as a person, but there are times when it hurts me inside.”

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There is really nothing unusual about Nikolai, he is a continuation of the Giant Warriors of the past and he is a present-day survivor of a type recognised to Physical Anthropolgy and mentioned here before. Skulls of the exact type are known from many places in Europe and they have been known for a long time: I have mentioned the matter before in my postings about "Half-Ogres" and "Half -Trolls" and one of the more famous of these skulls is illustrated below in  illustrations from the 1800s

There is a lot of talk about this type and related types on the message boards that delight in classifying Europeans into any number of distinctive races or subraces, and mostly following Carleton Coon in The Races of Europe. I myself do not see the need to consider the differences to be "Racial" in nature but it is useful to see what Coon has said about the strain which can be recognised in Physical Anthropology and Archaeology:

 Aboriginal Northwest European subraces (The descendants of the first peoples to settle in northwest Europe, who retreated to refuge areas in southern France and northern Spain during the Last Glacial Maximum of 20,000-15,000 years ago [18,000-13,000 B.C.], and then re-expanded northward along the coasts of the Atlantic and the North Sea during the final phase of the Upper Paleolithic period circa 15,000-10,000 years ago [13,000-8,000 B.C.])
1.) Borreby subrace (named after Danish island site where paleolithic remains were found; principal element in Denmark, southwest coast of Sweden, northern Germany, the Rhineland and the Ruhr, majority element in Wallonia)
2.) Brünn subrace (named after paleolithic site near Brno, or Brünn, Czech Republic; predominant element in Western Ireland)
3) Mixed or blended subtypes: A.) Anglo-Saxon or Old Germanic Reihengräber type (Nordic- Brünn blend; predominant element in the Dutch province of Friesland (Frisia) and the Dutch and German Frisian Islands, common in southeast England and northwest Germany)
B.) Trønder type (Brünn-Nordic blend; predominant element in Trøndelagen area of western Norway [whence the name] and Iceland, common in northeast England and Scotland)
C.) Fälish, Dalofalid or Dalo-Nordic type (Nordic-Borreby blend; names from Fälen [German for "plain"] and Dalarna region of Sweden (Kopparberg); primary element on the north German plain, Jutland and the Swedish province of Kopparberg) D.) East Baltic type (northeast periphery blend of Borreby and/or Fälish with Neo-Danubian and/or Ladogan; majority element in Finland and the Baltic States, formerly predominant in Old Prussia, but this element now dispersed throughout Germany and Eastern Europe as a result of the expulsion of the Prussian population from its ancestral homeland)
This is probably splitting hairs over diversified but related lineages and the names given to such populations are probably unnecessary to remember. The point is that the Brunn/Borreby populations are said by Coon to be residual CroMagnon/Neanderthal crosses, they are unusually tall and muscular, and many of the "Strong Men" of Europe derive from this type. Some of the modern decendants are not so large, and the stereotyped "Irish" caricatures are showing what Coon says are features derived from these Upper paleolithic mixed types (at the same time, other authors most strnuously object to the type being called CroMagnon, as it commonly is, and R. Cedric Leonard points out that there are distinctive eastern and Western European Upper Paleolithic populations-the Brunn populations he would say were of the Eastern sort but the Western ones are the ones he would call CroMagnon (per se)

Some of the families of Giant Warriors show more exaggerated Neanderthal-like features and there is evidence for stronger and more recent Neanderthal admixture, and the traits do definitely run in families (Once again, as in the earlier "Berserker" warrior blog entries) and Boris Porshnev mentioned the mixed types in his discussion on Surviving Neanderthals.  And so whether Nikolai gains Neanderthaloid genes from  very ancient or a more recent crossing with more typical modern men, he comes by his heritage honestly.

And it is also not unusual that he has a beautiful wife: the same population of Brunn/Borreby types consistently produces females that are thought to be exceptionally beautiful by most people, having round faces with strong cheekbones, large eyes and curvy bodies with large breasts. Marilyn Monroe is out of this population, so is Mauneen O'Hara and so is Anita Ekberg. So it seems that the Warrior Giants of old incorporated into their families the genes of exceptionally beautiful women that they had mated with in the past. Rather like the Biblical Nephilim before them.

Anita Ekberg


  1. Very interesting. Nikolai definitely has those ancient features, I suspect he'd have been average for some groups of the upper Peleolithic. some of the cro-magnon skeletons found in Mentone cave Italy were up to 7 feet tall, femurs 22 inches were measured for the biggest males. Lots of other news reports and scientific papers on massive human bones, some double the normal size reported in France and the Pyrenees. I wouldn't be surprised if they had guys taller than 9 feet in Gaul, where the Castelnau and Montpellier giants were found. Glozel museum also had some bones twice the normal thickness, and human hand prints in clay up to 10 and 14 inches long. But the site is controversial.

    Anita Ekberg is a hotty.

  2. The Kurgan mounds in Russia and the Caucasus mountains have revealed quite a number of giant 7 - 9 foot skeletons.

    Even Nicolai Valuev would have to look up to this lady:

    A skeleton of a woman 2,000 BC from a Kurgan burial from Azerbaijan. the placard says she is 2,20 cm tall.

    This Russian blog also describes a skeleton found in the Don region which was 2 m 10 cm (about 7 feet) tall and also 4,000 years old:

    Another discovery in Georgia, Borjomi region in 2008 was reported of a giant man 2, 50 to 3 meters tall.

    I have probably a dozen more references of 7 foot+ skeletons found in that region I can locate in my files. Definitely lots of archaic giants in Russia and Europe, central Asia.

    1. Ever heard of gigantism?
      Gigantism, also known as giantism (from Greek γίγας gigas, "giant", plural γίγαντες gigantes), is a condition characterized by excessive growth and height significantly above average. In humans, this condition is caused by over-production of growth hormone[1] in childhood resulting in persons between 2.13 m (7 feet or 84 inches) and 2.74 m (9 feet or 108 inches) in height.

  3. I heard of many Giant Skeletons being found from 8-25 feet tall!Unfortunately every picture that I'v seen were all definitely Photo shopped and non of any known Scientist Confirmed these.I'v been to well over a hundred Museums World wide where there are Ancient Human Remains but not one Giant I'v ever seen!It mostly reported by Religious Groups.

  4. I have wrote a book on the Giants it can be read on my website free..There are also many good videos of interest. The website is called


    Neanderthal Harbours
    Andre Willers
    5 Apr 2012
    “A girl in every port”
    Sea-going Neanderthals survived and merged into the Homo Saps , while their unsophisticated land cousins became extinct .

  6. Interesting concept, and there is some reason for saying the more rugged populations (suggested to be CroMagnon-Neanderthal crosses bt Coon)include inhabitants of some areas traditionally known for sending sturdy men out into the sea, including in both Ireland and in Scandinavia.

  7. Note to Stooshie: a one-word derisive pejorative does not comprise any sort of a cogent argument. Kindly make specific criticisms of specific points of evidence in the future. And if you are going to present any sort of a blanket rejection of any of the blog articles, please provide an indication on what authority you make such a dismissal.

    1. In fairness, it's probably the tendency most if not all "Hyperborianists" have to fit the evidence to the theory, and not the other way around.

      What they call "mainstream" (as though that's somehow a bad thing) scholars do is observe the evidence at hand, dispassionately, and extrapolate a hypothesis from it.

      That's not a one word pejorative, but neither is it a specific criticism of specific points of evidence. However, to do so would be entering a fruitless debate, because generally speaking, "Hyperborians" and other conspiracy theorists are too blinded by belief to indulge in a dispassionate discussion of the "evidence", or even the lack of evidence for their theory.

      For example: Calling the prolific use of pyramid structures amongst ancient cultures evidence for their interelatedness is implausible. A pyramid is a highly stable and easy geometric structure to build for obvious reasons of physics and mathematics. It is logical therefore, that many cultures that wish to build "high places" will use a pyramid.
      Do you agree? Of course not! I'm sure you've already thought of this, and found some clever rebuttal which denies the obvious in support of the bizzare.

      Having said that, I admire the work that has gone in to this website, and have found it an interesting read, even if I do think you're all barmy fantasists! :)

    2. You're not only insulting and plain barmy yourself, you also have not enough sense to add in your arguments where they are pertinent and would do the most good. For Your Information, the current posing is in regards to Physical Anthropology and has nothing to do with anything else. It has nothing to do with "Hyperboreans" (??) and I can only assume you like hearing the sound of yourself farting out the mouth because you do not know anything about Physical Anthropology yourself and have no valid arguments to add in the case of this blog posting in question, because you have actually said absolutely nothing to do with the blog posing I question.

      For example, your example about pyramids has no relevance and does not in fact address anything ever said about pyramids, their structure, ornamentation, or use, that was ever stated directly on this blog. Your remarks are singularly pointless here in that this article has said nothing about pyramids at all. You very obviously have not read this article and you very obviously do not read anything on this site regularly since you have said nothing at all about anything actually printed on tis blog. You just stand up and mouth off a lot of immaterial garbage in hopes like you sound as if you are making some sort of a cogent argument. Since you have not read this article and you have not read the blog otherwise from what you have said, you have not actually made any specific point in regards to anything actually printed on this blog.

      As it stands you are babbling nonsense with the idea that it somehow makes you sound like something less than a complete idiot. Go Home, You're Drunk.

      Definition of HYPERBOREAN
      1often capitalized : a member of a people held by the ancient Greeks to live beyond the north wind in a region of perpetual sunshine

      2: an inhabitant of a cool northern climate

      Origin of HYPERBOREAN
      Latin Hyperborei (plural), from Greek Hyperboreoi, from Hyper- + Boreas, "Beyond the North Wind"

  8. And nobody thinks that perhaps those beautiful women aren't responsible for not only there traits but those of the males they breed?

    1. Actually I said that before and my Professor at IU called me a Male chauvenist just for saying so.

  9. Check out Dalip Singh Rana aka 'The Great Khali'. Causasian chin + Neatherthal brow. Awesome physique


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