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Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Monday, February 6, 2012

Out of Africa By Faces

An interesting website has a presentation of the Out Of Africa theory and colonisation of the World since 60000 BP (Out of Africa II as it turns out, with Toba erupting between the two) Here are some samples from the site:

Out of Africa to India And Ceylon: The Tamils

From India to the Andaman Islands, the Jarawa, separation from Africans at 60000 years ago

The same wave Out Of Africa produced the Indonesian Negritos

The Negritos above form one part of the older Indonesian Orang-Asli. The more recent ones are the Indonesians who settled in Sundaland before 40000 years ago and included Haplogroups C-D

Ryukyuan Islanders Out of Sundaland continued on as Haplogroups C and D

Meanwhile in Europe, Haplogroups I-J entered the Balkans about 40000 years ago to form the basis of the CroMagnon Upper Paleolithic Populations (Gravetian rather than Aurignacian here)

I and J continued to diversify in Europe, but a large population of the I type went on to Scandinavia

 Somewhat later the C and D types went into America via Beringia, including the Athabascans

Most of the Americas were colonised by people containing variations on Y-DNA Haplogroup Q, deriving something like 12000 years ago. This is a Nahua (Aztec) of group Q in Mexico

Deep in the Amazon rainforests are theTupi as a sort of-Q-Mutant isolated since 10000 yrs ago

It turns out that South Americans went by separate routes South on either side of the Andes, the populations on the East side going on foot like the Tehueluches. These are also Q type typical Paleoindians, and the whole of both Americas was thought to be colonised by Q types in one push of about a thousand years at the end of the Ice Age (Radiocarbon 10000 to 11000 years ago)

Lastly it is thought some of the Fuegans still retain something of an older Australoid ancestry.


  1. i think most of this diaspora theory is covered admirably in Stephen Oppenheimer's OUT OF EDEN

  2. Mostly: there have been a number of refinements since then including the fact that there had to have been two Out of Africa movements with the Toba volcanic eruption in between the two. I have some revised charts on my desk and some other illustrations which I was getting together for another posting to go into those details.

    This posting was added here mostly because it was good-looking and eye-catching, and it did bring home a couple of points that might not have been quite so obvious without this set of pictures (A number of the old-stratum CroMagnons settled in Scandinavia and basically the population of North, Central and South Native Americans are all variations on the same original strain.)

    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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