Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Monday, April 9, 2012

Robert Lindsay on the Antiquity of the White Race

Traditional Human Races. From Wikipedia.
Robert Lindsay just posted on his blog:

The traditional European phenotype only dates back 10,000 years. Before that, Europeans looked very different.

In fact, the African genesis theory is pretty uncontroversial in anthropology today. It is only rejected by nonscientists, mostly White nationalists and White racists with an axe to grind against White people.

The “Aryans” only date back to 5000 YBP. That’s it. If you are talking White people, well, White skin [blonde hair] and blue eyes go back 9-11,000 YBP. Before that, European skulls and genes look more Arab than anything else. Going back ~20,000 YBP, European skulls look most like the skulls of the Indian tribes of NW America such as the Makah of Washington state. Going back 35,000 YBP, the oldest Europeans do not look like any known race. They may look more like a Bushman than anything else.

--Not only is Robert dead-on correct about this, but it is correspondingly true that the actual "Mongoloid" Asiatics only go back to about the same 10000 years ago, as do what people think of as Congoid blacks of Africa. Traditionally-defined "Whites", "Blacks", "Yellows" and "Reds" all came onto the scene at about the same time. NONE of the traditional races in their traditional expressions existed in the Pleistocene, they are all innovations of the Postglacial (Holocene)
In this case, the "Arab" skulls are Mesolithic Capsians and the "American" looking skulls are CroMagnons just in time for the Solutrean Crossing. Both things are useful to know.

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