Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Thursday, March 29, 2012

K. Margiani Guest Blogger

I have asked Mr. Kakha Margiani to submit a guest blog which shall hopefully lead to a series of articles. Here is his first submission, Dealing with the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings:

“Pseudoscience” — Catastrophic Plate Tectonics.

Problem of the Atlantis is interrelated to false understanding about the “pseudoscience” — catastrophic plate tectonics. Elite of the modern Geology have to change their opinion. Future of the modern Geology is that: — Gradualism + Catastrophic plate tectonics.:
Gradualism is interrelated to peaceful periods — between thr global deluges evry ~7000÷13000 years. Catastrophic plate tectonics is interrelated to global deluges evry ~7000÷13000 years.
There are lots of pre-flood (before 10.465 B.C.) maps made by unknown Atlantis’ geographers. In front of you, one of them — pre-flood North America. “Mar Del Zur” is a pre-flood name for the Pacific Ocean. Pre-flood Strait “Anian” passed above the modern Alaska-Canadian boundary, of Gulf of Alaska to Beaufort Sea. This part of the mainland was a sea-floor under the pre-flood Strait “Anian”. We can’t see northern isles as well. Pre-flood northern geographical pole situates in the middle of the Greenland. Premier meridian passes over the pre-flood Capitolium — Citadel of the Atlantis City.:
Now the sunken Citadel of the Atlantis City is situates on the sea-floor between the Azorean Isles: Sao Miguel and Santa Maria. We have many proof about greatest flood in 10.465B.C. Huge sedimentary layers of the so called Paleotsunami are dispersed over the American mainlands.
We have greatest scientific evidence about huge tsunami 25÷50m. that attacked Iberian Peninsula in 10,465B.C. German Geophysicist Marc-Andre Gutscher discovered tracks of the greatest tragedy in 1755 on the sea-floor near the Lisbon. Greatest Earthquake and tsunami ~(5÷10m.) attacked Lisbon in 1755 and killed ~50,000÷100,000 people. Marc-Andre Gutscher discovered 5 times greatest track over the same sea-floor ~12,000 yeas old (10,465+2012=12,477); Scientific equipment always has mistake 500÷1000 years. 5 times greatest track over the sea-floor means huge tsunami as a minimum 25÷50m. Marc-Andre Gutscher has written an interesting investigation —"Destruction of Atlantis by a great earthquake and tsunami? A geological analysis of the Spartel Bank hypothesis". He is the greatest specialist and intellectual but our mainstream scientists have a sample Dogmatic view —"Seeing is believing". Mainstream scientists have to see huge waves over the mainlands to believe that...???
Paleontologists have known as well, about huge extinction event ~12500 years ago. You can read or listen in the mass-media — "10,500B.C. destroys science". Lots of scientific fields are destroyed by false researches in Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology, Geology and historical sciences while the real science - catastrophic plate tectonics has a pseudoscientific status... billions of dollars are spent in the false scientific projects and produced lots of false degrees and false scientific dragons - "Top Scientists". Triumph of the false degrees can prevent only future global deluge - huge wave streams over the European and American cities... Natural investigators have no money to explain truth in the most popular mass-media.

Pre-flood and modern northern geographical poles (approx.).

Pre-flood and modern coastal lines and mainlands - (approx.).

Pre-flood and modern maps and disappeared peninsula – “Hiperbaria”

global drifting over the 1000÷1500km in 10,465B.C. produced global destruction of the isostatic balance between the major and minor plates. You can see proof of the global and tragic readjustment in 10.465B.C.
K. Margiani
The world’s first expert on Atlantis
Founder new field of science Cosmogeology

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