Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Added Commentary on Recent Giant Articles

Robert Kline at Global Warming and Terraforming Terra reprinted some of my recent postings of articles concerning human giants in Europe and in Precolumbian America. I thought his introductions alone were worth repeating here:

Irish Giants Have Genetic Basis
Posted: 30 Apr 2012 12:01 AM PDT

This helps us put this all together. We have a source population in Ireland of red haired giants that plausibly became common and even became part of a tribal group possibly sought after for military prowess. This population is indicated in Scandinavia and Scotland also. Most important they were certainly present and extant adjacent to the Irish Sea which was part of the return route for the annual Minoan/Atlantean Copper fleet that passed every year from 2400 BC through 1159BC.

It is also plausible that independent Irish expeditions sailed to take advantage of the Hudson river - Great Lakes Route to the Copper fields. We have extensive Bronze Age evidence along the environs of this route including the report today on red haired giants located near Niagara Falls . Slowly but surely the evidence has been adding up since the early 1980’s when Berry Fell drew attention to it and wasroundly ignored.

The giants though are very important simply because they are absolutely alien to North America including confirmation that the DNA is effectively British. Now deniers must get past the existence of hard evidence that includes extraordinary bones and DNA. They simply cannot have it both ways.

For the record, there are several reports and apparent sources of hard evidence to police up for a complete study once the archeologists decide to accept the plausibility of the Bronze Age Minoan– Atlantean global trade culture.

It is a really good bet that these giants were prized by the Minoans to have along to impress opposing forces. The tale of Goliath is the tale of only one man with the Philistine army which was a Minoan colony at least. Yet that was enough to dishearten the Israelites.

Bronze Age European presence in Eastern North America is shaping up to be persuasive. Most likely it led the mound building Hopewell culture in its entirety. After all, the commonality for this 1300 year presence world wide appears to be the building of some form of pyramid. This was mostly done initially at least with individual sacks of soil and rock. In the Mississippi , the use of earth and gravels may well have been the only option.

This includes the Nile Delta, then Minoan in culture in all likelihood as well as locales wherever they established a sizable presence.
Red Haired Giants of England and America
Posted: 30 Apr 2012 12:01 AM PDT

This mass of reports were put together by Dale Drinnon and are an important addition to the two prior reports that I posted on. A lot of additional information is added and a few remarks can now be made.

My original conjecture was that the giants are European descended from the era of the Bronze Age (2400 BC to 1159BC) when it was possible for tribal groups to ship into the Americas. I also made the conjecture that the the tribe was likely a hybrid species formed from European humanity and the Neanderthals.

I see nothing in the material here that refutes that conjecture and plenty to support the plausibility and direct further work.

I continue to be astonished at the failure of researchers to come to the table when hard evidence arises. This work reports on what is really a mass of evidence of which some at least is quietly sitting in collections somewhere. Follow up is also completely possible and if these reports can be refuted, the task is bone simple. It is even worth an appropriate note in the correct scholarly journal to prevent other scholars from wasting their time.

It is also worth an appropriate note to confirm that the objects were eyeballed and remained unexplained.

We now have two serious sites in the watershed of Lake Erie that were both on a secondary route into the copper mines of Lake Superior. It is noteworthy that this route is associated with Northern Europeans and included the Hudson valley and another portage route through Peterborough in Ontario. The Grand river did supply an easy portage route to Lake Huron if it was necessary to by pass the choke point by Detroit.
The first report here is of a massacre and it appears that we have a cultural history of this right across the Americas. As important, they were metal workers and certainly linked to the groups who operated the mines.

This tribe is certainly the source of the Goliath story in the Bible and it is apparent that the giants had a far greater presence in the Americas than I had ever guessed. It appears that the tribe was wiped out by the hostility of their surrounding tribes. This may have meant that the men were killed as indicated in the evidence while the women were simply taken as slaves. In that case the genetically dominant characteristics would have been diluted and suppressed.



  1. your guest writer has proven himself to be most eloquent, thank you for sharing the information, Robert

  2. "...while the women were simply taken as slaves..." Interesting. There's a Chief that lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama that was reputed by De Soto to be more than seven feet in height. In the same area is a large Indian mound at Moundville, Al. Hybrid maybe? A description of him here.

  3. We're all hybrids as far as that goes. As far as Giant Warriors go, though, there seems to be a specific Neanderthal/Cromagnon crossbreed strain involved. This strain is known to anthropology and is physically very large and strong. Some of the Mound peoples seem to have liked these people as guards and warriors and inbred them, selecting for large size. When they did this, there was an unfortunate side effect of pooling the recessive genes of the mutant strains. That's my theory, anyway.


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