Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Tasty Snack From the Lemurian Realm

The Polynesian rat spread along with the first Polynesian ancestors across the Pacific. In many cases we can be sure that they were transported deliberately in the ships along with the regular food staples such as coconuts and breadfruit, And we hear from later sources that these rats were kept in coconut shells and fattened up to be eaten. Which is not so surprising because that's the way the Romans did with dormice (in small round pots instead of coconuts) while in South America, Guinea pigs (cu'uy) were also raised as a food item.

These are also the rats that Polynesian men are said to wear their hair in rattails in imitation of:

The Polynesian Rat, or Pacific Rat (Rattus exulans), known to the Māori as kiore, is the third most widespread species of rat in the world behind the Brown Rat and Black rat. The Polynesian Rat originates in Southeast Asia but, like its cousins, has become well travelled - infiltrating most Polynesian islands, New Zealand, Fiji, and even Hawaii.
["Rattus exulans" means "Edible rat"]
Natural distribution for Rattus exulans
[Actually, if you draw a vertical line through the center just to the right of the Philippines and Sulawesi (Celebes, that is the larger island in the center that looks loike the letter x with a tail), the islands to the West (Left) of that will be natural range and the islands to the East (Right) of that line will be long-established (Pleistocene) extensions of the natural range: the rats were subsequently carried all across the Pacific.]

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