Deluge of Atlantis

Deluge of Atlantis
Deluge of Atlantis

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunken Forerunners of Asia's Ancient Civilsations 2: Europe

I had added the earlier version of this map to the earlier blog posting about Sunken Forerunners of Asia's Ancient Civilisations , following Graham Hancock: and this map followed from a posting on the Graham Hancock message board. I did not add the gold circles then but I already had the idea in mind: these all represent later local "Atlantises" that carried on after the original Mid-Atlantic Island had been sunken and disabled, until theses were sunken and disabled in turn. The one marked to the East of Denmark is Jurgen Spanuth's Northern Atlantis.

I had known about this situation for a long time but this is the first that I have tried to make a synthesis: there must have been a trade network of the Survivors of Atlantis and each one becoming a successor-Atlantis with its own dependant territories. The one on the coast of West Africa is often depicted on antique maps and called Cerne: but it seems there are five of these indicated in the Old World (Half of ten kingdoms?)

The Gunther Bischoff articles I was going to be reprinting were in support of the notion of Jurgen Spanuth's Northern Atlantis and the articles cite a certain type of shielf (Hertzsprung or Heart's Leap in English) that seems to repeat the design of the capitol city of Atlantis. I have placed one of the gold circles on the map near Denmark to indicate the position of one structure which appears to replicate this plan on the bottom of the sea and cited by Jurgen Spanuth. As mentioned before, other sites also replicate this plan, including Stonehenge, and they can be dated back at least as far as 8000 BC. Another such site is Tartessos and that area also includes comparable shields. In the case of Bronze-Age Denmark, some clothing has been preserved from some Bronze-Age burials and the young lady below is wearing a replica of one such outfit. The outstanding feature of her costume is the large ornate belt buckle in the shape of one of these shields. This would be one costume worn by a proud Atlantean woman showing off her heritage and connection to the aristocracy of the Circle-City:

The Brotherhood of Atlantean Survivors and their Trade Network would be what gave rise to Megalithic Europe. More than one commentator has stated that the distribution of the Megalith-Builders in Europe corresponds to the territory ascribed to the Atlanteans by the Egyptians (by way of Plato) and this affords independant evidence that Atlantis as the progenitor of these people is a real possibility and not an imaginary one. Other commentators place emphasis on Tartessos and Robert Graves mentions the North African location at the mouth of the former Inland Sea, "Lake Tritonis," as the origin of the Megalith-builders (who also left traces all across the Sahara)

One researcher who has been able to reconcile the notions of an older, original Atlantis with a coalition of Survivor-cultures (to which he gives Tartessos as primacy) is Karl Juergen Hepke at the "Tolos" Website:
"Two Times Atlantis"
Home Page:

Best Wishes, Dale D.

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