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Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Skulls: Trepanned, Indus, Mayan, Deformed, Crystal, Giant and Otherwise

Tall-domed Mayan skull. Although this is another deformity of the cranium produced in infancy by cradleboarding, it is less severe than the more elongated forms used by the aristocracy and shown below. It is therefore better for comparison to the trepanned Indus Valley skull below, and it is generally similar. And this also places the practice of trepanation (head-boring "to let the evil spirits out of the brain") as one introduced into the New World out of the Indus valley. The tools used in this  variety of trepanation are traditionally made of bronze, by the way, and the ones used in South America are very similar to the ones used in India and the Near East in Ancient times.

A moderately-deformed Maya skull at Left and a slightly more deformed one below it, also for comparison to the Indus skull shown above. The Maya skuls are basically of one of the native Archaic types deriving from the end of the Ice Age and discussed on this blog previously, but several show features similar to the Indus Valley People (identified as Linguistically Tamils) and some show other traits that are similar to peoples from the Near-East, Turkestan or East-Asia: obviously the population was very mixed at one point but later became standardized as the recognisable "Maya" type. Following below the skulls were two reconstructions of deformed Mayan skulls, one male and the other female, both with shaved heads. I thought they were good reconstructions

A Mayan skull with jade tooth inlays on the left and a crystal (calcite) skull on the right. Although there are some stylistic differences, the two skulls look to be the same ethnic group: the carved one seems to have a moderate degree of cranial deformation such as the skull at the top of this blog entry 

The Mayans are known to have carved skulls in stone in decoration. As a matter of fact they did this a LOT and with skulls at all sizes. Naturally there was some variation as to the quality of execution. some were quite crude and some were fine reproductions of actual skulls. The oldes JADE skulls I can find references to were on Olmec age figural celts (groundstone jade tomahawk-heads) from probably 1000 BC or more. There is even a specific name in the Mayan language for Crystal Skull: Pet Jol.

Below Mayan half-skull mask, the skull part is naturalistically sdone and resembles some of the Crystal skulls. At right is an illustration of a crystal skull from the 1800s taken from the records of the Smithsonian Institution (as illustrated in SMITHSONIAN magazine.)

Mayan Stone (Limestone) Skull on the Left, Mexcan Stone (Basalt) Skull on the Right. The Mexican example is from the Mayan Classical period approximately. Both of these representations share features commonly seen on the crystal skulls and also the jade skulls that are possibly rather more commonly considered authentic.
Two "Shipwrecked" Mayan Crystal Skulls. These were salvaged from a shipwrecked Spanish treasure-ship off of the Florida coast and hence are to be taken as booty looted from the Natives and being shipped back to Spain. They are therefore authentically pre-Columbian.
"The Mayan Crystal Skull"-another example which seems to be authentically what its name states it to be.Several of the skulls which appear to be authentic do include the effect of being unusually elongated in back or deformed.

I have this as an illustration in a Peter Colosimo "Gods From Outer Space" book but I think it came originally from a magazine such as ARGOSY in the 1970s. And actually while the skulls are unusual in the Amazon basin, they are not unidentifiable. As a matter of fact they resemble two basic types of Megalith-builders from Western Europe and can be looked upon as ultimately like the CroMagnon and Combe-Capelle Ice age "Cave Men." And you have living people in the Iberian peninsula that are much like them today. The problem is, are they recent or ancient Iberians in that case? They COULD be nothing more than Portugese colonials that met an untimely end, or they COULD have been shipwrecked on a Phoenician galley. Without testing the skulls themselves there might not be any way of telling.

And below is a newspaper article on a giant skull found in Texas. It is once again unusually large but conforms to the ADENA type. I have heightened the contrast on the photo at the bottom.


  1. They probably wanted to say those skulls were of 'unknown races' because nobody wants to admit that white people could have been in the Western Hemisphere too.

    1. not really, the real truth they are trying to hide is that there were giants in the earth in the past, fathered by fallen angels. Hence, the New York "Giants" Research giant mounts throughout the entire eastern u.s. The Bible states that in the end times, the days will be as the days of Noah, which were popullated by these giants whom God killed with the world wide flood.

  2. Could someone provide more information on the "Mayan" quartz skulls found in a shipwreck off Florida?
    Thank you.


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