Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Some notes on Gunter Bischoff's Articles

[Celtic Hill Fort ca. 1500 BC]

I still am not certain as to whether the evidence for the Phaethon body favors more a large meteoroid circling the Earth several times as Gunter Bischoff has it, or a smallish comet that flew too close to the earth and broke up, with smaller meteorites splitting off and falling in different places. The latter may be the better alternative if there were multiple impacts resulting from the encounter, in the North Sea, in Continental Europe and in the Atlantic Ocean to the West of Europe. Different versions of the Phaethon story can be produced which resulted in any one of those scenarios.

Herr Bischoff and Jurgen Spanuth make a good case for Megalithic Europe being the brotherhood of the "Ten Kings of Atlantis" (other Kingdoms would also be in the New World and possibly from the Mississippi Valley to Peru) and that the Megalithic peoples were displaced by the Phaethon incident, turning up throughout the Mediterranean as the "People of the Sea" (A brotherhood of Mercenaries and Pirates) Herr Bischoff says these ten kingdoms comprised the area of Megalithic Europe between 5000 and 1220 BC. In this I judge both Spanuth and Bischoff to be absolutely right: these are the remnant, postflood Atlanteans, survivors of Megaflood 3 at 5500 BC, at which time they moved inland. However that does not make them the original parent-culture Atlanteans necessarily. The recent flurry of activity which says Tartessos was Atlantis also points to their own city ruins in the shape of Platos' description and their own shields found archaeologically which match the pattern. This is not really surprising or contradictory-both areas were connected to each other by a common culture and a common heritage. And many cultures have reproductions of the City Of Atlantis on different scales. Every Castro, Castle, Dun, hillfort, burgh, Broch, Urbs and settlement of early Europe followed some variation of the concentric-circular-walls-and-moats(ditches) and the earliest versions of the plan go back to the oldest cities at 8000-9000 BC. They are all copies of one lost original. I believe that original to be at the bottom of the sea and it is possible that we already have made sonar and satellite contact with it.

But that the Ten Kingdoms of Atlantis were an international brotherhood that lasted up until Phaethon and then fell back as a displaced brotherhood of Mercenaries and Pirates I have not the least doubt of myself. So for this much of the story I do say that Spanuth and Bischoff are right and are speaking the truth.

But not the whole truth: I also see evidence for a Pleistocene Atlantis now at the bottom of the North Atlantic. So Otto Muck and Lewis Spence and Ignatius Donnelly were also right, too, in the basic sense (Donnelly's Bronze Age culture and Diffusion would be going on in the time of the postflood "Ten Kings of Atlantis" rather than in the Pleistocene, for another example)

That the original capital city of Atlantis was intended to be a model of the Solar System there can be no doubt as the choice of the specific metals used to adorn each successive wall makes quite clear by the Astrological correlations of those metals. The succesive copies of that city no doubt also included some which had the same Astrological coding in successive walls: Lewis Spence mentions this as well. Incidentally, as Gunter Bischoff points out (And I don't know if anyone else has before) the part of Atlantis that was necessary to disappear in a "Single night and day" was only the capital city and its environs and not the entire Empire of Atlantis at the time. That much is a considerably more palatable proposition rather than saying the mountains and the valleys, the entire Geographical area, disappeared all at the same time.

Surface of a Vitrified Fort close up. As well as being found extensively in Ireland and Scotland, they are sometimes found in France, Germany, Hungary and Central Europe. They have all been exposed to extreme heat which has melted the stones of the wall together in a single glassy mass.

Best Wishes, Dale D.


  1. Guess what? I went looking for vitrified forts and i wound up back here. I would insert a smiley face here if i were that sort of person

  2. I think the flood event your looking for may have happened over and over again. The boxing day tragedy of Indonesia was biblical to them. You want to know what i think happened? I think we were penning animals and planting crops for so long and so intensively that the we could not recover from the cyclical droughts and deluge. Ishtar's magic was that she learned to tell time. A leap of imagination that linked the past present and future. Her cycle like the moon's is twenty eight days. Quite a coincidence or not, the primordial Isis, Venus, Eve kept track of the skies and marked them on a stick found in South Africa with 29 notches. She observed and recorded the goings on of her surroundings and her spacial relationship to it. I say she because after all our common mother is perhaps 70,000 older than Adam.
    She collects beads and strings them. They are still quite successfully used around the world as contraception. Her knowledge was indeed how to bear fruit and not to bear fruit! She penned animals and they bore fruit and the grasses and trees did too. That knowledge allowed man to cover the ends of the earth and most certainly the Americas too. I dont think Malthues was predicting doom, I think he was telling an old story. The last of her kind was burned at the stake. And now only Budda Allah Brahman and Jesus are left, no more girls on the stage of modern deities.


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