Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Re: Surveys of Atlantis 3

Kakha Margiani sent along some links to be posted last night on the blog which mentioned his theories. There was a passage where I said his critics say that he has done things without good reason. He took exceptopn to that statement and sent me some links. The links did not come through properly and so I asked him to re-send. Here are the new corrected links he has provided:

Thank you for your attention!

“he has done this without giving any good reason to assume it is so”
 The decoded map of Atlantis is interrelated to hard working for last decades.

English data 1. or
English data 2.
English data 3.

Russian data 1.
 Russian data 2.

Best wishes
K. Margiani
The world’s first expert on Atlantis
Founder new field of science Cosmogeology


  1. Atlantis point of,

    theory Rusian researcher Margiani :

    This Atlantis point is extremely near theory Otto Muck , see,

    map French Archeological International magazine Kadath and Muck on

    page 201 book Prof. Carnac , France , compariosn of Atlantis theories,

    identical conclusions for position Atlantis, autopsy of a mythe : french title :

    L'atlantide , autopsie d'un mythe , see webpage and Google Books of course :

    You can interactive look at this Atlantis position

    in Google Earth PLUGIN (free download) in Platonic UVG gridmode , click on pyramids or symbols for explanation in appearing links : click for intercative worlgrid window

    If the grid is reversed in Google Sky , the Leo (Lion) constellation can be projected down in Google Earth , endorsing the Atlantis Platonic UVG triangles

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