Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Friday, December 16, 2011

Megalithic Yard

This message comes from Scott Andrews out of the Mailbag today:

Hi Dale,

My name is Scott and I just stumbled onto your blog today. Synchronicity? Perhaps. I was researching the Pleistocene Extinction and came across your site. The reason I'm writing you is twofold. First, I notice a similarity between your ongoing quest for knowledge and my own 30+ years doing the same thing. We seem to be on parallel tracks. Who knows? as time goes on we may find it advantageous to share discoveries. Second and most importantly, pertaining to your Megalithic trans-Atlantic contact research here's a  bit of info for you. Fox News Latino Oct. 28, 2011...scientists investigating Teotihuachan in Mexico discovered a unit of measurement used. It's 83 cms or 32.68 ins. If I'm not mistaken Professor Thom calculated the Megalithic Yard at 82.966 cms or 32.64 ins. It just seems to be yet another "hmmm" moment to me. My gut tells me this is somehow connected. Anyway, just thought I'd drop you a line. Keep up the good work. You ARE on to the truth.

Humbly yours, Scott

As a matter of fact I have known about this for some time now and I have more information to add to this.
First would be that the "Yard" is typically half of a fathom, which is to say two yards equal the width from one outstretched hand's fingertips to the fingertips of the hand on the other side. Making the average Megalith-Builder stand at about 5' 4" or 5' 5" tall-and this is reasonable for the dark-brunet European Megalith-Builder or "Mediterranean" type. That would be "Atlanto-Mediterranean", ancestors of more recent Basques and Dark-Irish, etc. Since I discussed the term before, I won't go over the part about the validity of the classification again, only just to note that is where the unit of measure originated: when the Megalithic Yard is used by other, taller peoples, it is an inheritance.

Professor Thom himself mentions the New World equivalent of the Megalithic Yard as the Spanish Vara, Which he assumes was brought across the Atlantic by the Spanish. Yet this unit of measure was used at Teotihuacan and the oldest structures erected there were circa 1500 BC (with the same unit of measure carried on through the subsequent constructions.) The New World Vara varies very little between the versions used in Mexico and California, Brazil and Peru (something like one or two hundredths of an inch in the standard versions, although there are many nonstandard Varas also in use by the common people )

In fact the same unit of measurement was also used at Tiahuanaco on Lake Titicaca. Incidentally, the baseline of the Great Pyramid at Teotihuacan has a squared base, sides of equal length, AND set to the magnetic North with the sides to the four directions. Meaning the surveyors also knew of the magnetic compass. (James Bailey, The God-Kings and the Titans, 1973, page 171)

Areas thought to be using PreColumbian Vara (noting Teotihuacan and Tiahuanaco)
And The Megalithic Yard ares of Europe. The New England Megalith-Builders are
supposed to have introduced the Megalithic yard to the New World in their Megalithic area of Influence.
There is no word yet as to whether the Megalith-Builders of South Asia and the Pacific used it.

Since the Megalithic culture is supposedly based on remnants of the Atlantean Empire, on the next occasion I shall air some of my speculations about Atlantean standards of measure, how they are related and what they mean, and their survivals down into more modern times.   -- Best Wishes, Dale D.


  1. "the baseline of the Great Pyramid at Teotihuacan is ten Megalithic yards on a side with a squared base."
    Surely bit more than a typing mistale somewhere?
    The Wikipedia dimensions would give 269.5My
    A pyramid somewhere else?

  2. You are right, that would be a typo somewhere along the line. I copied out my source directly, but presumably the typo is in the printed version I used. It might take some digging to find out what the original argumant for the measurement in Megalithic yards would have been. Thom was the original author and then there were several layers of commentary in the discussion which my source quoted. I named my source in the article, though, and the statement as I copied it was printed that way.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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