Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ivan Sanderson on Maricoxi

The Maricoxi is a general term for several large apelike creatures that have been reported in many parts of the jungle regions of South America. These may be cryptids or merely an undiscovered tribe.
Percy Fawcett reported encountering a group of them in 1914. They were extremely hairy, lived in villages and used bows and arrows. They spoke in grunts and lived to the northeast of a tribe called the Maxubi [1]. [Wikipedia considers them equivalent to DiDis, Vasitris, Cuipura, Aigypans and Guyazis, and states that this covers creatures from Pygmy to Giant size]

  • Percy Fawcett - Lost Trails, Lost Cities Funk & Wagnalls (1953) ASIN B0007DNCV4 [2]
  • Ivan T. Sanderson, "Things", 1967, Pyramid Books Chapter 8 (pages 80-93)- "The Maricoxi" [3]



    The category as laid out by Wikipedia sounds like an exact match for Austin Whittall's presumed South American surviving Homo erectus, which he also considers to range from pygmy to giant sizes (links to Whittall's postings on the subject have already been posted on this blog.)
    I had recently brought up the subject of the Maricoxi which were primitives that Percival Fawcett encountered abnd which Ivan Sanderson counted as Neanderthals. These are actually fascinating because they are essentially Almases in South America but with practically normal human culture. I include the reprint of Sanderson's article from Genus as it was in the collection "THINGS" by Ivan T. Sanderson

    And as a matter of fact, Sanderson's material on the Toonijuk has already been posted on this blog before. Best Wishes, Dale D.

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